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Pet Auto Craft

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  • Updated 11/29/2011
  • Created 12/26/2010
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  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: v1.5.0
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About Pet Auto Craft

Pet Auto Craft


Pet Auto Craft(PAC) automates the process of selecting/equipping tools, choosing a crafting level, and starting the craft. When you are finished with a stack of tools, PAC will harvest the items and then find the next tool stack and repeat the process. If you are crafting at a vendor, then PAC will sell the Mysterious Item and buy more tools. If you were crafting when you logged out or Reloaded your UI, PAC will continue the crafting when you log back in.


Many of you will say that using this addon is considered botting and might even be upset with me for making it. I believe that the ingame pet craft feature is already botting and that this addon just runs with it. At the very core, this addon just requips tools from your bag as you finish a stack. It is a simple pickup item and place in the craft slot. This is all it takes to set yourself up to craft a bag full of tools. Runewaker should be to blame, for making such an abusable system. If you plan to use this addon, be smart about it so you don't get yourself banned. This means don't place 50 alts around a single pet vendor, place them inside of miller's farm where others do not need to see them.

I will not be held accountable if you get yourself banned for using this addon.


Some of these terms can be a little confusing so I will spell them out here

Craft Type or Skill Type
This is referring to Mining, Woodcutting, Herbalism
Skill Level
Your Pet's current Skill Level and the percent until next level up. (Note: the client uses the number 2.6534687 as your skill and then writes it out as Level 2 with 65.35% to level)
Craft Level
this is the Skill Level require for a chosen craft (ie: Bitterleaf is a Craft Level 14 craft)
Product(s) or Item(s)
These are the items that you actually produced
Possible Products
These are the possible items that you can produce


  • Open/Close by right clicking on the ingame Pet Menu button, using addonmanager, or /pac
  • Adds a colored border around the Pet Menu button that lets you know if a pet is crafting
  • Automates buying/equipping of tools, harvesting items, starting/stopping of crafting and the ability to auto switch levels to best available
  • Select which pet will craft, which tools to use, which tools to buy, which craft lvl to do or set it to auto craft highest lvl
  • Get everything crafting with just one click
  • If crafting before logging off or Reloading UI, PAC will continue crafting when you get back into the game
  • Casting and Total timers lets you see how long til the current tool is done and when you will be completely out of usable tools(determined by the options)
  • Automatically Sell all Mysterious Items if you are crafting at a vendor
  • Combined the Possible Product and Items sections into the same section. Seemed like a waste of space, so now the Possible Products will have a count for the amount of that item is available to be harvested.
  • Crafting options are saved uniquely per character
  • Support for Advanced AuctionHouse price history tooltip


  • Skill levels seem to only have available updates after the skill has gone up to the next full percent point(ie if at 50.15% to level then the number will not update until your skill is at least 51%). This means that it will take 2 full point increases before the repeat counter will get an accurate calculation.
  • Harvested items do not go into the bag queue, this means that they get dumped straight into your bag very poorly and will sometimes not stack onto current stacks. this limitation is apart of a number of game features including the trade window.
  • Craft options are only accessible when the tool for that type is equipped.This means that the options will not all be there at first. To get around this, PAC saves all the craft options in the saved variables. You will need to equip one of each tool to populate all the craft options, these will get updated automatically if new options become available.

To Do

  • setup localization: PAC works for all languages, it is just not localized yet
  • add a manually mode for those that just want the click reduction without the automation
  • do more data mining to verify that the 50/45/5% is accurate for all craft levels at all craft levels
  • make a time until skill level up that is determined via the repeats counter
  • consider consolidating all the options into one options button and reduce the size of the window
  • allow the selection of a craft level higher then your skill level. This mode would auto do highest available until your skill level caught up
  • compact mode

==v1.5.0 - 28 Nov 2011==
* Added support for lvl 61 common mats

==v1.4.1 - 21 Mar 2011==
* fixed crashing due to swapping between characters that was cause by using previous characters settings

==v1.4.0 - 17 Jan 2011==
* reworked the Repeat counter code. PAC now saves xp per craft data for future use.
* Added a start/stop button to the craft queue frame that will force all items in the queue to 9999 and start the queue. It will also restart the queue every min if stopped along with adjusting the quantity back to 9999. This will allow you to do pet crafting at a crafting station and refine mats as you get them in all automatically.
* Added a manual harvest button that doesn't require stopping to use. Also made the default harvest button function this way aswell.
* Harvesting will now only happen under the following circumstances.
** Starting a different craft then the previous one
** When the Mysterious Items count reaches 999
** When the Middle Product item reaches a selectable amount
** When you click the manual harvest button
** Loading/Reloading UI will harvest if the product does not contain atleast one of each product. This is needed to verify that you are doing the same craft.
* Added a button on the vendors to Buy a set of tools as configured in PAC.

==v1.3.1 - 11 Jan 2011==
* >.< seems i had broken the auto resuming of pet crafting when I fixed the 'pet not found' crashes. It will now work again.

