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WoWMap Instances

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  • Runes of Magic
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  • Updated 11/29/2011
  • Created 08/11/2010
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: v4.1.5

About WoWMap Instances

WoWMap Instances v4

is an addition to the regular WoWMap and includes ALL existing Instancemaps of Runes of Magic. If you still have problems to display the correct map inside of an instance, this addon will solve that problem.

Please notice, that this addon ONLY works in combination with WoWMap and has absolutely no effect when using it without it. It is released in a standalone project, because this addition is only needed for players that use an old gameclient of Runes of Magic and has a rather large filesize.

Included maps are:

Cavern of TrialsHöhle der Prüfungen
Forsaken AbbeyVerlassene Abtei
Necropolis of MirrorsGräberstadt der Spiegel
Mystic AltarMystischer Altar
Queen's ChamberKöniginnenkammer
Pasper's ShrineSchrein von Pasper
Shrine of KalinSchrein von Kalin
Treasure TroveSchatzhöhle
Barren CavesKarge Höhlen
Ruins of the Ice Dwarf KingdomRuinen des Eiszwergkönigreiches
Ocean's HeartHerz des Ozeans
Hall of SurvivorsHalle der Überlebenden
Cave of the Water DragonHöhle des Wasserdrachen
Lair of the Demon DragonHort des Dämonendrachen
Zuridon StrongholdZurhidonfeste
Hall of the Demon LordDämonenfeste
Dungeon of DalanisKerker von Dalanis
Warnorken ArenaArena von Warnorken
Raksha TempleTempel der Raksha
Kawak's Tomb

Tile Dungeons
Bloody GalleryBlutige Galerie
Revivers' CorridorAuferstehungskorridor
Guards' CorridorKorridor der Wächter
Royals' RefugeKorridor der Zuflucht
Revivers' CorridorAuferstehungskorridor
Guards' CorridorKorridor der Wächter
Royals' RefugeKorridor der Zuflucht
Varanas NightmareAlbtraum von Varanas
Dalanis SewersKanalisation von Dalanis
Windmill BasementWindmühlenkeller
Arcane Chamber of SathkurArkane Kammer des Sathkur
Cyclops LairHöhle der Zyklopen


- added "Ruines of Magnork"


- minor bugfix


- bugfix: switched maps: windmill and agriza citadel


- compatible with WoWMap 2.7 (it is only required if you are using the slim-client)


- Replaced Petra's version of Raksha Temple with an official one - Added map of Kawak's Tomb


- Added map of the Raksha Temple


- initial release

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