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yGather - Gatherers Map

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  • Runes of Magic
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  • Supports: 5.0.9
  • 259,269 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/05/2015
  • Created 02/28/2009
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: v6.4.1

About yGather - Gatherers Map


yGather - Gatherers Map is a resource stack mapper. It records resource stack locations as you walk by and shows them on the worldmap.


  • records resource stack locations and shows them on worldmap
  • shows previously recorded resource stacks on minimap if the resource is currently unavailable
  • configurable icon shape, size, color and transparency for worldmap and minimap
  • filter options
  • highlight selected resources on minimap
  • (WoWMap compatible - not a real feature, but people seem to be interested in the fact)


yGather - Gatherers Map ist ein Hilfsprogramm für Sammler. Es zeichnet alle Vorkommen von Rohstoffen an denen ihr vorbei kommt auf und zeigt sie auf der Weltkarte an.


  • zeichnet alle Rohstoffvorkommen auf und zeigt sie in der Weltkarte
  • zeigt aufgezeichnete Rohstoffe auch auf der Minimap an wenn diese gerade abgeerntet sind
  • die Darstellung, wie Größe, Form und Farbe der Icons kann individuell für Weltkarte und Minimap angepasst werden
  • Filteroptionen
  • bestimmte Rohstoffe können markiert werden und leuchten auf der Minimap auf, wenn sie in Reichweite kommen.
  • kompatibel zu WOWmap


  • über den Addonmanager
  • über Parameteraufruf /yGather or /ygather im chat
  • über den Rohstoff-Button oben links auf der Weltkarte

Frequently Asked Questions

How To ...

... enable new resources

When Runewaker adds new resources, they have to be added to the yGather/resources/spotnames.lua file.

The file has one line for each resource type.

The number before the equal sign is the yGather ID of the resource. It has to be unique in the file. If you add a new resource just pick the next free number in the corresponding block (Lumbering, Mining or Herblism). A once assign yGather ID must not be changed - this would mess up the yGather database.

The first value after the equal sign (for example Sys560038_name) is the RoM-internal identifier for the name of the resource in the minimap tooltip. These names can be found in the string...db files in the interface.fdb file. There are tools to extract these files - look or ask in the RoM forums.

The second value after the equal sign is the level required to gather the resource (it's not required, that the gathering levels are ordered in the file). The third value should be obviuos. ;)

Make sure that you follow the exact format of the other resource lines.

... enable new zones

When Runewaker adds new zones some scaling information has to be added to the yGather/resources/zonescaling.lua file.

yGather needs this information to calculate the exact position of the resource spots.

The value before the equal sign ist the zone id. You can print the id of your current zone to the chat by typing the following command into the chat edit field:

/script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(GetCurrentWorldMapID());

The first and second value after the equal sign are the horizontal and vertical scaling values. They are a bit more difficult to obtain.

First you need to find a location where there is only one icon of a kind (i.e. with the same tooltip name) on the minimap. Resource spots are well suited. NPCs are a bad choice because they tend to move (even the transporter dog moves a tiny bit) which leads to false scaling values.

If you choose a resource make sure there are no other resource spots with same name on the minimap and in the near surrounding. You have to move while measuring the scaling and there must not be any other icon with same name on the minimap during the whole measuring procedure.

Let's suppose you chose a "Moxa" spot ("Moxa" is the name in the minimap tooltip). Go to that spot. This is your reference spot. Make your chat window BIG. Type the following in the chat edit box:

/script yGather.minimap.scaleReference = "Moxa";

Now move diagonally (look at the minimap) from the spot (no mounts, no speed buffs, ...). You should see pairs of numbers rushing through your chat window. The farther you move from your reference spot (reference spot still on minimap) the more the numbers should converge to two values (one for horizontal and one for vertical). There are always a view values which are totally different to most of the others (don't know why) - just ignore them and focus on the majority. Round the values to full integers - these are your scaling parameters.

To get rid of the chat messages type the following:

/script yGather.minimap.scaleReference = "dummy";

The third value after the equal sign is just the name of the zone. It's mainly for better readability and not used for anything else.

If you have false scaling data resource spots on the worldmap occur in the wrong location. This gets worse the higher the worldmap coordinates are.


