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  • Runes of Magic
  • 488 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.0.9
  • 114,694 Total Downloads
  • Updated 08/14/2014
  • Created 08/30/2009
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Creative Commons License By-Nc-Sa 3.0
  • Newest File: v2.20.4

About PlantCare


New language option for Italian and Portugese are available in Curse. Please help to translate Plantcare to Italian and Portoguese.

Plantcare is translated to EN DE PL RU ES FR

- not yet translated PT BR IT CH - Feel free to translate this addon into your language here


PlantCare is the most advanced planting add-on available for Runes of Magic.


  • Shows status of plants on all of your chars and when they'll be ready to harvest
  • Automatically plants seeds directly from your backpack
  • Automatically puts water/fertilizer into appropriate slots as needed (not from arcane transmutator)
  • Feeds and waters your plants automatically when you click on them or on special button
  • Automatically harvests plants when you click on them after they are ready
  • Graphical configuration
  • Shows current crafting level, Pot type & level, as well as Seed type & level
  • Show the possible harvest materials and the possible amount when buying the seeds
  • Saves last care time and calculated harvest time
  • Hides chat spam created from watering and fertilizing.
  • Messages now localized in several languages
  • Can automatically buy appropriate amount of water/fertilizer to fill an existing stack.
  • You will be informed when plants are ready to be harvested on any char.
  • You can even be informed when you have to care for plants.

Video: Harvesting and Planting


  • Autocare - If the autocare checkbox is set in properties, when you click on a pot it will automatically be watered/fertilized to the optimum level.
  • Long Time Care - If this checkbox is set you will overwater and overfertilize the plants. Useful, if you can't care for your plants a longer period of time.
  • Auto fill/buy water/fertilizer. While at the water/fertilizer merchant you will see a highlight of which water/fertilizer PlantCare wishes to purchase based on the selected level. You can increase this level using the arrows at the bottom right of the vendor window. If you click on the Buy Water/Buy Fertilizer button, any existing stack of the same will be filled. If there are no existing stacks, or the existing stack is already full then you will purchase a whole new stack.
  • Auto-planting. Click on an empty pot to bring up the planting window. Then <CTRL> click on a seed in your backpack. That seed will automatically be planted in the currently selected pot. You may also <ALT> click on a seed in your backpack to permanently select that seed, then you can just repeatedly click on the various pots you wish to plant that seed in. If you have autocare turned on, that seed will also be automatically watered and fertilized. If you wish to select a different seed to auto-plant, simply <ALT> click on a new seed. To stop auto-planting, <ALT> click on the previously selected seed.
  • Status. To see the status of your plants, click on any pot then click the Show Info button near the bottom right of the planting window or enter /apc or /plantcareng in any chat window. You can click on any of the plants in the list to find out the details.
  • Warning. You can also set a value in the settings dialog by which the water and fertilizer level can fall below the optimum before you get a message that you should care for your plants


PlantCare: Der perfekte Helfer für das Pflanzen.


  • zeigt den Status aller Pflanzen all deiner Chars und wann sie geerntet werden können
  • pflanze Samen aus Deinem Rucksack automatisch
  • setzt Wasser und Dünger automatisch in die richtigen Slots (nicht aus dem arkanen Umwandler)
  • düngt und wässert automatisch beim Klick auf eine Pflanze oder den entsprechenden Knopf
  • erntet automatisch, wenn eine Pflanze reif ist und Du sie anklickst
  • Konfigurationsdialog
  • zeigt aktuellen Crafting-Level, Topfart und -level, sowie Samen und dessen Level
  • zeigt die möglichen Erntematerialien und die möglichen Erntemengen beim Kauf der Samen an
  • speichert, wann Du Dich das letzte Mal um die Pflanze gekümmert hast, und berechnet den Erntezeitpunkt
  • versteckt Spam durch Wässern und Düngen
  • übersetzt
  • kann automatisch Wasser und Dünger kaufen, um die Stacks aufzufüllen
  • Du erhältst eine Meldung, wenn eine Pflanze bei einem Deiner Twinks reif ist
  • Du kannst auch informiert werden, wenn Pflanzen gegossen oder gedüngt werden müssen


