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  • Runes of Magic
  • 34 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 4.0.0
  • 4,648 Total Downloads
  • Updated 09/12/2011
  • Created 03/24/2009
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  • Release Type: Beta
  • License: Creative Commons License By-Nc-Sa 3.0
  • Newest File: xmount v0.8

About xmount

rv55 has now taken over support for this addon.


A mod to simplify mounting/dis-mounting in Runes of Magic (currently supports English and German language versions). It will take the bag slot you select and use it as a mount slot. Any mount you drop into that bag slot will become the mount the mod uses.

Released under the Creative Commons License By-Nc-Sa:


Create a macro with the following in it

/script xmount()

then drag that macro to an action button and use it for a single button mount and dismount.

Be careful not to put anything into the configured mount slot of your item mall bag or backpack - because although I do some checking to see if the item is a mount I can make no guarantees that it wont use another item by mistake.



to configure the addon settings.

rv55 taking over support for this addon.

  • Added support for the Partner Bag.
  • Now saves "per character" settings.
  • Added Flying Rune Disk
  • Fixed "Horse Care" no longer seen as mount buff.


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  • #19

    You can take a look through my addon Mount Toggle to see how to identify all mounts...BTW Mount Toggle doesn't need any special bag slot to work

  • #21

    Using the item icons is an innovative idea. I don't believe it's foolproof though. Dark Night Pard Mount wouldn't match. And some items that are not mounts might match, eg. Dune Manticore - Pet Egg, Golden Ostrich - Pet Egg and Executioner Puppet Transformation Potion. And that's just what I found in the item shop.

    I've previously toyed with the idea of using a list of mount ids. The down side is it would have to be updated when mounts get added. That's not too difficult but still...

  • #16
    I have now taken on support for this addon.
    You can read the changelog for the Current version (0.8) here,
  • #15
    Addonmanager support please. For the config at least.
  • #13
    Some suggestions:
    Instead of searching only for mount names, you could search for the Permanent, 30 Day, 7 Day, 2 Hours, and 15 Minute tags that I remember being in all the mount names. (string.find(slname, "Permanent") ~= nil)

    It'd be nice if you could have the mod scan all the bag slots for the mount item, since the 2 Hour and 15 Minute mount items rarely fall into the same bag slot. (or xmountusenormalbagslot = 1, 180 do)

    With the previous suggestion, you'd want to make sure the item count is 1 so as to avoid trying to mount quest items like a "Boar Tusk". Also, if all mounts (and no other item shop items) have the durations as part of their name, then you could omit searching for the specific mount names.

    It would make additional translations easier if you used definition files instead of hardcoding the strings searched for.

    Keep up to good work; this is the best mount script I've found yet.
  • #14
    Glad you like it, stepped in as it just does what it is supposed to without messing other things up, what other mount scripts tend to do. Kudos to gnolt.

    Thanks for your suggestion. Been trying to find a way to use the duration instead but the problem is that it is used by other effects as well, such as pets, potions, and more. The best idea I've come up with so far is using the icon instead as that seems to be used for all mounts, and only mounts, just can't figure out how to check for icons. If only Frogster used common sense wih naming there they'd make mount a part of both name and buff (or even ride as they used to for non-rent mounts, but more likely they'll change it to make even less sense in the future, past changes certainly were a step back there...

    The defined mount slot serves both to help avoid identification errors (such as the mentioned tusks) and to speed things up a little as it, indeed, has to search for many things ATM. IMO it's not too much of a bother to move the mount to the slot you use when you get it, but then I always get a permanent mount for a character once I decide it is a keeper, so it's just a one time action for me ;P
  • #3
    One of my characters keeps getting an error saying that this can't be done while mounted when I try to dismount using the macro. The character in question is a warrior/priest. It works fine for the others and I used copy&paste to create the macros, any idea what might be the problem?
  • #6
    I would guess you are using a non-US client? If so try the mod I posted for Chilli
  • #7
    I am using the UK client which is actually the same, just connectinfg to a different login server. The problem is that the unicorn mount isn't properly supported by your addon...
  • #8
    Is that your way of saying no i didnt try what you asked - ok well as soon as I find someone with a unicorn mount on my server (not many) I will see what the debuff is called and fix xmount for unicorns if i can - in the mean time the reason why i pointed you to the other mod is becuase it is better - it should NEVER need updating and should work with all clients and languages even Chinese. Ok
  • #9
    I just added unicorn to the search strings and now it works properly, thought I'd let you know ;) I do wonder if you could just search sstring for "mount" though, they all seem to have that in their name as well, might make yours work for future mounts without updates too? I'll try that other mod you recommended though.
  • #10
    Ok added some ENEU and DE support for those that wish to try it.
    Snow also keep in mind just becuase both of our clients are English the actual buff text is different I did add the word "mount" as a search word for the dismount string as apparently according to your post it is in the ENEU version of the buff where in the ENUS version it says "ride" *shrugs* don't ask me why they made them different
  • #11
    Thanks gnolt, will dl it right away :) Actually that was a minuderstanding on my part about mount there, I thought you checked the item name for that string (which say mount) but the buff name doesn't here either, it just says ride unicorn/berhu etc. With few exception, I think buff type mounts (without a summoning icon, like the one from tutorial or the one you get when getting your secondary class) show as something different but those are of no relevance for your addon anyway.
  • #12
    Thanks for the update, unicorm works perfectly now :) Oh and gnolt, could you take a look at ammo counter? Posted a small suggestion there...
  • #2
    I have a german-client and it didn`t work for me. After reading your code, I just replaced „wartiger“ with „kriegstiger“ the three times in the xmount.lua and now, it works fine.
    So, why don`t you even input a language-choise to your really nice addon?


    mount = reittier
    horse = pferd
    ostrich = strauß
    wartiger = kriegstiger
    berhu = berhu

    The others i didn`t find ingame in there real translation, but it have to be:


    I hope, you will include it soon and thanks a lot for your addon :).
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