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  • Runes of Magic
  • 830 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.0.1
  • 146,603 Total Downloads
  • Updated 09/08/2012
  • Created 05/25/2009
  • 145 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: V3.9

About scrutinizer

is a partywide analyze-tool.

  • view damage/healing values of yourself/your party (no raid support)
  • inspect each partymembers skills
  • report to guild/party/whisper or channel


  1. Mainframe: e.g. Name Damage ( Damage per Second / Overall Damage per Second, Percentage while grouped )
  2. Detailframe:
  • Top: Skills list: Name, Count, Value, Average, Percentage
  • Mid: Skills type list. e.g. NORMAL, CRITICAL, etc.: (same as Skills list)
  • Bottom: The Opponents/Friends actionlist: Name, Count, Value, Minimum, Average, Maximum

Got a problem with the mainframe? Try

  • /scrut reset

and relog.

  • Fixed Send function


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  • #24
    Here's a little feedback for v3.0:

    Pro's: The new statistics added are great, more advanced stats from the mobs you're fighting, more statistics on the moves you are using, generally more functionality on all statistics, good job there! Raid statistics on the way, excellent!

    Cons: The new "Skin" is bland, ugly and permanent. Looks like we've lost a key feature, the ability to minimise the frame and have it run in the background. The basic display sure can become translucent, but that is no replacement for hiding it. Not only that but the new frame is less attractive than the previous. v2.5 had a neat, frame with all the essential functions, easily displayed and easy to decipher. This new frame is a little more chaotic, granted it shows more information, but the old frame was perfect as it was.

    Granted this is just my opinion, it's probably worth waiting for a little more feedback before considering implementing any more changes. Overall an excellent addon though, I recommend it often and it is one of my most used scripts, keep up the excellent work!
  • #23
    hi soo i hope my english is not to bad i write German
    the new addon is ok but i miss the x botten i have make me an makro so that scruti is on display and with the x it was gone but works in backround so when i wont see it i klick my makro and than i klick on x. Now it is always on display and thats not what i wont sooo can you give the x back or an comand too blend it out pls

    Nomadsoul @ riocht
  • #21
    Stick with version 2.5 , the new version 3.0 pales in comparison. i'm reminded of the old saying "Don't fix it if it aint broke"
  • #22
    It is not a fix at all, it is just a rework of what was done before with major improvements on the code for me, and more info made avaliable for you. For sure, the older versions are free to download too, so if you prefer to use an older one, do so (but let the others get a picture of it). Now to the real point, did you find any issues with it? Whats it exactly you don't like of 3.0. Its not helping me posting such a statement, because "pales in comparison" is simply not true. Please clarify!
  • #18
    hey man! long time no update what did cha fix today? i think it worked GREAT before, only depressing thing is it shows that there is a hard cap somewhere around 50% on dodge.. and that you can not dodge ANYTHING but auto attacks from mobs.. (yet you can dodge everything from players)
  • #20
    I can dodge broadside from talomo quite often, and I don't even have _that_ much dex (compared to others), 2.8k. So not entirely sure the cap is that low?
  • #19
    •added colors for DRUID & WARDEN
    •fixed an issue on reporting by whisper to a name with a beginning small letter
    Nothing more for today :-) and feel free to report any bugs here.
  • #17
    Jawoll Nice die neue Post Function werde sie gleich mal heute Abend versuchen und nen Komment hier lassen. Thank´s an den Upper.
  • #13
    I don't like this new autoreset function.
    For example when you are in treasure trove, your weapon is at 50% durability and the party decides to go repair their equip. (exept for mages or priests ^_-)
    You leave the party and rejoin... and all the stats from the first half of the run are gone..
  • #14
    All right, i'll add this for configuration in the next version.
  • #16
    (btw Great Addon ^_^)
  • #12
    Sehr schön das habe ich die ganze zeit schon gesucht. Aber besteht auch die möglichkeit nach einem RUN in einer Inni mit Copy/Paste alles zu posten bzw. nur wer was für nen DMG gemacht hat? Das wäre genial.
  • #15
    Danke und diese Funktion werde ich in einer der nächsten Versionen einbauen.
  • #11
    Awesome update man. Thanks!
  • #10
    lol thank you much. My scout isnt bad at all ^^
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