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MrElchs Danke

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  • Updated 11/29/2010
  • Created 04/19/2009
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Creative Commons Lizenz By-Nc-Sa 3.0
  • Newest File: MrElchs Danke Version 2.21

About MrElchs Danke


MrElchs Danke version 2.21 of MrElch released under the Creative Commons license by-nc-sa 3.0

I thank "p.b. a.k.a. novayuna" and "Noktrin and ZsZso" with their AddOns "pbInfo" and "nBuff" helped me have the whole stuff here quite understand! Parts of their addons are partly unchanged, partly changed in here with my input. From both sides, I get permission, the code snippet to use, and this is now published as a whole. Have fun with this small addon that was created because I am too lazy and too slow'm good time "Thank You" to say ... :-)

The AddOn will simply automatically "Thank you" say, for example by a priest is buffed.

With the command /MED is the menu.

Moreover MrElchs Danke (MED) for the addon manager prepared. Everything else can be read in the english forum or in the german Forum. The folder name must remain so (AAAAAMrElchs) that MED minutes before any fighting addons loaded. Possibly. will be adjusted later times ... but now it remains the first! The English translation is made by Google! So do not be surprised ... ;-)

Moreover, the addon now also on the English client running. Have only just noticed that there has not worked!


MrElchs Danke Version 2.21 von MrElch freigegeben unter der Creative Commons Lizenz By-Nc-Sa 3.0

Ich danke "p.b. a.k.a. novayuna" und "Noktrin und ZsZso" die mit ihren AddOns "pbInfo" und "nBuff" mir geholfen haben den ganzen Krempel hier einigermaßen zu verstehen! Teile von deren Addons sind teils unverändert, teils verändert in meines hier mit eingeflossen. Von beiden Seiten habe ich Erlaubnis bekommen, die Code-Schnipsel zu verwenden und dieses jetzt als ganzes zu veröffentlichen. Viel Spass mit diesem kleinen Addon, das entstand, weil ich zu Faul und zu träge bin, rechtzeitig "Danke" zu sagen... :-)

Das AddOn soll ganz einfach automatisch "Danke" sagen, wenn man z.B. von einem Priester gebufft wird.

Mit dem Befehl /MED kann man das Menü aufrufen.

Außerdem ist MrElchs Danke (MED) für den Addon Manager vorbereitet. Alles andere kann man im Forum lesen. Der Ordner Name muß so bestehen bleiben (AAAAAMrElchs) damit MED vor irgendwelchen Kampfprotokoll Addons geladen wird. Evtl. wird später das mal angepasst... aber jetzt bleibt das erstmal so! Die Englische Übersetzung ist von Google vorgenommen worden! Also nicht wundern... ;-)

Außerdem sollte jetzt das Addon auch auf dem Englischen Clienten laufen. Habe heute erst festgestellt, das das dort anscheinend gar nicht funktioniert hat!


Version 2.21 - Fixed bug ("Regeneration" did not work)

Version 2.2 - fix for Patch 303 (os.time exchanged with GetTickCount)

Version 2.15 - Failed to save the "party mode" fixed

Version 2.1 - Fixed label error in the English version - Party mode added...

Version 2.0 - New Buff added by Priest - First of druids buffs add - French and Spanish language created - Minor bug fixed

Version 1.6 - Groupbuffs added... Not all long, but so are some common... Anyone who wants more, just let me know! :-) - Optical arranged a little better - Minor bug fixed

Version 1.48 - Elitebuff of Mage / Priest added (Essence of Magic) To find Buffs on page 2

Version 1.46 - "GetLocation()" with "GetLanguage()" exchanged... The addon should now become a language change when in the client the language is changed...

Version 1.45 - Failure of the "I-am-no-addon" mode fixed

Version 1.4 - Failure of the "I-am-no-addon" mode fixed - Blemish of the English version corrected

Version 1.37 -A test message is deleted

Version 1.36 -A test message is deleted

Version 1.35 - Processing of the data converted - New option in the "I-am-no-addon" mode... Time for the "Thank You" is adjustable.

Version 1.31 - Fixed a bug (it had after the load of a character once the menu is open, before he ever began "Thank you" to say)

Version 1.3 - Fixed a bug that is not even on the English client ran. When I came in a test today, a bunch of error messages. This I have resolved, and now even the functionality with the English names reviewed. - I-am-no-addon mode added. Statement is available via tool tip - Bug fixes

Version 1.25 (HOTFIX for V1.2) - A bug has been fixed (hopefully) when a character with the addon used for the first time and has no data on this character existed. Thanks to "mosqouito" for the error!

