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  • Runes of Magic
  • 665 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.0.1
  • 89,229 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/31/2012
  • Created 12/16/2010
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: yaCIt 2.0

About yaCIt

I abandon this project. If someone want to continue development, feel free to take over

yaCIt 2.0

This addon replaces the original monster card (item) tooltips and shows additional informations using an own tooltip

If the mouse hovers over a mob that tooltip is expanded with the information if the card exists and if it is owned or not.

The card compendium has been expanded to a more functional version

The code removes empty and placeholder names from the original card list resulting in a number of cards less than Zzaburs and vyCardInfo

New in 1.3: Adv. Auctionhouse related filter and sort option, a filter command for AAH ($notowned)

New in 1.4: A checkbox to show details permanently. Now using modified original cardbookframe instead of new one

New in 2.0: Multi character support. A configuration dialog


More information can be found in the file readme-EN.txt in the package

This addon replaces the original monster card (item) tooltips and shows additional informations using an own tooltip:

  • mob description taken from the compendium
  • category of the mob (humanoid etc.)
  • where to find the mob (zones)
  • the stat bonus
  • card is owned (or not) and on how many of your chars on the current server
  • card is a quest reward
  • mob is only available with a dedicated quest active
  • card is not obtainable

The new tooltip is shown on any valid position for a card except the gray placeholder when a card is object of an action. The tool also modifies the hidden tooltip used by Advanced Auctionhouse to filter the browse list. This make filters on card properties possible. A special filter ($notowned) is added to AAH's special filters, requiring AAH 2.7+

yaCIt works correctly with pbInfo.
Support for ExtraTip has been removed because that code has been changed and hooking is not possible anymore

If the mouse hovers over a mob that tooltip is expanded with the information if the card exists and if it is owned or not. Also stat bonus is shown. If the mob name is found in the cardlist but the current zone is not assigned it will added to a global fix list which is saved.

The card compendium has been expanded. Just look around and don't forget the card list's context menu.

Command line:

/ci [help] [cfg] [<any string>]
/yacit [help] [cfg] [<any string>]

Thanks to odie2 for the polish translation. This gave me some headache due to language constrains ;)

Thanks to all coders of vyCardInfo (vaily), Zzabur's Compendium (DarkAngeOmega) and MonsterCardTooltip (joselucas):
I learned much about addon / UI programming and especially access to card informations
A great thanks goes to the programmer of Adv. Auctionhouse(Mavoc) for providing such a useful tool; a real swiss army knife in that area
And more thanks go to Pyrr for showing how to 'steal' the 3D model into my new frame
I recycled some of lootomatics templates for my config dialog, so thanks to KingDefrost / PetraAreon for designing them


Weitere Informationen befinden sich in der Datei readme-DE.txt im Paket

Dieses Addon ersetzt den originalen Monsterkarten-Tooltip und zeigt erweiterte Informationen auf einem eigenen Tooltip an:

  • Monsterbeschreibung gemäß Eintrag im Kompendium
  • Kategorie des Monsters (Humanoid usw.)
  • Zonen, in denen das Monster zu finden ist
  • Der Attribut-Bonus
  • ob Du die Karte besitzt und auf wievielen deiner Chars auf dem aktuellen Server
  • wenn die Karte eine Questbelohnung ist
  • wenn die Karte nur während einer Quest erworben werden kann
  • wenn die Karte nicht erworben werden kann

Der neue Tooltip wird bei allen gültigen Positonen für eine Karte angezeigt. Dies gilt nicht im Falle des grauen Platzhalters, wenn mit der Karte eine ausgeführt wird. Das Addon verändert auch den versteckten Tooltip, den das Addon 'Adv. Auctionhouse' zum Filtern der Suchliste verwendet. Daher kann auch nach Eigenschaften der Karte gesucht werden. Ein spezieller Filter ($notowned) wird den AAH-Filtern hinzugefügt, mindestens AAH 2.7+ ist nötig

yaCIt arbeitet korrekt mit pbInfo zusammen.
Die Unterstützung für Extratip wurde entfernt, weil dessen aktueller Code Hooking nicht mehr zulässt.

Wenn der Mauszeiger über einem Monster schwebt, wird dieser Tooltip mit der Information erweitert, ob diese Karte existiert. In diesem Fall wird der Attriibut-Bonus angezeigt zusammen mit, ob Du die Karte besitzt oder nicht. Wenn der Name des Monsters in der Kartenliste bekannt ist, aber die aktuelle Zone nicht zugeordnet ist, wird dies in einer globalen Korrekturliste vermerkt und gespeichert.