Use the localization feature at curseforge, if it supports your language. If it doesn't, you may either ask the people from curseforge to add it (prefered; click "Site issues" at the top of the page and file a ticket) or change the yGather files directly.

All files needed for localization are in the lang directory. If you change something (or add a new language), save the files as UTF8 without BOM (byte order mark) if your editor supports it. If not, save as ASCII, but then you have to escape non-ASCII characters.


Like with any other addon unzip in your RunesOfMagic program folder (not the one in your user directory) into the directory Interface/Addons.

For more infos on addon installation see [Guide] How to Install a AddOn or for german readers Die Installation eines Addon´s.


  • Recording only works when minimap is visible and displaying resources. It's not required to be on screen. It can be moved to not be visible but should not be hidden.

Bugs and Feedback

You can write a comment below or send me a PM or create a ticket Create a ticket (You can write in German or English)

(thanks to adisadicul for bringing the idea of yGather to RoM and creating the first versions)

  • [loc] localization update Spanish (thx to SathaRidire)


  • [add] new zone "Splitwater Coast"


  • [mod] just new naming in accordance with supported ROM-Version
  • [add] new zone "Kashaylan"
  • [loc] localization update Italian (thx to Retcha88)
  • [add] new zone "Salioca Basin"
  • [fix] small fix to show Ygather in Ystra on Worldmap correctly


  • [mod] update to chapter 6.1.0
  • [mod] code improvements/updates
  • [loc] localisation update
  • [fix] ressources corrected
  • [fix] Ress icons and non-Ress icons corrected (thx to Unknown3383)
  • [fix] Ystra Worldmap corrected


  • [add] added scaling data for Coast of Opportunity, Xaviera, Land of Malevolence, Redhill Mountains (thx arnefi)
  • [add] added level 61, 63 and 69 resources


  • [add] added Limo Desert scaling data - resources get recorded now (thx arnefi)


  • [add] added level 57 resource icons to "Resource icons" icon set


  • [add] level 57 resource are recorded (thx flow0284)
  • [add] added Northern Janost Forest scaling data - resource get recorded now


  • [fix] incompatibility with WoWMap - changing zone on worldmap should work now


  • [fix] quick fix for rom client
  • [fix] NPCTrack feature caused false records if tracked NPC had the same name as user markers


  • added Thunderhoof Hills and Southern Janost Forest scaling data - resource get recorded now


  • russian localization (thx to SilverWF)


  • universal resource db (big thanks to Yamabuki for finding out the key names)
  • resource menu stays open, when adding resource to or removing resource from filtering
  • new feature: highlight selected resources on minimap
  • update: french localization (thx to Noreck111 and Agenusha)


  • added vietnamese resource db (thx to vietales)


  • fixed a few bugs that occured when yGather was installed for the first time


  • lots of internal changes (almost completly rewritten)
  • no resource clusters when moving while RoM client is minimized
  • resource database cleans up itself; i.e. resource locations, that are not seen for a while are removed from the database;
  • increased number of resource icons on worldmap to max 600
  • new icon sets
  • *minimap: the original minimap icons
  • *minimap grey: the original minimap icons, but in grey (my favorit for the missing resources on the minimap)
  • *minimap alternativ: three icons I found in the RoM files;
  • *resource icons: as in the bag
  • cleaned up filter menu
  • *only resources currently visible on the worldmap are shown as options
  • *options to hide ore, herbs and wood
  • *option to hide everything, that is above the characters current gathering level
  • *colored resource filters
  • added quick switch on worldmap which easily hides or shows (according to the filters) icons on worldmap
  • added option to change yGather interface language
  • japanese localization update (thx to Yamabuki)
  • traditional chinese localization update (thx to machihchung)


  • added hungarian translation and resource DB (thx to Tuskone)


  • updated chinese translation and resource DB (thx to flamejoker and antonyliaw)


  • added chinese translation and resource DB (thx to antonyliaw)


  • updated japanese resource db file (thx to Yamabuki)
  • added ENUS resource DB file


  • added Aotulia Vulcano scaling data - resources should be recorded now
  • fixed "Mineral de hierro de brujo" in spanish resource db
  • spanish translation for config dialog (thx to Intarcete)
  • japanese translation and resource DB (thx to Yamabuki)


  • fixed resource filters
  • fixed "Clear Zone"
  • added Savage Lands scaling data - resources should be recorded now
  • added Elven Island scaling data - resources should be recorded now