  • Auto-Pflege: wenn diese Checkbox aktiviert ist, werden die Pflanzen automatisch bis zum optimalen Level gedüngt und gewässert, wenn Du den Topf anklickst
  • Langzeitpflege: ist diese Checkbox aktiviert, werden die Pflanzen deutlich übergossen und überdüngt. Nützlich, wenn Du längere Zeit nicht zum Gießen kommst.
  • Wasser und Dünger automatisch kaufen/auffüllen: wenn Du am Händler stehst, werden automatisch die Produkte markiert, die Du mit den Schaltflächen kaufen kannst. Verändere die Produktauswahl mit den Pfeilen unten rechts im Fenster. Bestehende Stacks werden dabei aufgefüllt, ansonsten werden komplett neue Stacks gekauft.
  • Automatisches Pflanzen: Klicke auf einen leeren Topf, um das Pflanzfenster zu öffnen. Halte <Strg> gedrückt und klicke auf einen Samen in Deinem Rucksack, um diesen zu pflanzen. Du kannst auch <Alt> gedrückt halten und auf einen Samen klicken. Danach wird dieser Samen in jeden leeren Topf gepflanzt, den Du danach anklickst. Wenn die Auto-Pflege eingeschaltet ist, werden die Samen anschließend automatisch gedüngt und gewässert. Um einen anderen Samen zu wählen, klicke einen anderen Samen mit <Alt> an. Wenn Du den gleichen Samen nochmal mit <Alt> anklickst, wird das automatische Pflanzen wieder deaktiviert.
  • Status: um den Status all Deiner Pflanzen einsehen zu können, klicke auf einen beliebigen Topf und anschließend auf den Info-Knopf unten rechts oder gibt /apc oder /plantcareng in ein beliebiges Chatfenster ein. Du kannst jede Pflanze anwählen und erfährst dann Details darüber.
  • Warnungen: im Konfigurationsmenü kannst Du einen Wert angeben, um den der optimale Wert von Wasser und Dünger unterschritten werden darf, bevor Du eine Meldung erhältst, dass Du Dich um Deine Pflanzen kümmern solltest.

Version 2.20.4

  • [loc] localization update French (thx to skouat)
Version 2.20.3
  • [loc] just small localization update Portuguese
Version 2.20.2
  • [loc] just small localization update Russian and Italian
Version 2.20.1
  • [loc] just small localization update Russian, Polish and Spanish

Version 2.20.0

  • [add] Seed tooltip in plant main frame for possible harvest
  • [mod] time handling changed (should be now compatible with every Time-Addon)
  • [mod] code improvement
  • [mod] change of data handling
  • [mod] error corrections

