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Addon Control Panel

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 43,522 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.1.0
  • 7,804,091 Total Downloads
  • Updated 02/24/2015
  • Created 08/02/2008
  • 10,779 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: MIT License
  • Newest File: 3.4.15
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About Addon Control Panel

Stop logging out of the game just to change your addons!

ACP adds the "Addons" button to the game's main menu (The one you get when you hit ESC). It allows you to manage your addons in game, with an interface which looks similar to the blizzard addon manager. ACP will help you deal with the "Clutter" that multi-part addons and libraries introduce by displaying your addons in logical arrangements. ACP has many features to make your addon list easy to manage, help you with missing libraries, and provide you with detailed information about each addon.

Slash Commands:

/acp - show and hide the ACP window

/acp addset <set #> - enable an addon set

/acp removeset <set #> - disable an addon set

/acp disableall - disable all addons (except protected and ACP)

/acp default - restore the enabled addons to what was enabled last time the UI was loaded

Icon meaning:

Star: Protected addon - this addon will not be disabled when you choose disable all, also if it is not enabled when you log into the game, it will be re-enabled and you will be prompted to reload the ui.

Dk Grey Open Lock: Addon does not supply compatibility information

Lt Grey Closed Lock: Addon has provided compatibility information

Addon compatibility helps you determine if the addon supports the current version of the game that you are running. You will see further information in the tooltip for the addon, and incompatible/out of date addons will be labeled in the main addon list.


ACP is based on the work of 2 other projects rMCP, which is a version of MCP modified by Rophy, and MCP originally by Saien.

2015-02-24  sylvanaar  <>

[c25d8e432be7] [3.4.15]
* ACP.toc

TOC 60100


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  • #1073

    So for many versions (even wow expansions), I've had the problem where when I save some sets, it ends up adding extra addons to it. I don't mean pre-reqs like libraries (though it inserts a lot of those too), but things like Atlasloot, AtlasQuest, others... the only modification I've done is to the .toc, replaced the old with:

    ## SavedVariablesPerCharacter: ACP_Data

    just so I can have sets for each character. If you want specifics for addons that it always inserts regardless of whether they're selected, I can provide them.

  • #1077

    Good Tip, thank you. :-)

  • #1072

    for some reason i can protect EVERY other addon but it will not protect sgi i can scroll to where the addon is in ANY location but it just will not happen... even when using a macro and in the ticket shown it is in the 12th row so:

    /click ACP_AddonListEntry12Security

    should work but it does not!!! having sgi in other row numbers and making sure the number in the click command matches also yields a complete feign of ignorance to my furious clicking.

    please help as i am at wit's end here.i am sure im not the only one who cant deal with this anymore. and it is the only thing i dislike of the addon. every other part of it is absolutely a lifesaver

    My Ticket Here

  • #1071

    Message: [string "ACP_AddonList:OnDragStart"]:1: Frame ACP_AddonList is not movable
    Time: 12/03/14 05:47:41
    Count: 1
    Stack: [C]: in function `StartMoving'
    [string "*:OnDragStart"]:1: in function <[string "*:OnDragStart"]:1>

    Locals: (*temporary) = ACP_AddonList {
    0 = <userdata>


    Got this when I tried to click the top and drag it somewhere.

  • #1070
    Re: Addon Control Panel WoD

    Is there going to be a WoD version of ACP?

    This is a very handy little AddOn.

  • #1069

    any update? :)

