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Acherus Runes

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 616 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 4.1.0
  • 251,000 Total Downloads
  • Updated 05/14/2011
  • Created 02/08/2009
  • 329 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Mature
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: v1.2.3

About Acherus Runes


Acherus is a Death Knight addon providing displays for runes, procs, runic power, and diseases. A great effort has been put in to make all features customizable. Animations are provided to make it very easy to see when things become available and unavailable.



Slash Command

To open the configuration type /ac or /acherus, click on the minimap button, or use a Data Broker display that's compatible with launchers.

Feature Requests and Bugs

If you have a feature request or a bug to report please post a ticket. Do not post them in the comments.

Feature List

  • Runes
    • Multiple layouts (Stacking, Columns, Triangle, etc.)
    • Flexible - Split into Bars, Icons, and Text modules
    • Rune sets - DKI, Ebon Blade, and Blizzard
  • Procs
    • Killing Machine, Rime, Sudden Doom tracking
    • ButtonFacade support
    • Pulse animation that minimizes
  • Diseases
    • Only current target tracking
    • Combined into a timeline bar for easy viewing of durations
  • Runic Power
    • Three layouts
      • Triangle - Lines are drawn every 20 runic power
      • Bar - Simple bar with movable text
      • Text - Just the text
  • Additionally
    • Modules are highly customizable
    • Each module can be enabled/disabled
    • Profiles - Set up for different specs, such as PvP, PvE, etc.
    • Data Broker Launcher with a Minimap icon

Translation Request

I currently need translators to help convert the English in the menus into the following languages:

  • French
  • Korean
  • Latin American Spanish
  • Russian
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Spanish
  • Traditional Chinese

Go to the localization page if you'd like to translate. It's open to anyone with an account. Curse has a system setup so that phrases can be translated very fast and easily with no manual editing of files. Thanks!


Acherus uses tons of memory / cpu!

This is just because it starts with "A" and is loading first in your setup, and getting blamed for all the resources used in shared libraries by all your addons. If you're concerned you can test by installing standalone versions of the libraries, especially Ace3. It's normal though; some addon always gets blamed for the shared libraries. It's not a real problem.

What was AcherusLoader?

AcherusLoader was a folder in older versions that helped the addon load only on Death Knight characters. Newer versions handle this differently. Now, if you forget to manually disable Acherus on a non-DK, it will disable itself. You can delete the old AcherusLoader folder if you still have it.


  • Kassay - Created the triangle texture
  • Nathyrra - Inspiration and testing
  • DKI, Ebon Blade - Rune icons
  • Ategia, Lojan - German translations
  • Psyquest - French translations
  • Defia, Masodcn - Simplified Chinese translations
  • Tushiyang, MusicOnline - Traditional Chinese translations

tag v1.2.3
root <root@db06.curselive.local>
2011-05-15 03:11:20 +0000

Tagging as v1.2.3


    - Fixed typos; the last commit had the wrong version of some code.
    - Forward-compatible with 4.2 PTR's new CLEU args.
    - Hard-embed LibButtonFacade; fixes various packaging issues. Long-term it shouldn't be embedded at all though.
    - Move LDB embed up one level.
    - Crimson Scourge proc


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  • #82
    I've updated this for Cata and 4.1.

    - No more AcherusLoader folder; Acherus can handle disabling itself.
    - Supports AddonLoader.
    - Adjustments for 2-digit timers, fixes overlapping.
    - Only show sparks when in bounds of the bar.
    - Added proc for Will of the Necropolis.
    - Option to disable procs individually.
    - Fixed duration of Killing Machine.
    - Fixed packaging issues with some libraries.
    - Fixed Epidemic. (It's Rnwo's fix from comments here.)

    I also added Scarlet Fever since it was requested and discussed in comments, but I'm interested in feedback about whether there's any point in doing it since 4.0.6 tied it to Blood Plague.
  • #78

    I had the same problem but had been ignoring it, but I just figured it out. Do you use PitBull or another unit frame mod? My problem was that I had disable the Runes Module in Pit which was causing Pit to fight with Acherus over the over control of the default runes. However, when I enabled the Runes Module in Pit but disabled it's use by the unit frame poof... no more default runes.
  • #77
    i noticed that the addon Button Forge doesn't work while Acherus Runes is active.
    thought i'd let ya know
  • #79
    I may have fixed this in my updated version. It was probably due to Acherus Runes using a very old copy of a library also used by Button Forge.
  • #76
    All I want from this addon is the Rune Tracker, but it seems that the original Blizzard runes keep showing up even if I disable them.

    Anybody know what causes that? Never got an error for that...
  • #80
    I don't encounter this issue using Acherus Runes and X-Perl. If you can say which combination of mods you're using (e.g. something other than X-Perl), I can look into it.
  • #75
    You can add support for Scarlet Fever, change line #42 in Diseases.lua from
    local spellids = {59921,55078,49632,51735}
    local spellids = {59921,55078,81130,49632,51735,48721}
  • #74
    ive noticed some bugs, like diseases sometimes not updating on target right away. would like someone to update this still. i would but i have no lua knowledge.
  • #72
    Here's a link I uploaded to my acherus fan fix.
    diseases are tracked, rime km and sudden doom are tracked or should be works on mine.

    also random suf_indicator update since no one has updated it yet. thanks to steffen from wowinterface for help

    -Cesrae of Ropetown
  • #73
    uhh prolly dont need sudden doom. w/e im not a dps. just be happy with km and rime!
  • #68
    Heres what i did, I dunno if its necessarily the best way to modify this, but its got the mod back working how I want it ;)

    Fixes diseases for me

    Edit Diseases.lua
    Replace Line 104
    maxtime = 15 + 3 * select(5,GetTalentInfo(3,4)) -- Epidemic talent
    maxtime = 21 + 4 * select(5,GetTalentInfo(3,3)) -- Epidemic talent

    Replace Lines 239,240 and 241
    local icon1 = textures[1].timeleft and textures[1]
    local icon2 = textures[2].timeleft and textures[2]
    local icon3 = textures[3].timeleft and textures[3]
    if textures[1] and textures[1].timeleft then
    local icon1 = textures[1]
    if textures[2] and textures[2].timeleft then
    local icon2 = textures[2]
    if textures[3] and textures[3].timeleft then
    local icon3 = textures[3]

    hope that helps fix Diseases for you
  • #81
    BTW, if anyone's curious, the second half of these changes with the "textures" was a workaround for an outdated library. In my version I updated the library instead of using this workaround. I did make the first set of changes to update Epidemic for Cata though.
  • #70
    I'm a complete idiot with this kinda stuff. Can you tell me where I have to go to actually edit this? I went to open diseases.lua but it says there's no program selected to open it or whatever. I'm running on an imac if that helps at all.
  • #71
    Scratch that. I figured it out. And thank you oh so very much for the fix. I started using Forte Xorcist and well...I just didn't like it one bit compared to Acherus.
  • #69
    This worked great!! Thank you very much!!
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