Version 1.2 - Whisper mode added - My "thank you" text selectable - Small changes in optical - Small Tooltip play (wanted to try) - LUA useless code removed

Version 1.155 - Unütze file - Version information in files - Curse Test Update ^ ^ (server is down ...)

Version 1.15 - Publication


Version 2.21 - Fehler behoben ("Regenerieren" funktionierte nicht)

Version 2.2 - Patch 303-"Fehler" behoben (os.time ausgetauscht mit GetTickCount)

Version 2.15 - Fehler beim speichern des "Party Modus" behoben

Version 2.1 - Beschriftungsfehler in der Englischen Version behoben - Party Modus hinzugefügt...

Version 2.0 - Neuer Buff vom Priester hinzugefügt - Erste Buffs von Druiden hinzugefügt - Französische und Spanische Sprachversion erstellt - kleinere Fehler beseitigt

Version 1.6 - Gruppenbuffs hinzugefügt... Noch längst nicht alle, aber so einige gängige halt... Wer mehr möchte, einfach melden! :-) - Optisch ein wenig besser angeordnet - kleinere Fehler beseitigt

Version 1.48 - Elitebuff vom Magier/Priester hinzugefügt (Magische Essenz) Zu finden auf Buffs Seite 2

Version 1.46 - "GetLocation()" durch "GetLanguage()" ausgetauscht... Die Addonsprache sollte nun also wechseln, wenn im Client die Sprache gewechselt wird...

Version 1.45 - Fehler des "Ich-bin-kein-Addon" Modus behoben

Version 1.4 - Fehler des "Ich-bin-kein-Addon" Modus behoben - Schönheitsfehler der Englischen Version behoben

Version 1.37 - Eine Testnachricht gelöscht

Version 1.36 - Eine Testnachricht gelöscht

Version 1.35 - Verarbeitung der Daten umgestellt - Neue Option in den "Ich-bin-kein-Addon" Modus... Zeit für das "Danke" ist einstellbar.

Version 1.31 - Fehler wurde behoben (Man musste nach dem laden eines Charakters erst einmal das Menü öffnen, bevor er überhaupt anfing "Danke" zu sagen)

Version 1.3 - Fehler wurde behoben, das es gar nicht erst auf dem englischen clienten lief. Bei mir kamen bei einem Test heute ein haufen Fehlermeldungen. Diese hab ich behoben, und nun endlich auch selbst die funkionalität mit den englischen bezeichnungen überprüft. - Ich-bin-kein-Addon Modus hinzugefügt. Erklärung ist per Tool Tip vorhanden - Fehler beseitigt

Version 1.25 (HOTFIX für V1.2) - Ein Fehler wurde behoben (hoffentlich) wenn man mit einem Charakter das Addon zum ersten mal benutzt hat und noch keine Daten über diesen Charakter existierten. Danke an "mosqouito" für die Fehlermeldung!

Version 1.2 - Flüstermodus hinzugefügt - Eigene "Danke" Texte wählbar - kleine optische Änderungen - kleine Tooltip spielerei (wollte es mal ausprobieren) - Unnützer LUA-Code entfernt

Version 1.155 - Unütze Datei entfernt - Versions-Hinweise in Dateien angepasst - Update Test (Server ist unten...)

Version 1.15 - Veröffentlichung


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  • #33
    sry funkzioniert nicht richtig bei mir es zeigt nichts an auser dem kästhen
    sry für rechtschreibfehler
  • #34
    Hallo KingWulfy!
    Das kann eigentlich nur daran liegen, das es falsch installiert wurde, oder ein anderes Addon sich nicht mit meinem verträgt.
    Schau bitte selbst noch einmal nach, ob alles richtig installiert wurde... Lösch es notfalls einmal und installier es neu.
    Welche anderen Addons hast Du? Welche Version hast Du vom Danke-Addon? Welche Spracheinstellungen hast Du im Clienten vorgenommen?

    Viele Grüße
  • #32
    Hello! Only briefly Info: The new version should also be able to run alone. So without any 303fix ... I replaced the os.time commands by GetTickCount. If that will not be destroyed at some point, it should run as for now. But could not test a long time, especially as the times when "I'm not an add-on" mode is concerned.

    So if something does not work or there are other errors, just write here soon, then I watch the even briefly. :-)

    Hallo! Nur kurz die Info: Die neue Version sollte auch alleine lauffähig sein. Also ohne irgendein 303fix... Ich habe die os.time Befehle durch GetTickCount ersetzt. Falls die nicht auch irgendwann vernichtet werden, sollte es so erstmal laufen. Konnte es aber nicht lange testen, vor allem was die Zeiten beim "Ich bin kein Addon" Modus angeht.

