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  • Runes of Magic
  • 4,183 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.0.9
  • 65,166 Total Downloads
  • Updated 03/18/2014
  • Created 06/05/2012
  • 27 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: MIT License
  • Newest File: v6.0.6.3
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About QuestHelper

(Inspired by WoW-QuestHelper)

The QuestHelper will help you to complete your quests.
-> Quest-Positions are displayed on the World-Map
-> a Navi on the Minimap will guide you to the next quest goal
-> a To-Do-List list displays goals depending on distance

Option-Button can be found on WorldMap or QuestBook

The To-Do-List:
It list quest-goals ordered by distance.
The minimap-GPS always points to the first entry.

Some specials:
-> a grayed line: the quest is not in your zone
-> a "guess: .." : QH has no data for that quest but tries to give a hint
-> a "talk to ..." : quest complete, go to npc ...
-> "talk to unknown" : worst case, quest completed but QH isn't sure where the npc is (it's like 'guess')

the 'guess' can be fixed by sending your quest-data to me.

- map: group quest targets
- dynamic Speakframe resize
- improved quest list+details handling
- reworked priority system
- data update (peterlustig & omnibrain)

- 6.0.6 questdata fixes
- quest data (thx to PeterLustig & Omnibrain)
- fix: error if rewardNPC is in a 'no map' zone
- fix: delete reward npc from dyndata

- patch 6.0.6 update (only QuestList ! .. Positions still missing)

- QuestList ( /QL or QuestLog-Button)
- data update (thx omnibrain & PeterVLustig)

- Sarlo quest-data update (thx to Omnibrain)

- quest data (thx to Omnibrain & PeterLustig)

- data update (thx to all contributors)
- fixed localizations and included all other curseforge languages

- patch v6.0 data update (thx to Lordnms, peterlustig and Omnibrain)

- patch v6.0.0 update
- quest data update (thx to all contributors)
- fixed sub-goals on ystra-map


  • #7

    Not sure if this is directly related to the addon or not, but recently I was trying to get into another castle and every other guild on the list was blank, no info listed at all.  Also I use pbinfo and the threatmeter stopped working on me, now last night I uninstalled your addon and now both of those prior issues are corrected.  Might be something to look into.

  • #9

    plz check error messages.
    There is a small chance that it is QH releated 'cause QH checkes NPC-Dialogs. But without more informations I can't say anything to that.

  • #6

    The animations are cute but there is one feature about your addon that blew me away. It's the snap-to feature of the frame. How did you manage to get it to work so well? Do you know how annoying it is to loose frames or parts of frames when the shape of the window changes? Because of your snap-to feature your frame is always in the right spot.

    I wish all frames had that feature. Maybe the devs could add it. Or maybe you could develop a library you could share so other addon developers could add it. Or maybe you could write an addon that can apply the feature to other frames. If that is possible then that would be the best.

    What do you think?

  • #8

    There is no special 'snap to' algorithm in QH or AddonManger.
    It just uses standard RoM-Api Features -> UIPanelAnchorFrame_OnMouseDown( this:GetParent(), key )

  • #4

    Dude! ı have problem with addon manager..


  • #3

    Hi, i found a false Quest coordination;

    here s a picture!

    Runes of Magic QuestHelper Bug

  • #2

    Hi, tried also , and addon manager shows it in red as incompatible.

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