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  • Runes of Magic
  • 246 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.0.1
  • 71,195 Total Downloads
  • Updated 02/24/2013
  • Created 10/02/2010
  • 72 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: zBag_5.07
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About zBag

zBag replaces the default backpack, bank and house chest with a compacted interface without tabs.

Detailed Features


  • Show 2-6 backpack tabs on the screen at once
  • Customize number of items per row (taller/wider backpack display)
  • Ability to shrink/grow the size of each backpack item icon
  • Option to always show backpack content (even when closed)
  • Option to show slots for the equipment you are wearing
  • Option to hide/show item shop backpack rental buttons
  • Incorporated BagSort addon code. Shift+Click on Full bag sort icon to bring up a list of sorting options (name, type, quality, level, worth, physical damage, magical damage, physical defense, magical defense, attributes
  • Option to allow Alt+Right-click on a bag item to delete that item
  • Shift+drag window to temporarily place the zBag window above other windows


  • Option to show 1-6 bank tabs on the screen at once (including item shop bank)
  • Customize number of items per row (taller/wider bank display)
  • Ability to shrink/grow the size of each bank item icon
  • Option to always show bank content (even when closed)
  • Option to show items in the house chest below bank content
  • Option to show bank content every time you open your backpack

House Maids

  • Interact with all your house maids from a single view (all inventories and attributes)


  • Option to sell multiple backpack items with a single click
  • Ability to not sell items if: high durability, high level, specific rarity.
  • Always sell / never sell lists


  • Auto-attach an item when the mail window is open by Alt+Left-click on the bag item


  • Quick pickup of all items when trading with another player

This addon is a continuation of the discontinued yBag addon. Many thanks to the original yBag author adisadicul on Development had stopped on 13 Mar 2009 and I have been unable to make contact with the original author so I decided to pick up development. If adisadicul comes back, I'll gladly turn the code back over. Anyone else is also welcome to contribute to this code base. Per the terms of the license (GPLv3) I must tell you how to install this addon. Simply use the curse installer or download and extract this addon in your RoM addons folder such as: C:\Program Files\Runes of Magic\interface\addons\

zBag v 5.07 (24 Feb, 2013)

  • Added Item Bank Shop Items tab (tab 6) to zBag Bank frame. These additional 100 item slots can only hold item shop items. It is easier to see where these slots begin if you have highlight even tabs enabled. You can turn this on by entering zBag configuration (click the sprocket icon) and then check the box on the right titled "Highlight Even Tabs"
  • Added Chinese translation (thanks smartdavislin)
  • Added Russian translation (thanks NickAlte)
  • Updated Polish translation (thanks DonDaru)
  • Fixed quick-sell so it doesn't throw an error when trying to add an item from guild-safe into quicksell window. Items must be in your bag to configure them for quick sell. (thanks McBen)
  • Changed addon versioning to match Runes of Magic version (such as 5.07)

zBag v 1.50 (7 Oct, 2012)

  • add: Included abandoned BagSearch addon with zBag. This addon allows searching for items by typing in a text box. It will highlight the items whose name match the string entered. When in the text box, if you press escape it will empty the search string and remove focus from the text box. If you press enter, it will leave the search string and remove focus from the text box.Note: searching bank content only works when your bank is open. Credit to docsaintly for the addon. The BagSearch addon is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported license.
  • Added configuration option to disable BagSearch
  • Removed deprecated bag sorting method of quality - use rarity bag sort method instead

zBag v. 1.42 (3 Sep, 2011)

  • add: 100% Polish translation (thanks Z0ld3n).
  • fix: simplified BagSearch addon code with fix so it will search all bank slots (it previously only searched the first bank tab in zBag)

zBag v. 1.41 (24 July, 2011)

  • fix: Bagsearch addon function fixed within zBag so items are highlighted in bags 3-6 as well (thanks Z0ld3n)
  • add: 100% German translation (thanks arnefi) and additional translations in Polish (thanks Z0ld3n). Resized some dialog boxes to support longer words in different languages.

zBag v. 1.4 (10 July, 2011)

  • add: All zBag text can now be translated into other languages (over 100 new phrases available for translation)
  • add: Bag sort & quick sell don't sell options now work in Japanese (thanks SacraJP)
  • fix: outputing quick sell total sale now works in languages that use a period a separator

zBag v. 1.31 (1 July, 2011)

  • add: DailyNotes addon now has the option of highlighting daily quest items your backpack if both zBag and DailyNotes addons are installed.
  • add: Bag sort & quick sell don't sell options now work in Korean (thanks zeramise)

zBag v. 1.30 (26 June, 2011)

  • add: zBag now allows you to interact with the Partner Bag (introduced in Runes of Magic v4.0) and includes a Partner Bag icon between the item shop and arcane transmuter icons
  • add: BagSearch addon now works with zBag when BagSearch addon installed
  • add: Bag sort & quick sell don't sell options now work in German (thanks arnefi)

zBag v. 1.20 (11 June, 2011)