  • #1068

    Date: 2014-11-07 12:47:18
    ID: -1
    Error occured in: AddOn: ACP
    Count: 145
    Message: Note: AddOn ACP attempted to call a protected function (CompactRaidFrame6:Show()) during combat lockdown.
       [C]: Show()
       ..\FrameXML\CompactUnitFrame.lua:290: CompactUnitFrame_UpdateVisible()
       ..\FrameXML\CompactUnitFrame.lua:248: CompactUnitFrame_UpdateAll()
      MoncaiCompare, v6.0.2
      Swatter, v4.4.2 (<%codename%>)
      NPCScan, v6.0.3.1
      NPCScanOverlay, v6.0.3.1
      NPCScanOverlayBroker, v1.2.5
      Ace3, v
      ACP, v3.4.14
      Babylonian, v5.1.DEV.332(/embedded)
      Bagnon, v6.0.14
      BattlegroundTargets, v50400-1
      BrokerCurrency, v6.0.2.1
      BrokerDurabilityInfo, v1.20
      BrokerSmartBuff, v6.0a
      ChocolateBar, vv2.4.3
      Configator, v5.1.DEV.359(/embedded)
      Coordinates, v1.15
      DBMCore, v
      DBMDefaultSkin, v
      DBMSiegeOfOrgrimmarV2, v
      DBMStatusBarTimers, v
      Dominos, v6.0.9
      DominosCast, v
      DominosEncounter, v
      DominosRoll, v
      DominosXP, v
      Gatherer, v4.4.2
      GearGrinder, v6.0.35
      Gnosis, vv4.30
      Grid, v6.0.3.1710
      GridIndicatorExtra, vv1.0-beta4
      GridStatusRole, v1.8.2
      GTFO, v4.35.2
      HotCandy, v1.7.2
      HunterHelper, v6.0
      HunterPets, v1
      HunterPetsOwned, v1
      HunterPetsUI, v1
      IceHUD, v1.9.5 (Revision: @project-revision@)
      iCPU, v6.0.2-r1
      Malkorok, v
      MikScrollingBattleText, v5.7.138
      MisDirectionHelper2, vv6.0.0.1
      MistrasDiabloOrbs, v1.1
      MogIt, vv3.3.4
      ogear, v0.1.4
      OmniCC, v6.0.4
      Ovale, v6.0.13
      PerlArcaneBar, v
      PerlCombatDisplay, v
      PerlConfig, v
      PerlFocus, v
      PerlParty, v
      PerlPartyPet, v
      PerlPartyTarget, v
      PerlPlayer, v
      PerlPlayerPet, v
      PerlTarget, v
      PerlTargetTarget, v
      PetsAndMounts, v1.7.3
      PetSelector, vv6.0.0.0
      PhanxChat, v6.0.2.253
      RoleCall, v1.5.2
      Scrap, v12.17
      SimpleILevel, v3.2.14
      SimpleILevelGroup, v3.2.14
      SimpleILevelResilience, v3.2.14
      SimpleILevelSocial, v3.2.14
      simulationcraft, v1.1.1
      Skada, v1.4-21
      SmartBuff, v6.0b
      SpellFlash, v6.16
      SpellFlashCore, v2.0.5
      SuccessfulInterruptAnnouncer, v1.7
      TipTac, v14.10.16
      TipTacExtraTip, v1.0
      TipTacItemRef, v14.10.16
      TipTacMogIt, v1.0
      TipTacTalents, v14.10.15
      tullaRange, v6.0.3
      UnifiedTankFrames, v1.3
      WeakAuras, v2.0.9.5
      BlizRuntimeLib_enUS v6.0.3.60000 <none>

  • #1067

    Saving addon groups still isn't working properly.

  • #1066

    yeah awesome addon hope it get fixed before WoD!

    the true problem is that you can still load already made profiles but it load some unchecked add ons as well so you can load any profile but you must also uncheck the 1 or 2 it auto adds on the profile. My old profiles are set in stone so I can wait wait longer without a serious update but that bug (pre 6.0 actually since 3.4.9) is annoying.

  • #1064

    I would love to see a per character option.

  • #1062

    I eagerly await the update that allows setting addons per-character. The ability to use different sets for each character is why I started using ACP in the first place, and now find I hate playing without it! As far as I'm concerned this is one of the Must Haves for WoW.

  • #1065

    totally agree!!!!!

  • #1058

    It's not working for me.... I load the add on control panel up but it doesn't allow me to uncheck or check anything in the list. Basically it's unclickable :|

  • #1059

    Are you sure you have the latest?

  • #1057

    Can u make a switch for character specific and all characters or make another button for this addon so that we have addons (blizzard) and ACP?

    I like th option in the blizard alternative but prefer ur addon, cause of the sets and addon grouping.


    Also I getting a LUA-Error when I try to move it:

    Message: [string "ACP_AddonList:OnDragStart"]:1: Frame ACP_AddonList is not movable
    Time: 10/19/14 13:16:07
    Count: 2
    Stack: Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\AtrErrorInspector.lua:106: in function <Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\AtrErrorInspector.lua:51>
    [C]: ?
    [C]: in function `StartMoving'
    [string "*:OnDragStart"]:1: in function <[string "*:OnDragStart"]:1>

    Locals: msg = " [string "ACP_AddonList:OnDragStart"]:1: Frame ACP_AddonList is not movable"
    funcnames = <table> {
    1 = "StartMoving"
    funcstr = "StartMoving"
    looksLikeAuctionatorError = false
    inAtrErrorHandler = true
    origErrorHandler = <function> defined Interface\FrameXML\BasicControls.xml:<Scripts>:4
    zc = <table> {
    msg_red = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:608
    IsEnglishLocale = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\AuctionatorLocalize.lua:52
    msg_badErr = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:644
    tallyAdd = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:1121
    msg = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:737
    GetArrayElemOrFirst = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:150
    NumToBool = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:562
    msg_color = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:614
    ParseBattlePetLink = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:429
    ShowHide = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:36
    StringStartsWith = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:930
    printmem = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:1031
    round = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:602
    StringContains = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:892
    CopyDeep = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:1003
    CheckDeferredCall = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:332
    priceToMoneyString = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:841
    tallyPrint = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:1133
    TrimBrackets = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:974
    GetArrayElemOrNil = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:165
    BoolToNum = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:552
    If = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:99
    periodic = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:355
    Min = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:69
    msg_pink = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:609
    SetTextIf = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:47
    TrimQuotes = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:954
    msg_str = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:627
    ItemNamefromLink = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:471
    enc64 = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:215
    Val = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:58
    IsBattlePetLink = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:421
    StringEndsWith = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:910
    printableLink = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:1018
    PrintTable = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:385
    StringSame = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:874
    priceToString = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:805
    PullItemIntoMemory = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:520
    val2gsc = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:787
    PrintKeysSorted = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:110
    msg_ex = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\zcUtils.lua:746
    Negate = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Aucti

    Last edited by Triemer on 10/19/2014 6:16:48 AM
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