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UltimateMailMod (Continued)

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  • Runes of Magic
  • 383 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.0.1
  • 33,049 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/16/2012
  • Created 06/09/2012
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: UltimatMailMod

About UltimateMailMod (Continued)

Ultimate Mail Mod is an extension to the existing mail system. The original interface is "hidden" and "replaced" by the UMM interface.

Credit Notes: Ultimade Mail Mod was developed by Shareda of Siochain. As it seems that this AddOn is no longer maintained, Maxeem of Muinin took over maintainin this usefull Interface enhancement.

Features: Inbox:

  • Lists up to 18 mails in the inbox.
  • The sender's name of each mail is color coded by reference type.
  • Alternative icons displayed for mails depending on their read/unread status.
  • Displays mails inside the UMM window on the right hand side of the window.
  • Displays total amount of gold on all visible mails in the inbox.
  • Inbox offers automatic opening and grabbing of attachments. Can be filtered by items, gold or all.
  • Inbox offers automatic mass-return / mass-delete of mails. Ctrl+Left-mouse to toggle tags.


  • Mail Composer adds lists of "Characters", "Friends" and "Guildies" (if guilded) for easy recipient selection.
  • Automatic subject creation if you only attach money.

UMM automatically logs and saves the names of all the characters you use on your computer.

Mass Send Items:

  • Like the Composer you can quick select from "Characters", "Friends" and "Guildies" (if guilded)
  • Full backpack (all 6 tabs) display of items.
  • Click an item slot to toggle that slot for sending. Will display a yellow border around the slot if it's marked for sending.
  • Click one of the 11 buttons in the bottom of the window for category tagging of items. (Runes/Herbs/Wood/etc.)
  • Choose to either just send all the items right away or set up C.O.D. values for each slot of items sent.
  • Display of current send status - mails listed and status displayed: "sending" or "queued". Top-most mail is the one being sent.

UMM has a complex set of checks to prevent accidental deletion of mails containing items aswell as built in checks to stop automation in case of any failures.

Memory Cleanup: Every 15 minutes UMM will call a memory cleanup function which is built into the scripting language. This function clears up any unused variables and left overs from addon data handling and thereby lowers the total addon memory usage for all addons which in turn increases performance. This cleanup is not automatically performed by the scripting language but must be called. The game currently has some crash issues which usually result in loss of settings in addons - the cleanup has nothing to do with the loss of settings. Other addons that don't store their settings correctly may be affected by the cleanup.

Release version: Release date : 18 October 2012

  • Remove the version numbering from the main folder to get the addon working as supposed.

For proper function remove the old version of UMM and after that install the new version


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  • #25

    The improvement is done by modifying the variables indicated in the readme.txt.

    I set them to a value which are suitable for medium speed Pcs (Core i3 /5 Type). This varies on each PC.

    Every user of UMM is able to tweak those values to his own benefit and computer. Be carefull, this might end up in a hanging thread, which can only be solved by reopening the UMM and closing it again.

  • #23


    I'm French and need help to set in english this mod.

    (translate to french ?)

  • #22

    It took me a while to understand the problems here, thanks to DJPorterNZ for the solution.

    The problem is the naming of the last versions. Please remove the _5.0.1 from the foldername within your ./interface/AddOns/... structure and ensure that there exist only one folder named "UltimatMailMod".

    sorry for that

    I should work a litle more concentrated. The next version will have the correct naming

    Last edited by Maxeem on 7/27/2012 8:02:49 AM
  • #21

    You should always remove old stuff, befor installing the new ones.

    Sorry for the not empty Character.lua, i check twise next time.


  • #20

    hmmm I have a whole bunch of character names in the character list now that are not mine...... if possible in the next update if you could make it possible to remove entries in the character list that would be good :)


     my solution for now was that I edited the character.lua file and removed all the numbered toon names on that list :)

    Last edited by tentaro on 7/26/2012 9:57:12 AM
  • #19

    yup same problem here..... blank UMM frame with the regular mailbox window behind it..... switching back to old version for now :)



    Ok I found what the problem is, if you want to use the new version and are just deleting and adding this one, change the name of the folder back to just ultimatemailmod, the version number on the folder is messing it up. If you are doing a fresh install I am assuming it will work fine. it has to do with the settings file that stays behind even when you remove an addon

    Last edited by tentaro on 7/26/2012 9:55:57 AM
  • #16


    * Fixed the single item attachment problem


    * Added a new button to enable/disable the Inbox Mail Tooltip display function. The default is set to disabled the tooltip display.

    Today's patch would be great... if it worked. For me it certainly doesn't work at all now.

    With both the standard UI and fSlim UI, I'm just getting a blank frame of UMM(C) and the standard mail interface.

    For now still happy using the all good UMM, even though it also lacks tooltip in CoD, which is it's only serious disadvantage, that I'm aware off so far. But not a single bug, that I would encounter so far.

  • #17

    I realy don't know what your problem is.

    This version is tested and works fine with many of my guildmades on either the slim client as well as on the standard one. I do not have any clou what your problem is, sorry.

  • #18

    Getting this too, today, after updating to the latest version. Reverted back to and will sit there for a bit...

    Thought it might have been a conflict between add-ons, but its still there with only the latest version of UMM(C) loaded and even after I deleted all of the global and per-character settings...