  • add: New quick sell item filter lists: Always/Never sell items based on name & item type. Shift+Click on the quick sell icon to explore, or drag bag items of the quick sell icon. Many thanks to the Lootomatic addon author (PetraAreon) for much of the code used for this addition. As such, that portion of the code is under the Creative Commons License By-Nc-Sa 3.0.
  • change: lowered the frameStrata of some windows to help with hidden tooltips issue a few people experienced.
  • add: zBag configuration video tutorial now available on youtube at:

zBag v. 1.11 (30 May, 2011)

  • add: Bag sort & quick sell don't sell options now work in Polish (thanks DonDaru)

zBag v. 1.10 (21 May, 2011)

  • add: Bag sort & quick sell don't sell options now work in Spanish
  • add: Bag sort & quick sell support for other languages (Spanish included in this release).
  • add: Bag slot numbers show up in yellow text when configuring quick sell start and end slots
  • add: Developer feature: option to display debug messages which is very useful when translating quick sell to other languages (alt+click on the zBag configuration button to see)

zBag v. 1.02 (3 Apr, 2011)

  • add: holding down shift and moving a window (zBag or zBank) now moves that window on top of all other windows (frameStrata=DIALOG)

v. 1.01 (16 Mar, 2011)

  • fix: Diamonds, gold and rubies now display in correct location when "show background" is turned off
  • add: now able to move zBag position when "show background" is turned off
  • add: Developer Feature: Option to display bag index for every backpack item (alt+click on the zBag configuration button to see)
  • change: display showing number of items in a single bag slot now resizes with the rest of the bag

v. 1.00 (6 Feb, 2011)

  • fix: eliminated error messages "Item integration must be in backpack" and "could not finish sorting" by extending the maximum sort time (these errors previously caused no issue but did not allow finishing complex sorts)
  • fix: improved sorting algorithms.

v. 0.90 (9 Jan, 2011)

  • add: single interface to interact with all your house maids inventories and attributes. Details: Double click on any house maid to bring up a single interface to access all house maid inventories and attributes. (thanks 天天黑黑 for the code)
  • add: New quick sell config interface. Shift+Click on the quick sell button to configure. Details: quick sell start slot, quick sell end slot, don't sell if: high durability, high level, specificy rarity.
  • add: full sort options to sort on number of rune slots and item rarity (color). Shift + Left Click on the Full Sort icon to use.
  • fix: improved sorting speed (thanks 天天黑黑 for the code)

v. 0.80 (27 Dec, 2010)

  • Change: removed house chest functionality from zBag (if you still like seeing your house chests inventory outside your house, I recommend you install the Inventory Viewer addon as it does a much better job dealing with multiple house chests)

v. 0.71 (20 Dec, 2010)

  • Change: zBag now saves settings to both global and per character (thanks for the suggestion Mavoc)
  • fix: modifed code to hide Bank Sort button that was showing up in zBank Preview

v. 0.70 (18 Dec, 2010)

  • Change: zBag now uses a single frame for the backpack and a single frame for the bank
  • add: New Quick Sell button allows pushing a single button to sell all but the first x items in your backpack (disabled by default)
  • fix: improved highlighting as items are moved
  • fix: many other minor things

v. 0.61 (22 Nov, 2010)

  • change: reverted back to previous frameStrata (so zBag doesn't show up on top of everything)

v. 0.60 (21 Nov, 2010)

  • add: incorporated BagSort addon code within zBag. Shift+Click on Full bag sort icon to bring up a list of options
  • add: Quick pickup of all items when trading with another player (thanks Mavoc)
  • add: Config option to allow Alt+Right-click on a bag item to delete that item (thanks Tinne2010)
  • add: Alt+Left-click on a bag item to auto-attach an item when the mail window is open (thanks Tinne2010)
  • add: Now saving zBag variables for each Character (thanks Mavoc)
  • change: frameStrata now set to high (zBag windows won't be in the background as much - thanks Mavoc)
  • fix: modified the BagSort code to work with the latest version of RoM (thanks for the great original addon Alleris2_0)
  • fix: modified the BagSort code to sort correctly with latest game changes
  • fix: improved native zBag sorting (tahnks xinsonic)
  • fix: Improved highlighting - blue itemquality items now show up stronger

v. 0.57 (8 Oct, 2010)

  • change: now can only grab bag & bank windows by outside edge

v. 0.56 (6 Oct, 2010)

  • fix:OnUpdate error on line 280 which occurred under certain circumstances when opening your bank with more bank tabs than unlocked
  • fix:house chest graphics now updating appropriately


  • add:bag item quality highlight and configuration checkbox (thanks to anonymous user for code)


  • fix:highlights now working


  • fix: addon compatibility with Runes of Magic 3.0.4
  • fix: layering issues
  • fix: expired bank bag tabs now show up in red
  • fix: show item shop buttons
  • add: bank bag sorting ability
  • add: new checkbox to show/hide house chest in zBag
  • change:full backpack sort now simply compacts items (quick & not noisy)
  • change:always display content no longer default


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  • #64
    Here are a few things to check
    1) You must be at a vendor with the store interface open to actually sell items
    2) You cannot hold the shift key down and click on the Quick Sell button or you will get the message (zBag_SellLots Shift Key Down)
    3) Ensure you have entered a value between 1 and 180 for both the quick sell start slot and quick sell end slot
    4) You can set durability and level to 0 to sell all items, or set a value to sell on items whose durability and/or level are higher than specified.
    5) For every rarity button you check (white, normal, good, rare, etc.) no items of that rarity will sell. So typically I'll only check the "Rare", "Epic" and "Legendary" buttons.

