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  • Supports: 4.0.11
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  • Updated 06/18/2012
  • Created 01/30/2009
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  • Release Type: Beta
  • License: MIT License
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About qUnitFrames

qUnitFrames brings a set of alternative player-, party-, pet-, target-, targettarget- and targettargettarget-frames, optically inspired by some well known WoW-addons.


- freely movable frames
- healthbar in classcolor posible
- manabars in WoW like colors (energy and rage)
- frames scalable
- frame transparency adjustable
- frame width adjustable
- frames hidable
- portraits hidable
- buffs / debuffs hidable
- buffs / debuffs movable to 4 positions (top, bottom, left, right of frame)
- castbar's on all frames
- nine different bar textures
- localisation (english / german so far)
- pbInfo support (real healthpoints)
- etc

v1.1.1.5-beta    (18.06.2012 by Vigilantus)
- [FIX]        A problem with the buffposition and the casting bar position should be fixed for all non-harpsyn classes.
v1.1.1.4-beta    (15.06.2012 by Vigilantus)
- [NEW]        Japanese language added
- [FIX]        Added author of taiwanese language file
- [NEW]        Added new resource bar for harpsyn class
v1.1.1.3-beta    (11.08.2010 by Vigilantus)
-[FIX]        os.clock() is not longer useable, replaced by GetTime()
v1.1.1.2-beta    (07.03.2010 by Vigilantus)
- [NEW]        Taiwanese language added (thx to the unknown translator)
- [FIX]        Problem with healthpoints fixed : Now the healthpoints should be shown with the relative values, if no absolute values are available, instead of error messages.
- [FIX]        Localisation issue with the "Buffs" and "Debuffs" fixed


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  • #64공용/qUF^_lang^_KR.lua

    korean lang
  • #63

    493 line

  • #62
    is there a way to make the debuff icons on the target bigger? its somewhat hard to tell how many seals i have on the target. thanks.
  • #60
    Also ich hab das Problem das ich nicht mehr die Real-Life Points sehe sondern nur noch xx.xx k statt xxxx ... Woran könnte das liegen? Habe die neueste PBInfo Version schon seit geraumer Zeit drauf und mit der alte qUnit ging es.
  • #58
    Great Addon! Thx a lot . But , i need a function , to see the Life % , not ONLY the Real LP. i need it for some of my Skills ^^

    Now in German , because my English is so terrible ^^

    Also ich brauch ne Funktion ,wo ich neben den Echten Lebenspunkten AUCH die % anzeigen lassen kann. Also neben den real LP dann z.b. zusätzlich die % oder so.
    Hab z.b. nen Skill ,der haut zusätzlich schaden raus ,wenn der gegener unter 30 % ist . Wäre halt gut ,wenn ich das nicht immer Schätzen müsst^^
    Sollte doch sicherlich einstellbar und machbar sein ,oder?
    Ich würd mich auf jedenfall sehr darüber freun =D
  • #59
    Soviel ich weiss arbeitet Vigilantus daran.
  • #61
    Ah okay ,vielen dank für die Info =)
  • #56
    I have pbinfo, and I can see the hpoints in real numers in all frames except for the target frame, I just see the % there, is there a way to fix it?
  • #55
    Try this version out of the german, official RoM-boards:

    It has a petframe and with the linked version it also showed the debuff-length.
  • #57
    Would love to check that out, but I don't seem to have any access on the EU boards anymore (though I could in back in beta/launch). Now I can log in there, but I get messages saying I don't have access when I try to download from a link there, or do any kind of search. :/
  • #54
    Somebody take this over PLEASE, we need pet frames
  • #53
    This addon has apparently been abandoned, anyone know another good unitframe addonm ? prefer one that also includes the "Pet" frame.
  • #51
    I actually think they fixed the api for the class colors now to so should work now anyway casue i tried enabling them on my warden and targeting myself and they worked with class colors on all the sudden so i suspect dev fixed it in the api.
  • #48
    Hi, i have few ideas what would be quite cool if possible. More bar textures if possible and if your like mage and warden could you put there Mana or Rage or Energy... if you dont understand what i mean, so i mean like if you mage then in your mana bar is a text "Mage" so if you could change that to Mana or what ever ur char uses :)
  • #50
    I like the idea of more textures, but as for the mana/rage/energy thing, i dont see how you would need that on there.
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