thanks to Telltod for the help

Version 2.19.1
  • [fix] small bugfix

Version 2.19.0

  • [add] Lvl 85- 100
  • [add] amount of possible harvest will be shown
  • [loc] localization update
Version 2.18.1
  • [loc] localization update
Version 2.18.0
  • [mod] smileys changing at seed relevant points
  • [fix] minor bug in GUI
Version 2.17.1
  • [loc] DonDaru continued to translate the Polish part.
Version 2.17.0
  • [loc] bujek started to translate PlantCare into Polish.
  • [loc] Added two new phrases. Visit localization page on curse.
  • [add] There's a new setting that allows you to automatically buy a predefined amount of seeds at the store.
Version 2.16.5
  • [mod] Added missing credits.
  • [mod] Renamed some frames to avoid further mistakes.
  • [fix] Minor fix at statistics.
  • [fix] Watering without harvesting activated the “water before harvest” option.
Version 2.16.4
  • [fix] Reminder to harvest plants.
  • [add] Dead plants are now removed with one click.
Version 2.16.3
  • [add] inserted products of seed in the tooltip dialog at the vendor
  • [loc] added one new phrase.
Version 2.16.2
  • [add] added coloured numbers in shop dialog at pots and seeds to make identification of level and type easier
Version 2.16.1
  • [add] explaining tooltips for the settings dialog
  • [loc] added several new phrases.
Version 2.16.0 beta
  • [mod] giving MorphClock another shot
  • [inf] due to that all saved times may differ 22-26 hours until the pots have been clicked
Version 2.15.0
  • [mod] switched positions of the buttons “Care for plants” and “Properties”
  • [loc] French translation added by Skouat.
  • [add] expert settings: you can now manually set the values if you have specials wishes about how to care for your plants
  • [loc] added several new phrases.
  • [mod] changed look of the info dialog
  • [mod] cleaning up code a little bit
Version 2.14.10
  • [add] option in config dialog to compensate lower health by higher feeding level
  • [loc] added one new phrase.
  • [add] level 79 seeds
Version 2.14.9
  • [fix] corrected feeding value for one type of water/fertilizer in database
  • [mod] water before harvest uses different optimal values for the seeds
Version 2.14.8
  • [mod] water before harvest now waters until feeding level reaches at least 40%
Version 2.14.7
  • [mod] also blocking message about successfully harvested plants
  • [add] option in config dialog to water plants to 100% before harvesting
  • [loc] added one new phrase.
Version 2.14.6
  • [fix] fixed a typo that led to planting wrong seeds into wood pots
Version 2.14.5
  • [fix] plus-button does now care for plants
Version 2.14.4
  • [mod] modified overwater function
Version 2.14.3

(incorrectly released as 2.4.13)

  • [mod] modified stack sizes that changed by latest patch
Version 2.14.2
  • [loc] added Russian language, thanks to Danimor
Version 2.14.1
  • [mod] verified level 80 consumables