    Also, wenn irgendwas nicht so funktioniert oder es andere Fehler gibt, einfach schnell hier schreiben, dann schau ich mir das selbst kurz an. :-)
  • #25
    Well since you said you will come back to update as needed, I was wondering if there was any way to change the addon to not have to load first? It would conflict with (I think) RestoreAPI and d303fix also needing to load first, and those are becoming more and more required with the recent patches, while this is convenience. I love this addon but if there's no way to make it stop requiring to load first, it is unfortunate. It sounds like those two others will not interfere with each other but no telling if it will interfere with this.
  • #26
    Hello! :-)

    Yes, I always get an email when a comment is left.
    And since I almost always check my mail every day, I come here to help quickly.

    This problem should be none. :-)

    My addon should only be placed before other addons that change the combat log, because my addon needs to evaluate the original protocol.

    And the two addons have a folder name that it loads before my addon.
    Thus, it should be no problem, I hope ... :-)

    But the two addons I've also loaded quickly, and try it out yet just short.

  • #27
    Thank you for checking that out. While we're here, is there any way to not have to enable Party Mode each time I join a party? Like either leave it on or leave it off as a sub option of the Party Mode option? The majority of use this addon gets, for me anyway, is parties, but the occasional person running by gets thanked too of course. Once I had to remake a party like 4 times and forgot to enable it and this wasn't an instance so it was out loud and all, as you can imagine.
  • #28
    Can you tell me where the problem occurs? Normally this option should also be stored. I'm not so sure ... This function I have myself almost not used.
    I looked briefly at the code ... The addon checks if the person who gave you the Buff is in the party and whether the party mode is on. But I do not know whether he reviewed the various groups. And I very well know yet whether the "hook" is stored properly.

    I'll check the next day for a closer look. It might take a awhile, because this week is quite stressful. But I'll watch this for sure! ;-)

  • #29
    Well when I log in the option is off, I put it on, play as normal, get invited to a party, it's still on and works fine. Next party, also no problems, and says thanks in normal chat when party mode on but I am not in a party. No crashes, so I know this is saved. Log off, come back on, and the option seems to have been checked off. Maybe it's just me? I only tried it a couple times, then saw it wasn't staying for when I needed it. If everything is fine, nevermind. If the code is fine, I'll just try to figure it out on my own. But please check?
  • #30
    I have uploaded a new version.
    Now the setting of the "Party Mode" are saved.
    I had a couple of lines then probably forget anyway.
    I apologize for that.
    But now it should work. Please check it again. Not that again I forgot something ... ;-)

    In the next few days, I'll still fix it with patch 3.03. But since I need a little more time and have a bit of testing ... If it's the way I imagine it, then it is done quickly, but mostly it is different than you think. ;-)

    So still a lot of fun with the addon and the game, and if there should be something, idea or mistake, simply register here and I'll look what I can do.
    For the programming of the addon I've still fun! :-)

  • #31
    Much thanks. I will report any more bugs/stuff if I find them, count on it.
  • #24
    geile addon cool danke!
  • #20
    Hello again Elch. Been a while, no bugs to report or anything.

    I keep forgetting, and this a pretty old thing, but even ever since back when the timing was a little off, Tabs 1 and 2 have reversed text. Tab 2 says Tab 1, and Tab 1 says Tab 2. At least on the english locale that's how it is.

    Also any chance you could have it check if the person who buffed the user is in the party and say thanks in party chat? Dunno if that's possibble, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

    Thanks again and keep up the great work!
  • #22
    I've just uploaded a new version! The small label error should be resolved and the group chat should now also work. :-)

    Unfortunately, my forum posts were closed ... I'm grad to run an inquiry whether they can be reopened.

    Have fun, and for further ideas or mistakes I'm still available! :-)

  • #23
    Yay, thank you for keeping this updated even though you don't play anymore. That is very nice of you. Lots of addon authors are known to quit and their addons fall into disarray.

    And I am sad you can't post. Make a suport ticket or something. That is really peculiar why that would happen.
  • #21
    Hello B84!
    Yes, I have some time no longer plays RoM. I've always just looked after the patches, even if everything works out. The described error I'll still be refined. The other thing I think is certainly possible. Can only take some time to work in real life has me at the moment under control. Maybe I'll come next or after next weekend to occupy myself again with the addon. :-)
    The new version then it is here again, and will be announced in the forums.

    Many greetings and thanks for using! :-)

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