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AAV - atrox Arena Viewer

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 497 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 105,699 Total Downloads
  • Updated 01/04/2015
  • Created 04/18/2010
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: aav-1.2.10
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About AAV - atrox Arena Viewer

AAV is an arena replay addon, that lets you record or even broadcast arena matches. These arena matches can be viewed within WoW, while doing your daily quests, raids or just idling in Dalaran. It's optimized to run in very good-performance.

If you ever wanted to analyze your arena matches, why you died on that particular time on that particular match against that particular game and what skill could have been used, then AAV is a gem for you! Or if you want to follow your guildmates while they're doing arena, just hop in to their broadcast and watch their play.


  • record, replay, delete arena matches
  • broadcast arena matches to guild mates
  • see used skills
  • casting bar
  • cooldown bar
  • interrupts (school locks)
  • target system
  • health and mana tracking
  • change game speed in replay
  • minimap icon menu
  • match statistics (damage/healing done, ratings)


AAV is like a graphical and interactive combatlog, that parses every action in the arena. However, it's not possible to keep track of the positionings. Who knows, maybe Blizzard opens up their API to make coordination gathering available in arena; this would make AAV more workable.

Slash Commands

  • /play [number] - plays a given match.
  • /delete [number] - deletes a give match.
  • /record - whether a match will be recorded.
  • /broadcast - enable/disable broadcasting.
  • /lookup - lists all available broadcasts.
  • /connect [name] - connects to the broadcast with the given name.

Known Bugs

  • crowd control timers overlap with existing timers (good visible by Heroism)
  • in rare cases stealth classes are not visible at all
  • during broadcasting the icon and healthbar of combatants may switch places in rare cases and the buff and debuf bar doesn't fit


How much Memory does the addon use?

The addon is optimized for high-performance and as few memory usage as possible. Due to these requirements the player uses in play less than 1 MB memory. An average match takes up from 60 ~ 180kb, depends on heavy usage of spells and events (warlocks and resto druids do their job pretty well!). Matches can be deleted to free memory if needed.

Does it hurt my FPS rate?

Not at all. From the stated requirements in the first question the addon is designed for high-performance and you won't notice any FPS loss.

Does my ping increase while broadcasting?

Not at all as well. The sent data is small and won't delay your latency. Additionally a sending mechanism takes care of the sending behaviour so you will never burst in sending data.

Isn't it possible to disconnect when sending too much data?

Yes, it is possible, but in AAV a sending mechanism takes care of all outgoing data. Rather sending all data at once, it apportions the big load of data over a certain time, that prevents from being disconnected.

Where is the match data stored to?

World of Warcraft\WTF\<your account>\SavedVariables\aav.lua

I don't record/broadcast any combat events anymore, only Healthbar and Mana changes, why?

This happens when your combat log and any addons that use the COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED event (like AAV or afflicted) get screwed up due to massive glitched spam (courtesy of Blizzard). If you're familiar with the /run CombatLogClearEntries() command, that's being fired on every frame update, then you should be fine. Otherwise type /run ReloadUI() or relog will solve this problem. The incomplete match data that have been recorded under the bug cannot be fixed to show other events than Health's or Mana's.

The damage in the score board doesn't match with my recount's, why?

In the current version pets are completely disabled, means, their damage and contribution doesn't count yet.

  • fixed critical and absorbed values
  • fixed values in overview GUI
  • fixed bracket calculation on replay matches
  • added match history ui (balciseri)
  • added spec tracking
  • broadcasting is now working again!
  • implemented a priority system for CC and other stuff on the player/class icon
  • added and fixed a lot of spell-ids and cooldown durations
  • in the final match data window: healing and damage is now taken from blizzard's scoreboard
  • added the name of the spell that did the highest damage under the highest damage number
  • added personal rating change for everyone and teams MMR. Unfortunately we can't know others actual rating so only the acutal rating of the addon user is shown
  • fixed replay issue caused by other addons
  • fixed initial hp recording
  • re-added important skills cooldowns
  • fixed locales for unknown arenas
  • added playback fps limit (30fps)
  • fixed deathknight crash issue
  • base taken from nevcairiel version of aav
  • fixed compatibility with 4.2
  • fixes periodic healing (display and stats)
  • removed debug info
  • fixed communication
  • fixed communication issue
  • fixed new combat log parsing
  • added loading bar that prevents screen freezes when loading long arena matches
  • added warning for playing older matches (invalid spellIds...)
  • added new CCs and CDs of all classes from cataclysm
  • fix altered api due to 4.0.3
  • fix unknown arenas no longer throws error
  • removed unqueued state from state list (will be reworked in later version)
  • fixed scoreboard list bug
  • fixed overlapping CCs
  • added /aav spectators which gives information of all connected spectators
  • added total spectator indication when someone connects
  • added possibility to broadcast to raid instead of guild only for players out of the guild
  • added pseudo names when no team names are given (skirmish 1, skirmish 2)
  • added french support
  • added announcement when player stops broadcasting the player is connected to
  • fixed map name in console output
  • fixed russian localization
  • fixed bug when connected to a broadcast during a match
  • fixed possibility to connect to broadcasts that weren't broadcasting anymore


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  • #107

    Any news? ^^

  • #106

    We are waiting edgily for update Smile

  • #104

    Unfortunately my 64-bit client is crashed when trying to play. I have already tried to deleted aav.lua and to disable all other addons.

  • #103

    I cant seem to share my video with my partner.  we both have the add on but when I click to connect him to view it dont connect, what procedure is needed to do this?

  • #101

    Not sure if I missed this anywhere, but no delete all past games function? I have to manually delete all 200?

  • #99

    it still crashes WoW, but only crashes the x64 version of WoW, works fine in x86 version.

  • #100

    could you try my comment #95? i currently don't have an active subscription, but'd love to fix it.
    (could you testing it, if you completely remove all aav data (inclusive World of Warcraft\WTF\<your account>\SavedVariables\aav.lua), record a game and replay it on a 64 bit system?) 

  • #96

    Does this also work in RBGS? Just out of curiosity. 

  • #97

    nope, it's only for arena. rbgs would burst the data size and probably have to be synced due to huge maps...

  • #93

    Two questions-

    1. What exactly does the broadcast announcement feature do?

    2. There is an option to switch something between guild and raid, but what does that change, exactly? How can I utilize it?

  • #94

    1. if a guild mate or someone in your raid broadcasts, the match will be visible in realtime in the broadcaster tab (connect). it's like watching your own recorded game, just now it's in realtime by someone else. everytime someone turns on the broadcast, all guildies will get a notification that a new broadcast has been started to connect to.

    2. by default the broadcast works through the guild channel. the raid channel has been implemented to have at least somehow a possibility to let non-guildies connect to a broadcaster.

  • #92

    It crashes wow when trying to replay the fight if it's in 64-bit mode. Recording still works.

  • #95

    could you testing it, if you completely remove all aav data (inclusive World of Warcraft\WTF\<your account>\SavedVariables\aav.lua), record a game and replay it on a 64 bit system?

  • #98

    Same issue.

    It's not consistent behaviour, but about one of five records, while replayed, causes hang and crash on 64-bit client Wow.

  • #91

    Well, it is very often that the replay doesn't start at all when I want to review a fight. In addition I can't close the frame, the only way then to get rid of it is to deactivate the addon via 'Addon Control Panel' and reload my UI.

     SOmetimes I also have the problem with the frozen WoW.

    Last edited by Nonplusultra on 2/25/2012 12:41:48 AM
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