Das Monster-Compendium wurde erweitert. Schau Dich einfach um und vergiss das Kontextmenü der Kartenliste nicht.

Kommandozeile (Chat):

/ci [help] [cfg] [<beliebiger Text>]
/cardinfo [help] [cfg] [<beliebiger Text>]

Vielen Dank an odie2 für die polnische Übersetzung.

Dank geht an alle Coder der Tools vyCardInfo (vaily), Zzabur's Compendium (DarkAngeOmega) und MonsterCardTooltip (joselucas):
Ich habe viel gelernt, wie Addon-Programmierung funktioniert und wie man an die Karten-informationen kommt.
Ebenfalls vielen Dank an den Programmierer von Adv. Auctionhouse (Mavoc)
Und mehr Dank geht an Pyrr, der gezeigt hat wie man das originale 3D Model in den eigenen Frame integriert. Ich habe Teile der Vorlagen von Lootimatic für meinen Konfigurationsdialog verwendet. Danke an KingDefrost / PetraAreon, die diese Tolol betreuen.


  • multi character support.
  • configuration dialog

changed / fixed:

  • misc. filter in compendium to support multi character, expanded with 'invert' checkbox
  • new buttons for configuration / summary
  • pets are assumed to have no card to circumvent PvP issue
  • zone 358 (Ystra event area) is replaced by zone 5
  • some design issues fixed in compendium


  • all command options except 'cfg 'and search
  • ExtraTip support
  • Addon manager support

new in compendium:

  • found a polish language file based on 1.3, so tooltip are in english


  • the owned status in the compendium wasn't updated on takeout/insert after the redesign
  • a tooltip hook caused errors in some house function items

new in compendium:

  • now the original frame is used and modified (no longer using global update loop to detect frame open and close)
  • a checkbox to display the hidden detail (replacing the CTRL-click option)
  • a '#' followed by a 6-digit number shows the card with that object ID if present
  • a button to reset all filters
  • some tooltips for help

changed in data:

  • takes into account all changes up to chapter 5.0.3
  • added one card from Yrvandis Hollow to 'quest related' (Ambush Phantom)
  • added some cards as 'not obtainable' (see yaCItData.lua for reasons)
  • hopefully added all cards not found by NPC search to the zone list. At the moment you should have 2 cards in 'unknown zone'

changed / fixed:

  • a bug in yaCIt.lua preventig correct ALT-key handling together with AAH (missing parenthesis)
  • if the chat editbox is closed / invisible the 'link to chat' option now posts that link directly to the general chat frame

new in compendium:

  • a filter for cards with an Adv. Auctionhouse history
  • a sort option by average AH sell price (descending)
  • no more worldXML folder

also new:

  • a filter definition for Adv. Auctionhouse ($notowned)
  • added a chat command (updatenpc) to recreate the zone association (attention, may take several seconds with frozen screen)

changed / fixed:

  • fixed an error which made v1.2 unuseable (compile error '=' insread of '=='; sorry)
  • removed worldxml folder, ESC key won't close frame anymore

new in compendium:

  • when a list entry is clicked with CTRL key pressed, additional information shown now adds AAH history (min, avg, max value) if available

changed / fixed:

  • removed the 'not obtainable' flag for cards changed in patch 4.0.5
  • added a comment with the affected card name to each line in the static data file
  • code to disable tooltip processing in dedicated PvP zones (SW, Arena, etc)

new in compendium:

  • when a list entry is clicked with CTRL key pressed, additional information is shown
  • due special request a button has been added to show a stat bous summary

changed / fixed:

  • modified the folder hierachy again. Now the tooltip part is Curse client compatibel; to get the compendium running the 'caveats'
  • the card description now has a scrollbar and can contain more than 256 chars (although no one could see that before)


  • Forgot some housekeeping in the 1st version
  • Also corrected an error in the folder hierachy

first version


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  • #16
    When update is coming?
    a) there are cards now visible for new zone 'unknown' (4.0 first zone)
    b) by thw way Sirloth card is obtainable, i have seen it
  • #18
    As you may have seen the cards were assiged when the new zones were available.

