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  • World of Warcraft
  • 56,800 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.2.2
  • 8,533,627 Total Downloads
  • Updated 09/27/2015
  • Created 08/02/2008
  • 10,924 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: MIT License
  • Newest File: 3.4.22
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About Addon Control Panel

Stop logging out of the game just to change your addons!

ACP adds the "Addons" button to the game's main menu (The one you get when you hit ESC). It allows you to manage your addons in game, with an interface which looks similar to the blizzard addon manager. ACP will help you deal with the "Clutter" that multi-part addons and libraries introduce by displaying your addons in logical arrangements. ACP has many features to make your addon list easy to manage, help you with missing libraries, and provide you with detailed information about each addon.

Slash Commands:

/acp - show and hide the ACP window

/acp addset <set #> - enable an addon set

/acp removeset <set #> - disable an addon set

/acp disableall - disable all addons (except protected and ACP)

/acp default - restore the enabled addons to what was enabled last time the UI was loaded

Icon meaning:

Star: Protected addon - this addon will not be disabled when you choose disable all, also if it is not enabled when you log into the game, it will be re-enabled and you will be prompted to reload the ui.

Dk Grey Open Lock: Addon does not supply compatibility information

Lt Grey Closed Lock: Addon has provided compatibility information

Addon compatibility helps you determine if the addon supports the current version of the game that you are running. You will see further information in the tooltip for the addon, and incompatible/out of date addons will be labeled in the main addon list.


ACP is based on the work of 2 other projects rMCP, which is a version of MCP modified by Rophy, and MCP originally by Saien.

2015-09-27  sylvanaar  <>

[f8a539117753] [3.4.22]
* .hgtags:

Added tag 3.4.21 for changeset 297b02dda074


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  • #1122

    Sure would be nice for a comment from authors in one way or another if a fix or not a fix incoming.  Just to know that they KNOW its broken ?

    Plz i reeeeeeeeally miss this addon working properly !

  • #1116

    Is there any ETA on a fix ?

  • #1115

    Thanks for addon but this so painful

    I have some problem with this addon. When i switch my character my whole settings changed and if you don't fix this setting nobody won't use this addon this so useless. When i used v3.4.15 i saw this bug and i removed this addon.v3.4.16 omg again have same problem i thought you fixed it but no ! 8 millions downloaded ..What are you doing guys ..

    Last edited by Enlprck on 7/10/2015 8:15:45 PM
  • #1113

    I tried to find that line.  But I am on a Mac.  the file you describe is an exec.   however i can open but i dont see that line or anything similar.

    I too am dealing with 3 load screens per character switch.  it is errr  a bit on the aggravating side.  I miss it working right !   


    Last edited by Tobizzhere on 7/8/2015 9:00:38 PM
  • #1103

    Fix for addons disabling on all toons when changing addon sets:

    World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\ACP\ACP.lua Line 1536

    Change DisableAllAddOns() to DisableAllAddOns(UnitName("player"))

  • #1123

    Thanks a lot for the fix!

  • #1121

    Nice. Thank you!

  • #1119
    Quote from Mikeon »

    Fix for addons disabling on all toons when changing addon sets:

    World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\ACP\ACP.lua Line 1536

    Change DisableAllAddOns() to DisableAllAddOns(UnitName("player"))

    That's nice and all but how someone find Line 1536? You do realise that most people use Notepad right? When you help people, you have to be specific as well as providing the necessary tools to perform the task, otherwise you just frustrate more. Anyway thanks for the fix it work.

    Download Notepad++ to find Line 1536 without problem.

    Last edited by Karazaskull on 7/11/2015 6:26:42 PM
  • #1124


    I agree with you that people should not expect those giving help on here to also tell them everything about how to do it. One of the first things I did when I started editting lua files was find a program that showed line numbers, which is when I found Notepad++.

    What I disagree with is your comment about Notepad that comes with windows. This does not show line numbers and CTRL+G does nothing. It is grayed out when you open a lua file with Notepad. I never found a way to get Notepad to show line numbers which is why I use Notepad++. If there is a way then I, and I'm sure others, would be interested in hearing how to get this feature.

    Last edited by xxerty on 7/25/2015 7:36:34 AM
  • #1120

    No, he/she doesn't need to provide the tools. Someone should know, how to find line 1536, if he/she is trying to modify a lua-file. Even in Notepad you can use Ctrl+G to go to a line!

    Last edited by Eymia on 7/16/2015 2:01:59 AM
  • #1114

    ty :)

  • #1112


    Thank you SO much for this! I was right on the verge of like flipping insane-o-plex cuz I couldn't figure out WTF (pun ... intended?) was going on with folders, or files, or curse clients, or whatevs. This post deserves all the internet's Likes, Gold Star+ 'es, 5 Diamond ratings, and some oral pleasins.


  • #1111

    Thank you!

  • #1110

    thumb up

  • #1109

    Thank you :D

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