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Instance Map Fix

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  • Runes of Magic
  • 224 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 3.0.2
  • 54,575 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/01/2010
  • Created 03/08/2010
  • 45 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Mature
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: Instance Map Fix v0.5 beta

About Instance Map Fix

Fixes the display of instance maps in the World Map viewer.

This is a very simple alternative to WoWmap for people who don't need the extra features and just want the instance maps to be shown properly.


  • If you're missing any maps, you should try installing Instance Map Fix v0.5+ along with WoWMap Instances. The WoWMap Instances addon isn't totally necessary, but in some cases it may help.
  • You may have missing maps if you've installed the Runes of Magic Slim Client, or if you haven't downloaded a full version of Runes of Magic since version 3.0.1 (updating through the RoM Launcher doesn't help). See previous note on how to fix it.
  • It's been mentioned that you can install Instance Map Fix and WoWmap together, but I have not tested it and I don't support such installations. I recommend that you only install one or the other.


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  • #22
    Raksha Temple works for me, but I also have the "WowMap Instances" addon installed. Also I'm sorry to say I no longer play RoM, so there's a possibility of some newer instances not showing up.
  • #21
    What's the name of his website?
  • #23
    I don't think URLs work in these comments, but just google for "Valacar's Runes of Magic Addons"
  • #17
    This addon does not work together with WoWMaps. WoWMaps has the same functionality built right in and the reason you are missing maps is because of a patching issue with frogster that caused many internal files not to be updated from the move from client 2.X to 3.X. This seems to be a known issue with the German boards that have told people to reinstall runes of magic with a fresh client 3.0 install to get the game working correctly.

    WoWMaps attempted to compensate for this by using some map files from different locations. A new version of WoWMaps will be released soon, but anyone who has missing maps will need to reinstall the game with a fresh client as chances are it wasn't only map files that were missing from that patching bug.
  • #19
    You're right. I just download the full 3.0.1 client, and now I see all the maps are there in the "rw" folder, including Hall of the Demon Lord. Apparently the RoM patcher isn't very good at detecting and updating to the most recent files.
  • #18
    I have extracted dgn_naga_acropolis_lair.
    Only in DE, ENEU, ES, FR, PL, PT, KR the map is error.
    So yes, maybe it cause of frogster.
    But I have a stupid question:
    Why we need reinstall the game with a fresh client?
    If we reinstall, will we have the correct map?
    I can't understand your description very well.
  • #16
    Just installed 0.2 beta. I have Wowmap installed and I deleted the worldmap folder.

    It works perfectly with wowmap. I confirmed, using the drop down menu, that every zone, instance, etc works. I use eneu client.

    The 2 exceptions are "Hall of the Demon Lord" which come up blank and "Zurhidon Stronghold" which has a few pieces of the image missing but all of the map is visible.

    Excellent effort! Definitely better that downloading map packs that become out of date when new zones and instances become available.
  • #15
    doesn't seem to work for me and i don't use WoWmap
  • #14
    love it
  • #11
    It's working thanks friend, just need to delete the WOWmaps folder.
  • #10
    Hi, das Addon ist ja nicht schlecht, aber könnte mir bitte jemand auf deutsch sagen, was der Member unter mir hinzugefügt hat? Danke im Vorraus!
  • #9
    Hi, thanks for this add-on. I got it to work with WOWmaps by disabling their SetDungeonMap() method. I added the following to the beginning of your lua file:

    function Noop()

    function WorldMapFrame_SetWorldMapID( MapID )
    if SetDungeonMap ~= Noop then
    SetDungeonMap = Noop;
  • #6
    doesn't work for my eneu version of the game
  • #8
    It's working for me (tested on Siochain). If you have WoWmap installed, you'll probably need to uninstall it to get this one working.
  • #12
    It's a bit more complicated if it works or better if the maps are shown or not. ;)
    You have to look if all clients have the maps included in the folders of the other languages.
    Hint: fresh clients != patched clients ;)
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