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  • Runes of Magic
  • 358 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.0.9
  • 61,247 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/06/2013
  • Created 08/04/2009
  • 71 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: GridCliqueIt-v0.32

About GridCliqueIt

Description / Opis

English: Addon facilitates rapid treatment of a large team. Manage bars, so that with one click heal yourself or someone else, or you throw buff.

Polski: Addon ułatwia szybkie leczenie dużej drużyny. Zarządzaj ramkami, dzięki którym jednym kliknięciem wyleczysz siebie lub kogoś innego albo rzucisz wzmocnienie.


  • Now you can choose how you want see HP on bars and in tooltips (by checking options in Tooltips and Texts tabs) Thanks for idea to hibikikansaki
    • Bar: number (negative)/percents (positive)/hybrid
    • Tooltips: [positive ->] number/percents/hybrid and [negative ->] number/percents/hybrid
  • Updated Polish and English locale


  • Changed hide party to hide party if you are in raid and added compatible with frame addons (thanks to matif)
  • Support to next words (can be translate)
  • Updated PL translation


  • Saves secclass specific - thanks to Noguai
  • Changed icon ( Addon Manager )
  • Possible that the fixed default names skills ( e. g. polish language )
  • Updated PL translation


  • Dwarves fixed
  • PL translation


  • JP translation


  • Added castbar to tooltip
  • Added hide party and hide player options
  • Added options to move the tooltip around


  • Timer(s) hopefully fixed for 3.x


  • Hide when solo now works again
  • Improved timer handling


  • Added separate raid settings
  • Added some more spells
  • Added debuff priority list
  • Added limiter for groups
  • Changed tooltip settings
  • Improved pet handling
  • Improved hot count down
  • Fixed a bug with sliders


  • Many ToolTip changes
  • Support for Healing Arrows
  • Timer for salve
  • Bugfixes


  • JP translation changes
  • Changes in the HoT timer code
  • Hopefully fixed a bug about DC in group


  • Rewrote much of the config menu code
  • Rewrote the code about detecting HoTs
  • Lots of small changes


  • Removed a debug message


  • Hopefully fixed a few bugs about timers


  • Added mouseover Tool Tip
  • Added support for Camellia Flower
  • Added option to scale pet frames
  • Added option to show mana bars only for self
  • Added translation for German clients thanks to Vanjilyhr (not complete)
  • Added translation for Japaneese clients (not complete)
  • Added translation for Korean clients (not complete)
  • Fixed a bug with ENUS clients concerning HoT:ing player
  • Changed some default settings
  • Various small changes


  • Added manabars
  • Added icon for debuffs
  • Detection of HoT-cast mostly redone, this will most probably make it break for some languages
  • Hopefully added some compability with Combat Log Mod


  • Fixed a bug with pets in groups/raids


  • Fixed a conflict with the addon PartyFrame


  • Added setting for global alpha.


  • Changed the color of wardens and druids with RoM Color Scheme.


  • Fixed a bug where bar options where hidden.


  • Added support for more than one modifier, for example Shift+Ctrl+Left Click, so now it's possible to bind 8 more spells.


  • Fixed a bug about party health changes
  • Fixed a bug about variables not beeing loaded


  • Added support for pets
  • Translation for Taiwanese client thanks to Amyliu


  • Added support for Curing Seed and Mother Earth's Protection
  • Reduced the rate that the black borders scale with width and height
  • Added better default spells for clients other than english


  • Fixed a bug in raid where some players bars would disappear if some of the groups where not full
  • Added some explanation to the translation functions in GridCliqueIt_Translation.lua


  • Added support for russian clients
  • Various other translation cleanups and changes


  • Added support for druid HoTs including countdown for both of them
  • Rewrote almost the whole config screen code for better support for translation
  • Added option for sorting bars by class
  • Added so that you can select the same anchor for both Unit Name and Health Deficit. For example if both are CENTER then it will display the name in the center until health is lost then it will display deficit in the center
  • Added more easy to read health deficit for high numbers. For example -5 627 is now displayed as -5.6k


  • Added support for Druid and Warden class color


  • Added support for french and spanish clients
  • Added option for hiding frame when solo
  • Fixed a bug with how some variables are saved


  • Added better support for changing classes


  • Added marking and option for raid/party leader


  • Changed to sliders instead of edit boxes
  • Added "on-the-fly" changes in the menu
  • Changed so that "save" now closes the window again and "cancel" actually cancels


  • Changed so that if you are using numbers in the spell field you get the player you clicked as a target. This is to fix a bug where you casted on the target instead of the clicked player when using macros.


