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  • Runes of Magic
  • 831 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.0.1
  • 146,506 Total Downloads
  • Updated 09/08/2012
  • Created 05/25/2009
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: V3.9

About scrutinizer

is a partywide analyze-tool.

  • view damage/healing values of yourself/your party (no raid support)
  • inspect each partymembers skills
  • report to guild/party/whisper or channel


  1. Mainframe: e.g. Name Damage ( Damage per Second / Overall Damage per Second, Percentage while grouped )
  2. Detailframe:
  • Top: Skills list: Name, Count, Value, Average, Percentage
  • Mid: Skills type list. e.g. NORMAL, CRITICAL, etc.: (same as Skills list)
  • Bottom: The Opponents/Friends actionlist: Name, Count, Value, Minimum, Average, Maximum

Got a problem with the mainframe? Try

  • /scrut reset

and relog.

  • Fixed Send function


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  • #53
    Is there any way to have scrutinizer clear for each individual fight, but still hold a cache of all the data for an instance/raid? It's nice to be able to see what my individual DPS is per boss fight, yet still be able to see damage overall. As it stands now, I have to clear the meter prior to a boss fight where I want to gauge how well I stack up to the other group members, which makes me lose the data for the rest of the instance.
  • #52
    Let me throw in a request again for Warden pet support. I know Warden is not a popular class, and thus may not "need" support, but one of the reasons that Warden is not a popular class is because everyone uses Scrutinizer (a compliment) and Scrutinzer doesn't support Wardens. Catch 22. People might not think much of it, but if as much as 25% of their damage was being unmeasured, they'd think differently. Please, just group in the pet damage with the Warden player damage. Or can someone else build an addon that's either stand-alone or modifies Scrutinizer so that it supports all the classes in RoM? Right now Scrutinizer is incomplete.
  • #58
    I agree here, I was trying to search the Rom forums to see if other people noticed this. It might be the reason people are bashing on the warden so much, neither the dps calculation addon or this one take the pet into account. It almost makes me want to reroll because as a "dps" class, what else do you need to do besides top those charts, which like you said do not take into account part of the warden's damage.
  • #51
    Is it possible to add an option to hide if not in party/raid also? Also agree with wombat,,, extension to see all of raid would be great. Other then that awesome add on =)
  • #50
    Any way of expanding this to handle raids - i.e - HOS - 12 man instances etc....
  • #49
    The mainframe of this addon got scaled off my screen in such a way that even if I use "/scrut std" it is still stuck in the top left corner saying "age done" instead of "damage done". As a result, the arrow that allows the mainframe dragging can not be seen. Is there a way to fix it? I tried reinstalling it (V3.5), but it stays the same. Thanks in advance.
  • #46
    Could you please fix the bug that your addon doesn't disappear if you hide the interface. this is really annoying.
  • #47
    The only change required for this is setting parent="UIParent" in the scrutinizer_MainFrame in the mainframe.xml file. I haven't tested how this affects the data collection and calls to OnUpdate() specifically.
  • #48
    Thanks for the checks - *fixed in V3.5*
  • #45
    Great program. Thanks for making it. Request: Would love to see the Warden's pet damage be calculated in. Even better would be to have a toggle/option to have it be calculated with the warden or seperately.
  • #43
    does this version not save the data after logout ? every time I log off, when I logg in later all data is reset.
  • #40
    Hi. Great work on your add-on, but can you please explain specifically what each options does ("Confirm: No" and "Party: Reset")?
  • #41
    "Confirm: No" stands for an auto-reset when joining or creating a party without the confirmation-box.
    "Party: Reset" is the default reset with a confirmation-box.
    But you can also turn off both of them.

    I'll look over the cryptical things in the near future to change that or give an explanation.
  • #44
    thanks for the clarification!
  • #39
    found a minor bug. when casting flame the 1st number it the brackets the last damage amount shows as 0 every time.
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