    ~A Little While Later... I noticed these errors listed:

    1/10 - Call UMMFrameTab3Status's OnLoad, Line: [string "?"]:239: attempt to concatenate global 'UMM_MSI_ADDRESSEE' (a nil value)

    2/10 - Call UMMFrameTab3Mark's OnLoad, Line: [string "?"]:640: attempt to concatenate global 'UMM_MSI_MARK_LABEL' (a nil value)

    3/10 - Call UMMFrameTab2Viewer's OnLoad, Line: [string "?"]:217: attempt to concatenate global 'UMM_VIEWER_LABEL_FROM' (a nil value)

    4/10 - Call UMMFrameTab2Composer's OnLoad, Line: [string "?"]:507: attempt to concatenate global 'UMM_COMPOSER_ADDRESSEE' (a nil value)

    5/10 - Call UMMFrameTab1Viewer's OnLoad, Line: [string "?"]:217: attempt to concatenate global 'UMM_VIEWER_LABEL_FROM' (a nil value)

    6/10 - Call UMMFrameTab1Tools's OnLoad, Line: [string "?"]:308: attempt to concatenate a nil value

    7/10 - Call UMMMasterFrame's OnLoad, Line: [string "?"]:56: attempt to concatenate global 'UMM_TITLE' (a nil value)

    8/10 - Call UMMMasterFrame's OnEvent, Line: [string "?"]:119: attempt to concatenate global 'UMM_LOADED' (a nil value)

    9/10 - Call UMMFrame's OnShow, Line: [string "?"]:203: attempt to concatenate a nil value

    10/10 - Call UMMFrame's OnHide, Line: [string "?"]:149: attempt to concatenate global 'UMM_INBOX_EMPTY' (a nil value)

    ~ After an even smaller amount of time...

    Played a hunch, and looked in the interface\addons folder and saw that the UMM folder was named UltimateMailMod_5.0.1... Deleted the _5.0.1 from the folder name and it now works fine!

    Last edited by DJPorterNZ on 7/26/2012 5:02:40 AM
  • #15


    Since the old Ultimate Mail Mod Version: (the last published) is no longer on, I was assuming, that it's no longer compatible and I never looked for it. After a tip from a guildmate I found it with Google and indeed, as he has said, it's seems to work flawlessly. No tooltips, but also no bugs - neither random setting of read status, nor troubles with sending a single mails. So we do have a choice of no bugs/no tooltips version and buggy tooltips. Needless to say, that for now I'm happy using the original, old release.

    End of edit.

    I'm sorry to say, but I'm using this add-on only because I was not able to find any other way to choose recipients of my mails from a list - and recently it has become too risky for me to send mostly cash between my alts, especially when I realized, that someone has created a few alts to catch my mistyped cash/item transfers.

    The only other add-on I could find, that allows using any list of recipients (and in an inconvenient way, IMHO) is RoMail2, which suffers from the same bug, as UMM(C) - setting the read flag on accidental unread mails in the inbox.

    As I'm a trader, it's very convenient for me to keep some unsold stuff returned from AH in my mailboxes - not even to save bank spaces, but mostly to save AH trading spaces and see how long ago I was last trying to sell a particular item, before deciding to post it again on AH. Also, having 30 items returned from AH not always I have time to sort them out/repost immediately. If they are being reset to 3 days randomly, I'm really afraid, that at one point I may get some of them deleted, if only because I will have no time to deal with them before some unexpected trip out of home (till now I was making sure, that no item below 15 days stays any longer in my mailbox)..

    I would gladly throw away all the tooltip functionality, except the necessary inspection of CoD stuff (which is already implemented in vanilla), just to avoid having random messages set to 3 days/read status. Unfortunately this is not an option. The solution mentioned below by drowrom  also doesn't seem to do anything for me.

    So, with all it's great features, that otherwise I would really like a lot, because of this one nasty bug this add-on just barely and only out of dire necessity has made it's way into my add-ons directory.

    If this bug is too hard to fix/circumvent, could possibly just choosing the recipient functionality be extracted from UMM(C) and released as a separate add-on? Or could somebody make a very simple clickable list of names for standard mailbox, from which recipients could be chosen, just as they can be chosen from chat? Tbh, using it with zMailQueue I sure would be much more happy, than having to cope with UMM(c) bugs.

    Last edited by Kaering on 7/8/2012 5:31:58 AM
  • #13

    Having the same problem as Pluton89 with not being able to send items via normal compose and have to use the mass send even for 1 item. Also having that problem with random mail being read without me clicking on them to look at them.

  • #12

    I found a bug -.- ...

    nearly everytime when i take a mail out (single- or masstakeout), random messages, stored in the mailbox get read and only last 3 days more in the mailbox.

    additionally, i cant send items via normal sendfunction, i always have to use the masssend function. but at lest i can send gold via the normal function.

    but all in all, a great work and a great addon

    best regards

  • #14
    @Rommye&Pluton89 The problem you are faced with is described in the readme.txt as known issues for the single item send function and for the 30day/3day problem read the below posts please.

    As those issues are very time-consuming in analyses and fix, you may have to wait. I try hard to find a solution.

    Last edited by Maxeem on 7/5/2012 9:46:08 AM
  • #9

    Thanks for your good suggestions, i am just adopting those changes till end of chapter IV (Runes etc.).

    While reviewing the code i'll try to implement a solution to enable/disable the tooltips for the inbox as a ticbox-solution.

    Last edited by Maxeem on 6/25/2012 4:49:45 AM
  • #10

    cool, fine :-)

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