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  • License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0
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About SimpleDamageLog


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SimpleDamageLog is a combat log addon which main idea is to pesent the combat log information as a compact and clear head-up-display. You won't get overwhelmed with long messages that take you hours to read, instead SimpleDamageLog extracts the number of dealt hit points, hit type (dritical, dodge), skill and source/target to present you short messages in this highly readable form:

skill > hit points > hit type > target/source
(skill and hit type are only shown if there are different from attack, normal hit)

Since version 1.1 SimpleDamageLog provides a configuration GUI to adjust the addon to the users needs. The GUI is accessed via the chat command /sdl, AddonManager, ZZInfoBar or a Minimap Button if neither of the previous addons is installed.


With version 2 the gui has been completely reworked as at the same time the configurability has been highly increased. These are the current features of SimpleDamageLog:

  • Use different profiles on different characters
  • Show or hide incoming/outgoing combat logs
  • Set the max number of combat log messages being visible
  • Show a background behind your log
  • Change the background color
  • Adjust alignment of incoming/outgoing combat logs
  • Decide whether to show incoming/outgoing heal
  • Decide whether to show incoming/outgoing damage
  • Decide whether to show damage target
  • Decide whether to show heal target
  • Decide whether to show damage source
  • Decide whether to show heal source
  • Show incoming/outgoing damage/heal of wardens pet

- fix: tweaks to new anchor manager system and loading those settings (i might have finally nailed it :P)

v0.9 (beta)
- change: Frames now use RoM's built-in anchor manager to move around and save position automatically.
          This also provides anchoring to the bottom or right of screen, on docking with other frames.
          Also, the minimap's "Reset UI Settings" button while also reset this add-on.

v0.8 (beta)
- fix: frames locked/unlocked messages were inverted in the localization files

v0.7 (beta)
- new: heals show up in the damage log
- change: if you hurt or heal yourself, it only shows up in the "incoming" frame (used to show in both)
- fix: settings where not loaded correctly, they reset on every game session
- fix: "/sdl reset" was still not working correctly

v0.5 (beta)
- fix: "/sdl reset" was not working
- change: you will find all text colors near the beginning of the file now if you want to customize them
- internal: some code clean-up

v0.4 (beta)
- fix: now recognizes absorbed damage (shown grey, same as dodge and miss)
- fix: error message on log-in when AddOnManager is not installed
- change: frames can now also be locked with /sdl lock (/sdl headers still works, too)
- change: improved message when frames are locked
- change: removed dependency on Sol library (smaller download)
- new: added "/sdl reset" slash command to reset all settings, useful when frames are out of screen
- new: Spanish (ES) localization

v0.3 (beta)
- change: improved layout (frame width, anchors, etc)
- change: damage text fades out faster
- change: damage text can be cleared when player target changes (enable with /sdl clear)
- new: added project description

v0.1 (beta)
- first public version


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