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  • Runes of Magic
  • 827 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.0.1
  • 146,529 Total Downloads
  • Updated 09/08/2012
  • Created 05/25/2009
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: V3.9

About scrutinizer

is a partywide analyze-tool.

  • view damage/healing values of yourself/your party (no raid support)
  • inspect each partymembers skills
  • report to guild/party/whisper or channel


  1. Mainframe: e.g. Name Damage ( Damage per Second / Overall Damage per Second, Percentage while grouped )
  2. Detailframe:
  • Top: Skills list: Name, Count, Value, Average, Percentage
  • Mid: Skills type list. e.g. NORMAL, CRITICAL, etc.: (same as Skills list)
  • Bottom: The Opponents/Friends actionlist: Name, Count, Value, Minimum, Average, Maximum

Got a problem with the mainframe? Try

  • /scrut reset

and relog.

  • Fixed Send function


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  • #42
    This is no bug, momentarily the current fight data will be reset after 5 seconds between combat actions and e.g. if you "oneshot" a target every ~6 seconds or so and nothing more, there will only be "zero" displayed as the current "value per second". Maybe I change this behaviour in one of the next versions :-)
  • #38
    not sure i like the look of the new one but the options are nice
  • #35
    Blood Arrow pb is not yet fix ;-)If you can add a filter of this damage we do not we take.
    Don't understand what I'm talking about ? Scout's Blood Arrow make damage on us so Scrutinizer count this like damage ^^
    "Kalys hits Kalys's life 800 with Blood arrow"
    In a instance I take more damage from this skill than monsters !

    Tks for this great add-on !
  • #36
    This will be fixed in 3.3, which should be up in the next few hours.
  • #34
    I like it, well done.
  • #33
    why cant you make it so it count for raid and not just your party.. it really defeats the addon's purpose as a damage meter to only monitor one of the 2 groups in a raid
  • #37
    I really would like to add that, but...momentarily the way to do it is just too ineffective, so we have to wait and hope they change some things here and there in the game...
  • #32
    Cant find report bug so here is what i got :)

    I dont know if anyone has been having this problem, but for dual wielders, I am not seeing their white attacks, thus putting scrut total damage and dps off by a ton. Rogues also have an unknown skill called Full Attack? wtf is that? Other weird thing is i see my own white attacks, even the tanks white attacks, but not dual wielders.
  • #31
    I like this new look with it being transparent. Looks clean and less bulky.
    However, the detailframe makes it difficult too quickly glance and find information.
    The stat output to chat isn't formatted with tabs making it harder to read.
  • #30
    Thanks for the toggle bottom now jou can make a makro (/scrut Toggle)
    and the scrut com and go ^^
  • #29
    Feedback on 3.0:

    I dont like not have the 'just me' option, the party window is large and can be cumbersome. I don't like that you took a step BACKWARD in customization; i think it was a step in the wrong direction and would really like to see the old config brough back. As before, some of the values weren't well defined or explained- you've become even more cryptic by the total removal of any table headings. Loss of the "auto-reset when joining a party" is a major drawback as well.
  • #28
    Hi. Thanks for continuing to work on an addon which was working fine, but you wanted it to be better anyway ;) There's only one issue I could see yesterday: the old scrutinizer had a number of options to configure the display, like locking it in place or reducing the size if you're not in a party. If you could add those back, then everything would be perfect again.
  • #26
    Feedback on 3.0

    the old version was very easy to read the 2 most important features that i wanted (party DPS and my crit percents)

    With 3.0 I don't even know how to read the DPS and i have to click on each and every skill to see my crit/dodge chances. old version was useful at a glance, new version might be more useful after careful scrutinizing.

    I'm sticking with the older "EASIER to read" version

    this being said, i love the direction you are going in, but believe the info needs to be presented better. I would of loved the old interface with the option to click on the skills to then get the break down by mob
  • #27
    also, could you possible detect warden pets as part of the wardens damage/DPS
  • #25
    My Feedback for v3.0

    Hey there Nasha
    I love the new info for v3.0 Especially the Crits, and Normal damage for each skill. Also what mobs you hit with each skill.

    What i would like to see. A better Skin, this Skin is as Atharus stated Bland and Boring. If you would like i could work on some skins for you, but i think most everyone agrees that the Old Skin was the best. Honestly i would like to see customization when it comes to the skinn, but i think content and raiding should come 1st.

    So other than the skin i love it.

    What i would like to see.
    Raid DPS (its in the works?)
    Custom Skins, or the ability to mod the Skins more easily.
    The Ability to Select Just Boss DPS, and Total Damage. (for example, Boss 4 HoS, It spwns Adds, and morphs you into a "Turret monster" that lets you use skills you normaly dont have, Thus messing up DPS meter (Have yet to test it but maybe this is already there idk))

    Other than that, This is my 2nd Favorite addon only 2nd to Threat Meter cause it keeps me from dieing.

    Great work hope to see some more updates soon :D *Cheers*
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