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UltimateMailMod (Continued)

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  • Runes of Magic
  • 384 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.0.1
  • 33,050 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/16/2012
  • Created 06/09/2012
  • 21 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: UltimatMailMod

About UltimateMailMod (Continued)

Ultimate Mail Mod is an extension to the existing mail system. The original interface is "hidden" and "replaced" by the UMM interface.

Credit Notes: Ultimade Mail Mod was developed by Shareda of Siochain. As it seems that this AddOn is no longer maintained, Maxeem of Muinin took over maintainin this usefull Interface enhancement.

Features: Inbox:

  • Lists up to 18 mails in the inbox.
  • The sender's name of each mail is color coded by reference type.
  • Alternative icons displayed for mails depending on their read/unread status.
  • Displays mails inside the UMM window on the right hand side of the window.
  • Displays total amount of gold on all visible mails in the inbox.
  • Inbox offers automatic opening and grabbing of attachments. Can be filtered by items, gold or all.
  • Inbox offers automatic mass-return / mass-delete of mails. Ctrl+Left-mouse to toggle tags.


  • Mail Composer adds lists of "Characters", "Friends" and "Guildies" (if guilded) for easy recipient selection.
  • Automatic subject creation if you only attach money.

UMM automatically logs and saves the names of all the characters you use on your computer.

Mass Send Items:

  • Like the Composer you can quick select from "Characters", "Friends" and "Guildies" (if guilded)
  • Full backpack (all 6 tabs) display of items.
  • Click an item slot to toggle that slot for sending. Will display a yellow border around the slot if it's marked for sending.
  • Click one of the 11 buttons in the bottom of the window for category tagging of items. (Runes/Herbs/Wood/etc.)
  • Choose to either just send all the items right away or set up C.O.D. values for each slot of items sent.
  • Display of current send status - mails listed and status displayed: "sending" or "queued". Top-most mail is the one being sent.

UMM has a complex set of checks to prevent accidental deletion of mails containing items aswell as built in checks to stop automation in case of any failures.

Memory Cleanup: Every 15 minutes UMM will call a memory cleanup function which is built into the scripting language. This function clears up any unused variables and left overs from addon data handling and thereby lowers the total addon memory usage for all addons which in turn increases performance. This cleanup is not automatically performed by the scripting language but must be called. The game currently has some crash issues which usually result in loss of settings in addons - the cleanup has nothing to do with the loss of settings. Other addons that don't store their settings correctly may be affected by the cleanup.

Release version: Release date : 18 October 2012

  • Remove the version numbering from the main folder to get the addon working as supposed.

For proper function remove the old version of UMM and after that install the new version


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  • #40


    First i wanna say this addon is !!!super!!! and i use this all the time...

    I have 1 request ------> thgh and that's if you send mutiple items cod and you want them all to be same price in 1 go/click...

    Can you pls add this feature or give me the tools to do this myself... then i will be even more happier.... 




  • #39

    just installed that addon, but in the addon-pane (on char-selection screen) it says "incompatible" whats the reason? i cant find out a way to fix this, so please help cause it seems very powerfull to me =)




  • #38

    looks like SOL is required but not included

  • #37

    I cannot get this mod to launch after the last two updates. It says that every single .lua never terminates any coroutines.

  • #35

    Reporting some bugs during "Mass Sending Items".

    Usually after a couple of time, sending in batch will be halt, and I get this message "Automation process failed - process halted". :\

  • #33

    I really love this addon but I can't use it ... I see how it says to take out the version number off, but how?  When I do it just does not even show up then ... It is broken please fix... thank you   And yes I do delete the older version before installing new one... Thank you again



    Last edited by lazymomma on 10/16/2012 1:10:08 PM
  • #36

    Delete the folder manually, eventhough the current version had already been installed. Re-install addon, and see if you get the same result like me. It works for me Smile

  • #32

    Please remove all old files for UltimateMailMod in your AddOn Sub-Folder befor installing any new update.

    As the structure of the addon might change during a development cycle, itemnames might not been initialized anymore and corrupt the new version.

  • #31

    After the New Update ( i have 5 empty Slots on the top of the character list.

    Anybody a idea?

  • #30

    EASY TO FIX !!!!

    Just remove the version number in the folder name to leave only


    as folder name and it will work

  • #29

    The latest update, version 5.0.1 (11 October 2012), isn't working. I cant use it at all. The user-interface is blank. Nothing. Just a box of empty layout with a little tag on the right-bottom corner written "MOD_VERSION". Please fix. It used to ease my job excellently.

    Last edited by chilinfrolic on 10/11/2012 7:25:15 PM
  • #28


    i think there is a big bug! in last 4 days i often send gold from a twink to the main when i need gold.

    i send gold say ok. on main i see in chatbox new mail. i go to mailbox but there is no mail. 3kk away :(

    yesterday from another twink to my main. send the gold. on main in chatbox again, new mail. i go to mailbox but again empty no new mail :( 2kk away.


    i hope the support can help me there, but i think this addon is buggy :(


    and it make the box faster. sometimes for more mails in box it need long time do take this, and clean after.

    Last edited by maestoat on 9/24/2012 3:26:09 AM
  • #27

    In the first place i have to thank You for Your work. Addon is very useful and i dont know many people not using it:)

    I came here wit question about column "Characters" when i installed addon first time it was empty and sending mails to people and my alts willed upe this space a little. Unfortunatly i dont know what happend but now i have this space filled with people i dont know at all. Nicknames that im seing first time filling almost all space.

    - im using other addons (ofc) but nothing working on RoM mails;

    - to be cleared, not using any kind of hacks & cheats.

    Any idea what might have causing this?

    Best regards!


  • #26

    I don't know if this is just me having this issue.

    But when i send multiple mails, it sometimes hangs, and actually picks up the item, and not putting it in the mailslot, hence stopping sending mails.

    It can happen if i send 2 mails, and other times after 50 mails to same reciever.


    any way to fix this so that i can use the addon properly?

  • #24

    I somehow have a very old version of UMM, which is very slow in taking mails from the postbox. I read about some speed improvements from fanupdates for older versions of UMM.

    Are these speedimprovements implemented in your version?


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