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  • Supports: 4.0.11
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  • Updated 06/18/2012
  • Created 01/30/2009
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  • Release Type: Beta
  • License: MIT License
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About qUnitFrames

qUnitFrames brings a set of alternative player-, party-, pet-, target-, targettarget- and targettargettarget-frames, optically inspired by some well known WoW-addons.


- freely movable frames
- healthbar in classcolor posible
- manabars in WoW like colors (energy and rage)
- frames scalable
- frame transparency adjustable
- frame width adjustable
- frames hidable
- portraits hidable
- buffs / debuffs hidable
- buffs / debuffs movable to 4 positions (top, bottom, left, right of frame)
- castbar's on all frames
- nine different bar textures
- localisation (english / german so far)
- pbInfo support (real healthpoints)
- etc

v1.1.1.5-beta    (18.06.2012 by Vigilantus)
- [FIX]        A problem with the buffposition and the casting bar position should be fixed for all non-harpsyn classes.
v1.1.1.4-beta    (15.06.2012 by Vigilantus)
- [NEW]        Japanese language added
- [FIX]        Added author of taiwanese language file
- [NEW]        Added new resource bar for harpsyn class
v1.1.1.3-beta    (11.08.2010 by Vigilantus)
-[FIX]        os.clock() is not longer useable, replaced by GetTime()
v1.1.1.2-beta    (07.03.2010 by Vigilantus)
- [NEW]        Taiwanese language added (thx to the unknown translator)
- [FIX]        Problem with healthpoints fixed : Now the healthpoints should be shown with the relative values, if no absolute values are available, instead of error messages.
- [FIX]        Localisation issue with the "Buffs" and "Debuffs" fixed


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