    Regarding Sirloth card there is a big discussion: It is sure that the card exists and that players own it. But I haven't heard that it drops within the last year. I think it is bit like the Mimic card, it exist, it is owned, but it do not drop anymore.
  • #15
    Big Thanks for this great addon! Especially the Adv Auctionhouse extension is what I've benn looking for :)
  • #13
    Just downloaded and installed version 1.1 but i'm still having the original monster compedium. The addon itself works, but it doesn't replace the original compendium !
  • #14
    You still need to move 'worldxml' folder from 'yaCIt' to 'interface' folder.
  • #9
    Thank You, that's excactly the addon I'm waiting for! 1.0.1 works great for me.
    Feature request:
    Button, which saves currently selected list (like not owned cards sorted by zone!).
    Only option is to save in Savevariables.lua file? I hope You manage to do that, it's possible to copy card list from that file and put up in web or post in forum etc.
    Card trading gets new dimension then.
  • #12
    I just uploaded a new version: This one has a hidden function to save the sorted/Filtered list: just CTRL-click on the filter counter
    There also exists a chat command to save the cardlist for debugging issues: /ci savecardlist
  • #5
    please don't overwrite the default xml files with a worldxml folder. make your own frame and hook into the events and functions that call it. This way you will be able to have curse client support for your addon.

    And you really should give joselucas more credit as you completely ripped off his code without even changing away from his unique coding style.

    I for one will not use this until you can get proper Curse Client support. I would also like to see some screenshots
  • #8
    There are 3 reasons why I started to use the way Zzaburs calls the compendium:
    1) The CardBookOpen /-Close events either do not exist or they don't work. It seems that the client code just calls CardBookFrame:Show() at that point
    2) The function to update the 3D model has a fixed target frame named CardBookFrameCardImage and it always accesses the one from the original XML file if it is not overwritten
    3) The way vyCardInfo opens the compendium creates an unwanted side effect: The ESC key event is blocked until another dialog frame is shown.

    Unfortunately you can't hint Curse client to use another root folder (as far as I know) so I have to stay with the fact that my tool is not compatible with Curse client.

    But you will get some screenshot
  • #11
    Then all you need to do is make an xml with just your extra frames and widgets and make it a child of the original frame and anchor them based on that frame aswell. This will make it show and hide along with the original frame. Then you just need to have variables loaded event registered and on that event you hide, move or whatever other modifications you need to do to the original frame pieces to make it all work.
  • #4
    Hi, first I thought "oh no, we have enough addons for this".
    But it seems you were aware that there are addons for monster cards. Refering to the other addons, I think your addon kind of merges the good things of them together, and will be an addon which is maintained.
    I'm using vyCardInfo, so I'm interested in the difference. You seem to have added some info by hand regarding cards from quest, quest mobs, or unavailable cards, which sounds good.
    Did you code the compendium new or is it similar to the one from vyCI? And do you have a button which summarizes the effects you get from all your cards?

    First I thought the name yaCIt means "you see it" and thought "that the hell?" but I think you meant it to be read as "yet another Card Info tool" :)

    I haven't downloaded it yet, I'm waiting for a bit more info about the features and until the problems get solved. Perhaps sarge uses another addon which might be interfering?
  • #7
    When I started I had a look at vyCardInfo. Most obvious for that is the split of the code files for core and compendium.
    In the process the complete code has been redesigned. vyCardInfo acts a little 'brute force' resulting in several time waste at runtime; a thing I don't like. Another flaw is the way the compendium is replaced; There is something in the event handler creating side effects (ESC key not working)
    Here I got the idea from Zzaburs.

    I had the idea to summarize the effects, too, but just hadn't the time

    It is read as 'yet another CardInfo tool' ;)
  • #1
    Just downloaded it and it doesn't work. The only thing it does is to write yaClt: 0.9.5 by Quirin in the chat box
  • #2
    Is there only one line in he chat ? Showing the status is the very last thing yaCIt does on initialisation and there should be 4 lines.
    Do you got an interface error? The button to show them, normally appears around the minimap
  • #3
    Just downloaded 1.0.1 and the same thing happens:

    When the game starts and the addons are loaded, there's only ONE line from yaClt which reads

    yaClt: 1.0 by Corgrind

    That's all. Same problem as before, no matter what i type it always shows this line.
    I'm using the game in the German language. Oh and btw. the card-compendium is also still the original one.
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