  • removed placeholders for non-existing resources (resources will be added as soon as they are in the game)
  • fixed "Spiegelried" in german resource DB (thx to KingAnorak)
  • fixed "Ambroise" in french resource DB (thx to ExTempus)
  • fixed a bug that caused to many updates of the worldmap while moving - should increase perfomance


  • fixed "Drachenbartholz" in german resource DB (thx to KingAnorak)
  • fixed "Herbe d�moniaque des montagnes" in french resource DB (thx to ExTempus)


  • added Weeping Coast scaling data - resource should get recorded now
  • fixed "Drachenmalve" and "Drachenbaumholz" in german resource DB (thx to Medice)


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  • #32

    NOTE: My previous comments in this page are essentially IRRELEVANT for version 1.6 beta and up!

    Thank you for reviving this project and releasing a newer, updated official version :) I wished this to happen but stopped expecting that. Thank you for the new improved ygather.


    Only if you are interested in help/testing of a curious non programmer,

    Already saw some icons (7 files) MIGHT need some review still, especially the resource icon theme (1009 (level 31) and 1020 and up (level 71+) lum, 2022 and up (level 81+) mine, 3020 and up (level 71+) herb there are with wrong resource icons. If you want, you can now find the NAMES of the icons of resources up to and including level 81, in the matching material's rom wiki value, or you could see icon categories for the icons of each mat type up to level 81). Also and regardless, level 51 common resources x014 allegedly listed as 50 ones (spotnames - a very minor issue). Sorry being a non programmer I have no idea how to orderly suggest a change / review and ofc I am not sure what I do / see is right as well. <removed a part of my comment as said>

    At 1st glance it looks great :) and it's beta.

    Update regarding general non resources icons on 6 files, it's mainly 4020 - I think its range ends 10 late, I think it's a typo, on 6 icon files. As for the the rest 4018,4019,4021 (and start of 4020) and default, I think was intended as is and ok (1-3 off probably by intention)

    Last edited by Unknown3383 on 7/9/2014 2:14:17 AM
  • #33

    Thx for the feedback. The icons should be ok now in the latest beta. Non ress icon should be also corrected.

    Last edited by Omnibrain on 7/5/2014 12:02:07 PM
  • #28

    I've got not idea about licensing, how to clone a project etc, but here is my fixed up version:

    Enjoy :)

  • #29

    Thank you very much! Off course it's not an official file... Can you accept suggested possible fixes TO CHECK? I couldn't check if your version works, only checked differences with a changed version I use, and what each may means (note I am not a programmer). There are changes I wish which I think may fix some icon related / minor level things, yet some other more controvercial issues which I hesitate about;

    Your version might be database incompatible with an already suggested important change by Corgrind from 29/9. (you transformed ID well, I think. The problem is, again, levels 61 and 63 (in Corgrind's transformation, and now only in levels in yours) this time it is a yGather ID "mixup": one on top of the other. It's something I overlooked... No idea what is the ideal fix considering there are old versions which were changed)

    As for cloning, this is all what I found (I will not do this, as you uploaded.) Knowledge base - Knowledge Base / Policy / Abandoned and Inactive Projects - RoM AddOns - CurseForge and Knowledge base - Projects / Cloning - RoM AddOns - CurseForge. License is GPL v3, an open source license.

    The "real" Ystra zone ID is now 358, 5 is for an event. No idea if your version works on Ystra, or what happens on next such event; scaling info might have to be splited and updated so no idea if "redir" would be good. Also, may you check if it works on previoulsy unchanged versions as well as for those who already have records for 358? I think other projects are in a process of moving / adjusting to 358 zone ID btw.

    Sorry again for the length, eloquency is really tough :) *edited to make things shorter*

    Last edited by Unknown3383 on 8/6/2013 5:20:05 AM
  • #25
    Recycling a post I wanted to delete, to ask a related question (uploads?)

    <This was the place for a post which I tried to delete, couldn't, and is no longer relevant>

    Thank you Sirdystic  for uploading a new updated file/non official version on 29/07/3013 :)

    Last edited by Unknown3383 on 9/25/2013 9:27:43 PM
  • #24
    Enable New Resource - a tiny note.

