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Self Chat Color Changer

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  • Updated 03/23/2010
  • Created 03/14/2010
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  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: Self Chat Color Changer v1.1
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About Self Chat Color Changer

This is a rework of GuildChatColor and Chat Color Changer that will let you change the color of your chat for ONLY your screen. Everyone else will see the normal default colors but you can make yourself stand out more for your own viewing. Each chat channel can be set it a unique color.

I made this addon as I feel it is rude to change your chat for everyone because it comes across as what you have to say is more important then what others have to say. Even more annoying then someone who talks in all CAPS.

current supported chats
Say - /sscc
Guild - /sgcc
Party - /spcc
Zone - /szcc
Whisper - /swcc
World - /sycc
Channel - /sccc

List of commands (examples using guild)
/sgcc - opens guild chat color picker
/sgcc on - enables the self guild color changer
/sgcc off - disables the self guild color changer
/sgcc toggle - toggles the self guild color changer on and off

Fixed goof that prevented it from working
Added fix for most other addons including ComeOnIn to not display any broken code when using this addon

Initial release


  • #14

    In my RoM interface, 1.1 still shows broken links. Can you try to fix this?

  • #4
    This is what I have been after for some time. Ever since I played EverQuest where my own chat was highlighted on my screen from the rest of the monochromatic wizz of text, I have been accustom to the distinction in text.

    This DOES WORK IF you open the toc file and add the .lua files to the list.
    The toc only lists the xml files.

    Add these lines


    Poor Fliewatuet384 might get some relief lol.
  • #6
    this shouldn't be needed as one of the first lines of every xml file is to load its corresponding lua file.
  • #8
    Also could you mention what changes you made please, in your notes.
    Appreciate knowing if need the new one or not. If its the the toc file then I am good.

    Really do appreciate this addon. I took all my chat colors off and I notice I get a lot more response to what I type.
  • #11
    that info is always in the changes section
  • #7
    You would think so. Note that all other addon creators still reference the LUA files in their toc. This is also instructed in the Hello World LUA tutorial.

    I am still learning but my limited thought on this is the xml is referring to a file that the game was not told about in the toc so the game does not know about it.

    In any case it works now with that simple addition to the toc.
  • #12
    not true, many addons do not list the lua in the toc and they work just fine. all my past addons never needed it unless there was no xml or if there was more then one lua
  • #13
    8D just so happens there is more than one lua.

    I see you fixed it. works great!
    Also thanks for the COI fix. Love the way you did it.
  • #3
    Well, i downloaded & installed it, and it didn't do anything. Couldn't even make an interface open up to change the colors of all the chat. Uninstalled and moving on.
  • #5
    strange my version works and it is the same version that i zipped up and uploaded for use. even stranger is the fact that i deleted my install and downloaded it from curse and got the same problem.

    I'll look into it an get a fix for this soon
  • #2
    This is a good idea but a little too late unless the devs make the other one banned.

    You'll have to convince everyone to get rid of the other one which I don't think will happen anytime soon. Sry
  • #9
    Use "Colorless Runes" of you don't like people using custom colors...
  • #10
  • #1
    Its not only rude to say your things to others in different colors, its even worse since there are ppl who change their chat colors completely. And if someone else goes and uses his own colors, it may not only look bad but it can be unreadable as well (Red text on dark orange background, ...).

    So, better to use this addon then. :D
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