Version 2.14.0

  • [del] removed useless function
  • [add] selector for max level rarity of consumables
  • [mod] changed definition of "best" consumable: rarity first, then level
  • [mod] moved around some code for the consumables database, reformatted whole code
  • [add] confirmed level 73 consumables and added stack sizes as they stack up to 999
  • [inf] level 80 consumables still unconfirmed
Version 2.12.1
  • [mod] Changed method of selecting max level of water and fertilizer. Now each level is only shown once and in numerical order.
  • [add] Readded suggesting of Water/Fertilizer.
  • [inf] Only products below selected max level will be suggested and highlighted. If you always want the best products, change the max level to 80.
  • [inf] As before only highlighted products will be purchased.
  • [mod] Due to chapter 4 changes in stacking things, the buy function now fills up each stack separately.
  • [add] Now the total number of water/fertilizer in your backpack is shown in the vendor window at the corresponding slot.
  • [add] Added auto-planting of seeds where PlantCare takes the best matching seed from the backpack automatically. Can be activated in the settings dialog.
  • [mod] Now don't takes the first water/fertilizer in backpack but the best.
  • [fix] recorrected some shop functions
  • [mod] Changed display method of settings window. Now not always on top and movable.
  • [add] If you hold shift and click a pot you can suppress auto caring once.
  • [add] Added further slash commands for help and the settings dialog.
Version 2.12.0
  • [add] Sound can be played when a plant has been cared for.
  • [add] Plants that have been cared for can be counted. Both features should help you to avoid forgetting a plant by accidentally clicking one plant twice.
  • [fix] adjusted volume of sound file
  • [add] New Water and Fertilizer added
  • [add] PlantCare buy buttons now visible at new store
  • [inf] Assuming, that new water and fertilizer do 20 percent, but not verfied right now. Therefore it's possible that the calculations for needed amount of water and fertilizer are wrong. Will be corrected as soon as the new values are verified.
Version 2.11
  • [mod] Improved Plant Management
  • [add] added another color for plants that are ready to be harvested
  • [add] entries of harvested plants will be removed faster
Version 2.10
  • [add] made translatable
  • [add] German translation added
  • [fix] (hopefully) able to handle Pixie Soil et al.
  • [add] made long time care optionally always usable via settings
  • [del] removed overwater function: normal care for plants now always uses overwatering
  • [add] explanation of auto planting of seeds inserted (first 30 times with sound)
  • [add] added support for zBag (quick and dirty)
  • [fix] info window now deletes old entries after 24 hours
  • [add] plants in info window get different colors displaying the amount of water and fertilizer
  • [add] added slash commands »/apc« and »/plantcare« for the info window
  • [add] you will be notified (two times) when there's an alt with plants that are ready to be harvested
  • [add] you can optionally be informed when you have to care for plants (define the value below optimum when to be warned in the settings dialog)
  • [del] removed suggestion of correct water/fertilizer in the vendor dialog, now marking water and fertilizer of selected level only
  • [fix] now takes new water if stack in plantframe gets empty during care
  • [fix] fixed some smaller bugs, but I don't remember anymore
  • [del] removed some code that isn't used any longer
Version 2.09
  • [fix] Fixed a bug that was causing PlantCare to still not display system messages under specialized circumstances.
Version 2.08
  • [fix] Fixed a bug that was causing some SYSTEM_MSG's to be hidden. Also fixed a bug that was causing improper amounts of water/fertilizer to be purchased from the store because of a REGEX match with something else in your backpack.
Version 2.07
  • [fix] Found 2 last-minute bugs that were causing some minor (mostly un-noticeable) problems, just wanted to fix them up.
Version 2.06
  • [fix] I believe the bug with the Zeus pots (and any other multi-purpose pot) has been fixed.
  • [fix] Fixed a bug with the furniture ID's being too large.
  • [fix] Autocare should now function properly again.
Version 2.05
  • [fix] Fixed a bug that was causing recently planted seeds not to get fed/watered if you were on a slow computer.
  • [mod] Commented out some code for CareInfoFrame, it was something Lusiux was implementing that never got finished and it's been causing some of these bugs.
Version 2.04
  • [fix] Fixed a bug in the store modifications that was causing the tooltip when you hover over the buy water/buy fertilizer buttons not work properly.
  • [add] Added in some code to help debug the 'title' being a null value that some others have filed tickets about.
Version 2.03
  • [mod] Changed watering formula as presented by Xadavus/Ashenar/Aran. Let me know how this works for you.
  • [mod] Changed the way PlantCare feeds/waters, added mutex locking to help prevent from over-feeding/watering. Let me know how this works for you.
  • [add] Added new ability to single-click auto-plant. Click on any pot in your house to open the PlantCare frame, then open your backpack and ALT-CLICK on a seed type you wish to plant. Then just click all the pots you want to plant that seed in.
  • [mod] Cleaned up some of the code, moved a bunch of functions around that were getting called way more times than they should have been.
Version 2.02
  • [add] Added the display of PotLevel to the PlantCare screen, also removed some code that may have been causing problems with Zeus pots.
  • [add] Also added some code that should make sure your correct planting level is always displayed in the title.
Version 2.01
  • [fix] Fixed Ticket #8 - Unable to drag-n-drop seeds to planting area. Also fixed a bug that was causing the picture of the currently selected pot not to show up.

Version 2.0

  • [add] Added support for additional water/fertilizer types. Should cover all available ones at the moment. Might want to have it use the highest level water/fertilizer first at some point.
  • [fix] Fixed a bug where level 55 water/fertilizer wasn't being used.
  • [add] Added ability to buy stacks of water/fertlizer from the vendor simply by pushing the appropriate button.
  • [fix] Fixed corrupted EN.lua file.
  • [add] Added Locale Configurability...
  • [mod] Updated SOL library to latest version 1.34 released 2010-02-06.
  • [fix] Color now shown correctly.
Version 0.3.1
  • [add] Added better overview over alts. Format (Hours till harvest, current topdress, current water)
  • [add] New LongCare mode.
Version 0.3
  • [fix] Automatic planting fixed ... ok, not really nice, but should work for now
  • [add] Plantation level now shown in Plantframe title.
  • [add] Recorded information about plants now shown in a frame.
Version 0.1
  • [add] 4 seeds supported by ctrl-click planting.
  • [inf] Merge of lusiux branch into mainline.
  • [fix] Started fixing CTRL-Click planting.
  • [inf] "plantcare/mainline: Initial Import"


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  • #19
    This *should* be fixed in the latest release. Please file a ticket on if it is not.
  • #9
    I've been using PlantCare for a while now. I looked at Greenthumb, but it provides less information and doesn't provide tracking across logins.