    Just a tiny note which may save me and others some frustrastion next time it's needed ;)

    string_<langauge>.db (for example: string_enus.db or string_eneu.db) is found in the data.fdb file and not in interface.fdb. (This unlike the icons themself, which are within interface.fdb)

    The rest is as noted above in "enable new resources" section. While here, editing to inform that new materials (along with a zone) have been added for patch 6.0.2:

    Thanks sdtier for commenting about Syrbal Pass area info already, by the way :)

    Last edited by Unknown3383 on 9/26/2013 6:57:59 AM
  • #23



    the new zone should work with adding


    to zonscaling.lua 

  • #30
    Sarlo - Preliminary info to carefuly try

    Preliminary info for SARLO and new mats (applies to both installed updated version (29/7/2013) and edited one). No responsibility, so check carefully and backup 1st, including also your SaveVariables.lua beside your yGather folder.

    add the following line in yGather/resources/zonescaling.lua (right bellow zone 25 line):


    Also you should add the new mats ID's to the file yGather/resources/spotnames.lua. here are the lines for all the level above 75 nodes ONLY - DO NOT ERASE lines and be sure to put those in the right places (Sorry Corgrind for being assisted a little by your wordings, you do this much better than me)

        [1022] =  {"Sys560093_name", 81, "LUMBERING"},
        [1023] =  {"Sys560103_name", 81, "LUMBERING"},

        [2022] =  {"Sys560089_name", 81, "MINING"},
        [2023] =  {"Sys560101_name", 81, "MINING"},

        [3022] =  {"Sys560097_name", 81, "HERBLISM"},
        [3023] =  {"Sys560105_name", 81, "HERBLISM"},

    Better use the iconsets classic / minimap gray / minimap2 for the time being, unless you edit to fix or update things.

    Last edited by Unknown3383 on 9/25/2013 11:15:43 PM
  • #31
    Wailing Fjord - Initial untested scaling values

    [27]={1468,1101,"Wailing Fjord"},

    Try to add the above line in yGather/resources/zonescaling.lua (right bellow zone 26 line). Backup 1st.


    If there is a new mat info I may add or edit.

  • #22
    Ystra workaround

    To solve Ystra yGather issue please perform the following TWO steps:

    1. If missing still, add the following line into yGather/resources/zonescaling.lua:

        [358]={1532,1149,"Ystra Highlands"},

    You may probably like to add it right above Obsidian Stronghold line. DO NOT erase any lines. This step is needed for recording new resources (or creating such records) in Ystra.

    2. Make sure you use the last versions of WoWMap and WoWMap-POI, if you use any.

    around the ~21/04/2013 an update which helps solving this Ystra issue was done by Mcben.


    I think this issue is no longer linked anyhow to WowMap or WowMap-POI since AFTER the 21/04/2013, and the issue was allegedly not a WoWMap/WoWMap-POI but a RoM issue. If you still have yGather issues, you may like to follow other comments posted since ~22/01/2012.

    *Post updated again for clarity*.


    <This workaround may possibly not needed if you use Sirdystic update since the 29/07/2013>

    Last edited by Unknown3383 on 9/25/2013 9:31:00 PM
  • #20

    For scaling info for the current newest area, you may like to try to add the following line (I did that right after the 23 zone line and right above the 31 zone line) into yGather/resources/zonescaling.lua:

        [24]={1445,1084,"Merdhin Tundra"},

    These are preliminary, non accurate values - it works for me, it might not be good for you.


    @ eagleix: Maybe those notes would help: Try using classic / minimap2 / minimap gray icons, and also apply others' most recent suggestions bellow (since ~22/01/2012, I think,) for the newer mats and the other relatively new zones. Make sure the desired resources are to be shown on the appropriate settings as well, along with the minimap.

    Remember that this addon records what is (or could be) seen on the minimap while that map is set to be "visible", then shows - it doesn't come with the location already marked on maps you didn't explore after the addon was installed.


    In general, I learned that if things don't work (e.g. after one tried to no avail changing icon shape and make sure the desired resources are present and visible in settings) and no working settings in comments, one may check the values by self and change / add as needed.