==v1.3.0. - 11 Jan 2011==
* ZOMG i did it again, seems 1.2.1 is an invalid number >.<

==v1.2.1 - 10 Jan 2011==
* First version of 1.2 didn't have the sell code fully in place so i fixed it and reuploaded the files. Bad on me for not testing my code first. Fixed the bug with auto selling mats. -reported by Xadavus
* The tools will now get displayed if you had a stack still remaining at login. forgot to refresh that info at the beginning

==v1.2.0 - 10 Jan 2011==
* Fixed the crash on startup bug that was caused by not having a pet in the first slot.
* PAC will now wait 10 seconds for an item to clear from the cursor when trying to eqip a new tool, after which, PAC will clear the item itself.
* Added a sell mats option to choose which mats you want to be auto vendored
* In the buy tools option, it is now possible to click on the tool to toggle between 0 and 1 stacks as an alternative to selecting the stack amount.
* Refined the Buy Tools checkbox system to actively reflect your current changes.
* Full proofing should be finished (merging your crafter while PAC is open might cause a crash, please close PAC during all mergers)

==v1.1.0 - 3 Jan 2011==
* Changed the tool and product sections into icons instead of text
* Changed the buy tools to only display vendor items
* Changed the buy tools from true or false to number of stacks. This will allow you to keep a set ratio for crafting needs
* Added support for Advanced AuctionHouse's PriceTooltip
* Added map icons to mark the locations of all the Pet Vendors
* Reduced slightly the overall size of the frame
* Fixed a few bugs and made it a bit more fool proof

==v1.0.0 - 28 Dec 2010==
*initial version


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  • #103

    Hey there, awesome addon! Seems a little broken after the last update,tools not reequiping, not buying new tools etc. At the moment it's just a way of keeping an eye on the pets progress.

    I know it's not a new addon, and I don't know if the dev even plays anymore, but if you do, please consider fixing it :)

  • #101
    Addon reset

    Since i got PAC every time I log in my addons reset. what can I do to solve this ??

  • #99

    Can I use it for two or more pets?

  • #100

    why would you ever need more then one pet crafting?

    only one pet can craft at a time
    one pet can craft all types
    there are no caps per pet on levels of crafting

    Would it not make more sense to be able to save/name a setting group and be able to select it to set all the options. 

  • #98

    Would love to see an per pet storage of configs like the tool to use or the craft lvl to use. 

  • #96

    While I have LOVED having Pet AutoCraft it has started to cause the game to crash everytime I attemp to open the pet interface in game. I hope you are able to solve this issue soon so I can reinstall the add on.

  • #94

    I was wondering if you have any idea when this will be updated to include all resources through level 70.

  • #95

    I was not aware that pet crafting allowed for crafting of the higher level mats yet. The only support I add is to make the tooltips work for the mats and allow for auto selling. If RW has added new crafting level options for the pets then they should appear automatically.

  • #92

    Just something I Copyed off the RoM official forums.

  • #91
    Old 04-29-2011, 05:44 PM
    Image Removed:
    Community Manager
    Join Date: Nov 2010
    Posts: 803
    If you have Pet Auto Craft running and you are AFK, then you are botting.
  • #104

    i think thats crap. i can understand it however. if you're out in the wild and have your character set up to go to multiple nodes and harvest from those areas yeah. thats botting whiel your away i get that. but if i were to pay with my own gold for all the tools and the only thing thats different between the addon and vanialla rom is that i don't have to automatically pick a tool and do it manually i can live with that. thats just like saying if i went out into the wild and gathered loads of resources then came back and went to refine a bunch of iron ore, maple wood, and bitterleaf and it took a few hours to do and walked away i would be botting casue i woulnd't be there :/

  • #89

    Having a new issue, can't seem to figure out how to fix it.  For some reason, on just one toon, the add-on seems to think I don't have enough money to buy a stack (9900 gold), even though I have several millions.  This means that the button to auto-buy a stack does nothing, and trying to start the queue without already having a stack of tools in my bag results in a "not enough gold" (don't remember the exact text) message.  So basically I have to manually buy 99 item stacks over and over again until I fill a bag, then I can go ahead and start the queue...after which the add-on works fine (until I run out of tools in my bag). 


    Not a huge deal but just wondering if you have any ideas.  Relogging/re-loading UI doesn't help, in fact it's been an ongoing issue for about 5 days now, but like I said only on one toon...the rest work perfectly.  Weird huh?  Keep up the amazing work!  Cool

    Last edited by barbrady on 11/14/2011 1:02:20 AM
  • #90

    Nevermind, I'm an idiot...been trying to figure this out for days and of course within 10 minutes of making a post I see the problem.  Apparently when I set the tool buy settings they didn't save (not your add-ons fault, I'm sure it was because I had one of those lovely RoM crashes), so on this guy there was no tool set. 

    So...I'll leave my post in case anybody else has the same problem, but maybe have a message that says something like "No tool set" or something so people realize they don't have any tools set to purchase.  Laughing

  • #87

    How do i keep harvesting Holly, when I'm much higher level?
    The tool autoing to the highest levelis awesome, but not always what i want.


  • #88

    click the button next to woodcutting and select the level that you want. Not sure how you missed that.

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