    I hope that helps
  • #65
    Nothing has changed. Maybe it's interfering with my other addons. I have Advanced AuctionHouse, Advanced Quest Book, Class Swap Helper, ComeOnIn, DailyNotes, Do-it-yourself Combat Engine, DungeonInfo, GuildPanel, Lootomatic, MonsterCardTooltip, pbInfo, PlantCare, RoMail2, StatRating, TonkManager, WoWMap, XBar III and of course zBag. I need all of them ;)
  • #66
    It still sounds like it is probably a configuration issue on your end. Try this:
    1) Place an item you want to sell in your first bag slot
    2) Set "quick sell start slot" = 1
    3) Set "quick sell end slot" = 1
    4) Check the box "Ignore Don't Sell Options"
    5) Visit any vendor NPC
    6) Click the quick sell button (make sure you do not hold shift down)

    The only way you can get the message "zBag_SellLots Shift Key Down" is by holding the shift key down. If that message comes up, it disables selling items until you click on the quick sell icon again without holding the shift key down.
  • #68
    Now I know that message "zBag_SellLots Shift Key Down" is appearing when I holding shift key down. I don't want to sell ALL items (that feature is working for me. When I set "start slot"=1, "end slot"=2 and I uncheck "Ignore Don't Sell Options" and write for example 89 duration on the right side it doesn't sell anything nevertheless I have there 2 items; one with dura 80 and another with dura 100. I thought that it will sell item with dura 80, but nothing happened.
  • #69
    You are correct it should have sold the item with 80 dura UNLESS you specified an item level (typically level 1-62 for equipment in the game right now) or you specified do not sell specific rarities. The do not sell criteria is independent meaning if any one do not sell criteria is met, it will not sell the item.
  • #60
    For the next revision of zBag I plan on removing the house chest functionality. It is a feature that causes more questions/confusion than I believe it is worth now that people typically have multiple house chests. If you really like that feature I recommend installing the inventory viewer addon.
  • #62
    Removed in v0.80
  • #57
    I really like this addon, especially the Quick-Sell feature. I'm worried however that I might accidentally sell something I didn't mean to, and it is tedious to manually sort every item I want to sell into the last bag slots and update the slot number each time. Would you be willing to add a locking mechanism to prevent specified items from being sold by the Quick Sell feature? This would have the added benefit of allowing players to lock all the items they want to keep and sell everything else in their bag.
  • #59
    Glad you like the addon. At some future point I plan on adding additional quick-sell features (quick sell only items of a certain-item quality, don't sell runes, etc.) I need to think about the options a bit more before I'm ready to implement those kinds of features. As always, this addon is open to others who would like to program that code if anyone wants to take on that project.
  • #61
    Additional quick sell options added in v0.90. Shift+Click on the quick sell button to see the config options.
  • #56
    Suggestion: Why not adding a from to slot option for quick sell.
    Example: "Quick sell from slot "31" to slot "60".
    In this case users can define them self wich part of the backpack will be sold with Quick sell
  • #58
    Sounds like a good suggestion, I'll add it to the list of things I'd like to do should I ever develop a separate quick sell frame.
  • #51
    Good you fixed the save settings option in 0.71.

    But the Quick Sell option is not making use of the number added in "Quick sell start slot.
    I changed this into "3" and the tool also sold content from slot 1 and 2 :-(
    I lost good stuff,.

    also more house chest could exist (I have 4) and one is acting strange, the Bank-tab is connected with it. (how can I turn this off)

    gor the rest great tool :-)
  • #52
    Hi Sorry to hear quick sell hasn't been working well for you. Let me provide some tips and see if we can figure out where the issue lies.
    1) Quick sell sells individual items in your backpack. There are 180 total backpack slots if you have all 6 backpack tabs. When you specify a number, it sells all items at or above that number. So if I specified number "3" it would actually sell 178 items assuming the rest of the slots were full. Please buy some cheap link runes or something and experiment with how quick sell isn't working properly for you -- I haven't been able to get it to break on my end.

    I'm actually thinking of disabling all the house chest functionality. Any comments from the user base on that one? If you really want to see what you have in all your house chests + what your housekeepers have, I suggest installing the Inventory Viewer addon which is completely compatible with having zBag installed.

    Glad you are enjoying the rest of the functionality in the addon.

  • #53
    Thanks for the feedback.
    I will change the "Quick sell start slot" to "1" :-), Nice function.
    And I like your suggestion to disabling all house chest functionalities.
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