    As for the resources / mats icons playing along with the new game versions / mats, one may edit files to change the icon sets / default icon too if one likes, but this is not for most, I think. ("Resouces" icon settings would generaly work as is without updates / edits, but only for resources under level 61 and beside for Dragon Beard Root Wood, I think  (again, edit could solve this all). Minimap and colored dots icon sets are totally borked in the newer game versions without edit. The default / fallback icon does not work anymore (as is) as intended as well. This is why I recommended any of three other icon sets: classic/minimap2/minimap gray, which as far as I know work as is in all ranges without any icon file edit.)

    Last edited by Unknown3383 on 3/13/2013 12:23:30 AM
  • #19
    The maps are not showing any gathering spot in any zone. please help. RoM version is Thanks
  • #18

    For the new zone you must add the following line in yGather/resources/zonescaling.lua:


    You also have to add the new collection node names to the file yGather/resources/spotnames.lua. Note that there are node codes all starting with 560xxx and material codes. Fortuately at the moment these are identical in english and german, but you'll never know. Because I found some some mistakes in my own file, here are the lines for all the level 60+ nodes

        [1017] =  {"Sys560068_name", 63, "LUMBERING"},
        [1018] =  {"Sys560077_name", 61, "LUMBERING"},
        [1019] =  {"Sys560081_name", 69, "LUMBERING"},
        [1020] =  {"Sys560087_name", 71, "LUMBERING"},
        [1021] =  {"Sys560084_name", 75, "LUMBERING"},

        [2017] =  {"Sys560061_name", 63, "MINING"},
        [2018] =  {"Sys560076_name", 61, "MINING"},
        [2019] =  {"Sys560080_name", 69, "MINING"},
        [2020] =  {"Sys560088_name", 71, "MINING"},
        [2021] =  {"Sys560085_name", 75, "MINING"},

        [3017] =  {"Sys560075_name", 63, "HERBLISM"},
        [3018] =  {"Sys560078_name", 61, "HERBLISM"},
        [3019] =  {"Sys560082_name", 69, "HERBLISM"},
        [3020] =  {"Sys560086_name", 71, "HERBLISM"},
        [3021] =  {"Sys560083_name", 75, "HERBLISM"},

    Last edited by Corgrind on 9/29/2012 2:34:07 AM
  • #21

    EDIT: if you didn't manually applied the above Corgrind's fix, PLEASE WAIT and read!

    It looks like there is a yGather ID "override" / cross between 61 and 63 mats ID HERE (six lines) only IN COMPARISON TO the original 1.5v version. This might cause database issues by later updates, such as Sirdystic's, and it might be an issue since those mats and manually updated versions are here for long and as some players may try to keep using a backup'ed personal existing database for their new installs. (both non official update and manually updated version allegedly work on that regard if installed without having 61 and 63 resources on database yet.) I overlooked the reason of the issue...

    If you DIDN'T manually apply the change on Corgrind's comment, you may choice to carefully try at your own risk the non official version posted nicely by Sirdystic above. There is allegedly an incompatibility between manually updated versions and non updated versions now (yGather ID of materials levels 61 and 63 switched), so no idea what the prefered way is, but since this addon is inactive I assume you may chose your way. Always backup your addon and other related file before making any change!


    There is also no level 50 gathering, it's 51 instead. Levels 61 and 63 are switched between the mats. But those are minor issues, especially considering current level 61 and 63 status.

    Another addition for completion only: In case you keep addons updated by curse client, know that this addon (yGather) will not get further official updates (as far as I know it's discontinued) unless the situation changes, so you may probably like to "ignore" it for update purposes in case you've made any personal modifications which changed its state to modified or other state than orginal last version (which is currently 1.5).

    This addon is still usefull and works (beside some quirks) by applying the comments added since ~22/01/2012 *OR* (allegedly) by using the non official version of Sirdystic. You may chose your path, but you HAVE to make a change, either manually or by a non official update, for this to work reasonably.

    Last edited by Unknown3383 on 8/6/2013 5:30:15 AM
  • #17

    Anyone got the numbers for the new Ch. V zones yet?

    Later that same day... k then.... try these:

    In yGather/resources/zonescaling.lua add the line(s):

    [22]={1395,1040,"Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan"},
    [31]={906,680,"Yrvandis Hollows"},

    to the zonescaling.lua file to activate this zone. These may need a little tweaking, but work as a first approximation to be going on with...

    Last edited by DJPorterNZ on 6/22/2012 9:49:50 PM
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