  • Fixed a bug that made a tab disappear


  • Added per character save with option
  • Changed the way bars work so now the whole frame including the black border should be clickable
  • Changed so that "save" now doesn't close the config menu


  • Added option for spacing


  • Fixed a bug with level and class
  • Fixed a bug with detecting disconnection


  • New config menu
  • Added option for adding class and level information
  • Added scale option for: whole addon frame, health deficit and HoT-timer
  • Added support for disconnected players, same color as a dead player but faded and with the text "DC"


  • Fixed a bug where a function that does not exist was called


  • Added option for where on the grid the player bar should be, together with grid orientation this gives 8 diffrent choices
  • Added option for class colored bars and "WoW-style" bars


  • Added translation so most things should now work correctly for german clients
  • Fixed a bug about colors introduced in v0.4


  • Changed bars so they should handle resizing better.
  • Dropdown menu should now work in raids.


  • Added option for orientation - horizontal or vertical
  • Changed the way Regenerate cast by you is detected so now it should detect if you cast a Regenerate with something else than the grid. It should also be more robust. It might break translation though.


  • Added scaling option for names
  • Added support for action bar spells (use numbers)
  • Fixed a bug so now enable/disable addon should save correcly
  • Fixed a bug so now addon position when using UIScale should save correctly


  • Tried fixing a file saved in the wrong format


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  • #257
    Any chance you could add an option to include the "Player" frame as part of the party or raid, so that when you sort it by class, etc, it includes the player.

    Also, sorting alphabetically would be awesome.
  • #255
    hide default party frame stays enabled even when i turn off gci
    is this supposed to happen? or is there some sort of bug
    playing on the japanese client
  • #256
    oh and may i also add that
    when in a raid, and the addon is not set to hide the default party frame, theres always a set of party frames stacked ontop or under the raid frame, is there a way to fix this?
  • #253
    is there anyway to hide the default raid frames?
  • #254
    Yes take a look to the settings window I belive in names..
  • #252
    Over the last week or so GridCliqueit does not always update the hp bar accurately. There are times my entire party is almost dead, but GC shows them as full health. The other healer I party with is also having the same problem.
  • #251
    I got a little issue with GridCliqueit. It occured that my own perso to not appear on the grid generate by the addon.

    Only way to make it to reappear is to disable and re-enable the addon.
  • #250
    Is there a way to Configure it by names in a sort order much like how wow's grid & clique is? as the class sorting doesnt seem to work, atleast it shows up diffrently
    on my machines even if the settings are the same it doesnt show up in the same order?
  • #249
    Good day, I have long been using mouseover macros, for example, this
    /run if (UnitIsPlayer("unit")) then CastSpellByName("SPELLNAME"); SpellTargetUnit("mouseover"); end

    The problem is that when you hover the mouse on a character macros works fine, and when the mouse is over Grid frames macros not working....
    In WorldOfWarcraft all works fine.
  • #247
    yeah - the latest update has borked it somethig fierce. The regualr 6 man party interface, and the raid party interface now overlap on the left....

    also, all my spell, bar size/width/debuff/hot/and name settings constantly reset.....

    and every time i save the settings where i want them.... i switch zones or log out then back in, and it has reset again.

    have uninstalled until fixed, or a new patch.
  • #248
    That group raid thing is definitely a bug, saw a screenshot somewhere else, and I will look into it. I will probably remove the hide group/player features until I can find out what's wrong.

    Anyone else seeing the settings bug?
  • #246
    Group and Raid window in a raid are both opened, and it doesnt let deactivate with "o"
  • #244
    v0.24 uploaded. Adds cast bar to the tooltip, settings to move the tooltip and options for hide party/player.

    Try it out and let me know if something is not working properly.
  • #245
    Thank you for the always wonderful add-on.
    Since the Japanese translation of the functional addition portion of v0.24 was added, it uploads.^_Translation.lua
  • #238
    i've got an fix for 3.03 patch. Maybe you can integrate it:
    simply replace:
    local oldTime = os.clock()

    local oldTime = GetTime()

    There're two places in "GridCliqueIt_Update.lua" for this
    function GridCliqueIt.UpdateFrameBuffs(frame,elapsedTime)
    --local oldTime = os.clock()
    local oldTime = GetTime()

    function GridCliqueIt.UpdateFrameBuffs(frame,elapsedTime)
    --local oldTime = os.clock()
    local oldTime = GetTime()

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