    There are 2 things I'd like to see added to PlantCare to polish the addon.
    -Eliminate the watering/feeding spam similar to Greenthumb.
    -Don't treat ore plants differently from the rest in the PlantCare:calcCareCount funcion. Currently it doesn't provide enough water/soil to keep the plant healthy, and my ore plants steadily degrade while my other plants stay generally above 90% with the same care schedule. I went into the LUA and manually changed the true branch of the "if ( best == 90 )" statement to "best + 10" and now my ore plants are completely on par with my other plants.
  • #20
    #1 - The spamming of water/fertilizer messages has been fixed in the latest release.

    #2 - We are still working on refining these values.
  • #10
    Oh, and 5/5 for saving my carpal tunnels!
  • #4
    I love your AddOn. I especially love the info panel that tells/predicts what your alts planting levels are at. I made a small change to this screen which other users might find useful.

    On line 158 of the lua, I added a 3rd argument to how the item name is displayed:
    buttonItemName:SetText(string.format("[%d] %s (%d%%)", ,, (100*

    This makes it so that it shows the current growth rate on all your alts. It makes it easier to see the overall progress on your characters. Furthermore, this could be improved to add more specifics, such as estimate harvest time, current water/fertilizer rates, etc. without needing to click on each seed to see the details.

    Ie. (progress, water, fertilizer, harvest time)
    [1] Some Seed (45%, W80%, F80%, 9:00 28/09/09)
  • #5
    I didn't realized only refers to the last input of the grow rate and it wasn't a calculated value based on time that has past. Do you think this calculation can be made?
  • #6
    Ok, so I worked on this a bit, if anyone wants to have it themselves...

    It makes the info panel show names as:
    [Furniture slot] Seed Name (Current Growth, Current Fertilizer, Current Water)
    ie. [1] Some Seed (45%, 80%, 80%)

    On the PlantCare.lua, Line 154-ish (after the else):
    local buttonItemName = getglobal(button:GetName() .. "Item_ItemName")

    local currentTopdress = (os.time() -
    currentTopdress = currentTopdress*
    currentTopdress = - currentTopdress

    local currentWater = (os.time() -
    currentWater = currentWater*
    currentWater = - currentWater

    local currentGrow = ( + ((os.time() - * ((1 - / ( - * 100

    buttonItemName:SetText(string.format("[%d] %s (%d%%, %d%%, %d%%)",,, currentGrow, currentTopdress, currentWater))
  • #8
    And a big thanks for your feedback to the addons.
    I'll take a closer look at your code later, maybe i can use is too.
  • #7
    Serveral days ago i implemented exactly the same. I needed time (really rare at the moment) to test the functions, so the new version came so late.
  • #3
    Wie ich gesehen habe, habt Ihr meine Datenflut gut genutzt - Hut ab - echt geil! Paar sachen sollte man aber noch ändern bzw hinzufügen - is ja noch genug platz :)
    In der Auflistungsseite sowas wie Wieveiele Duedrops habe ich - wieviele (omg hab den Namen vergessen ... ) Spezial pflanzen also die für lvl 40 habe ich.

    usw ... Funkt mich einfach nochmal an :)

    btw. auto Bewässerung soll irgendwann nächsten Monat (ende) kommen ... wenn die Quelle zuverlässig ist ..... das weis man ja leider nie genau
  • #1
    Auto-planting isn't working.
  • #2
    You are right. Only works for few seeds. Will be fixed in the future. For now i updated the description ;)
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