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  • Runes of Magic
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  • Supports: 4.0.11
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  • Updated 06/18/2012
  • Created 01/30/2009
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  • Release Type: Beta
  • License: MIT License
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About qUnitFrames

qUnitFrames brings a set of alternative player-, party-, pet-, target-, targettarget- and targettargettarget-frames, optically inspired by some well known WoW-addons.


- freely movable frames
- healthbar in classcolor posible
- manabars in WoW like colors (energy and rage)
- frames scalable
- frame transparency adjustable
- frame width adjustable
- frames hidable
- portraits hidable
- buffs / debuffs hidable
- buffs / debuffs movable to 4 positions (top, bottom, left, right of frame)
- castbar's on all frames
- nine different bar textures
- localisation (english / german so far)
- pbInfo support (real healthpoints)
- etc

v1.1.1.5-beta    (18.06.2012 by Vigilantus)
- [FIX]        A problem with the buffposition and the casting bar position should be fixed for all non-harpsyn classes.
v1.1.1.4-beta    (15.06.2012 by Vigilantus)
- [NEW]        Japanese language added
- [FIX]        Added author of taiwanese language file
- [NEW]        Added new resource bar for harpsyn class
v1.1.1.3-beta    (11.08.2010 by Vigilantus)
-[FIX]        os.clock() is not longer useable, replaced by GetTime()
v1.1.1.2-beta    (07.03.2010 by Vigilantus)
- [NEW]        Taiwanese language added (thx to the unknown translator)
- [FIX]        Problem with healthpoints fixed : Now the healthpoints should be shown with the relative values, if no absolute values are available, instead of error messages.
- [FIX]        Localisation issue with the "Buffs" and "Debuffs" fixed


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  • #47

    For all who still have the probleme with the error : Call qUF-EventFrames Onupdate, line: [string "?"]:233:attempt to index local 'color' (a nil value)

    I uploaded my fix for qUF_Classes.lua on megaupload :

    Just replace your qUF_Classes.lua file with mine. and voila

    Have fun, and tell me if it's working fine.
  • #52
    Your a star thanks.
  • #49
    mengeek, thank you for your fix and im just posting to let you know that everything works fine with it. I can target Warden/Druids now, and also no bugs while on my warden/ druid.
  • #46
    When will this be updated (us version) for the new elves patch?
  • #45
    There is no need to edit the qUnitframes. The error ist located in the "raidframe.lua" where the colors are defined. there is a wrong definition, the "WARDEN" is called "RUNEDANCER", just edit it and save it in Interface\worldxml.

    Or download it from this post:
  • #44

    I've edited my file as mentioned but I still the error message with my warden...
    I tried several ways, and copy/paste the change below.. but nothing changed.
    send me or give me a link with the qUF_Classes.lua changed please ! :D
  • #43
    You can edit the "SetColor(0.85, 0, 0.85);" line to change the color. The 3 numbers are the Red, Green, Blue values and range between 0 to 1, so the RGB color white (255, 255, 255) in RoM is (1, 1, 1) and black (0, 0, 0) is (0, 0, 0). Just take any 0-255 color and divide by 255 to convert if needed.


    P.S. if anyone knows exactly where the table "g_ClassColors" is defined, it would be much simpler to just add a ["WARDEN"] value to it rather then the code I listed below.
  • #42
    1) Go to the "Runes of Magic/Interface/qUnitFrames/scripts" folder
    2) Open qUF_Class.lua in notepad or other text editor
    3) Press Ctrl-F to use Find and search for "g_ClassColors" w/o quotes
    4) Here's what you will see:
    local color = g_ClassColors[UnitClassToken(unit)];

    getglobal(frame:GetName().."HealthBarColorTex"):SetColor(color.r, color.g, color.b);
    5) Change it to the following:
    local color = g_ClassColors[UnitClassToken(unit)];

    if(color ~= nil) then
    getglobal(frame:GetName().."HealthBarColorTex"):SetColor(color.r, color.g, color.b);
    if(UnitClassToken(unit) == "WARDEN") then
    getglobal(frame:GetName().."HealthBarColorTex"):SetColor(0.85, 0, 0.85);
    6) Take note, the first line I mentioned DID NOT CHANGE
    7) Also note, the second line I mentioned was only given extra code.
    8) DO NOT EDIT ABOVE OR BELOW THE TWO LINES I MENTIONED except to insert the added code
  • #41
    To me that line is where it sets color for for dif units so best and easiest way to fix it till we know other class colors for druid warden would be to not use class colors in bars and all should work fine without that error. I could be wrong but pretty sure thats the easiest answer for now I would think:)
  • #40
    for russians users: качаем руссик
    кидаем в папку с языковыми файлами, дальше правим фунацию в файле qUF_Core.lua

    function qUF:LoadLocales()

    local localesFile = tostring(self.constants["ADDON_DIR"] .. "lang/qUF_lang_" .. GetLocation() .. ".lua")
    local func, err = loadfile(localesFile)
    self.utils:Print("Error: qUnitFrames: language file missing!", true);
    self.constants["LOCATION"] = "ENEU";
    localesFile = tostring(self.constants["ADDON_DIR"] .. "lang/qUF_lang_" .. self.constants["LOCATION"] .. ".lua");
  • #39

    got the same Error ... i didn´t understood the real logic - but i killed the hole line and the "else" after Line 233.
    Now i can klick the ice witches without any error ;)

    Maybe it works for you 2 ?

    more error/bug´s ? ?

    have a nice day
  • #38
    some npcs i get this error.


    so far just the ice witches in the highlands.
  • #37
    öhm...irgendwie hat der Autor keinen Bock mehr oder wie? Mal nen Paar Updates wären schon Genial.

  • #36
    Hmm cmon please update this addon! I love it
  • #35
    i get an error when im in party, i dont know because happen that.
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