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  • World of Warcraft
  • 210,585 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.8
  • 6,423,665 Total Downloads
  • Updated 07/06/2014
  • Created 08/02/2008
  • 10,420 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: MIT License
  • Newest File: 3.4.8
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About Addon Control Panel

Stop logging out of the game just to change your addons!

ACP adds the "Addons" button to the game's main menu (The one you get when you hit ESC). It allows you to manage your addons in game, with an interface which looks similar to the blizzard addon manager. ACP will help you deal with the "Clutter" that multi-part addons and libraries introduce by displaying your addons in logical arrangements. ACP has many features to make your addon list easy to manage, help you with missing libraries, and provide you with detailed information about each addon.

Slash Commands:

/acp - show and hide the ACP window

/acp addset <set #> - enable an addon set

/acp removeset <set #> - disable an addon set

/acp disableall - disable all addons (except protected and ACP)

/acp default - restore the enabled addons to what was enabled last time the UI was loaded

Icon meaning:

Star: Protected addon - this addon will not be disabled when you choose disable all, also if it is not enabled when you log into the game, it will be re-enabled and you will be prompted to reload the ui.

Dk Grey Open Lock: Addon does not supply compatibility information

Lt Grey Closed Lock: Addon has provided compatibility information

Addon compatibility helps you determine if the addon supports the current version of the game that you are running. You will see further information in the tooltip for the addon, and incompatible/out of date addons will be labeled in the main addon list.


ACP is based on the work of 2 other projects rMCP, which is a version of MCP modified by Rophy, and MCP originally by Saien.

2014-07-04  sylvanaar  <>

[27ded020aebc] [3.4.8]
* ACP.xml localization-enUS.lua

Add a tooltip explaining what recursive does


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  • #975

    Forgot to add the actual files into the zip. All that's in it is the Change log.

  • #973

    I've created a LUA code snippet that will create a data broker for ACP.  I'm just learning LUA and WOW programming.  I'm sure there are things in this code that could be done better.  I'm sharing here in case anyone else can make use of it or wants to make an official "Curse" addon out of it.

    By "code snippet", I mean you can copy the code into an addon like "Cube", or "Hack" that allows you run lua code in game.  I use "Cube" and have this code snippet set to run everytime I log into WOW.

    When you click on the broker, ACP opens.

    The tooltip for the Broker shows:
    Disable All
    1 - Name of Set 1
    2 - Name of Set 2  Enabled
    3 - etc
    ClassName (ex:  rogue, mage)
    Reload UI 

    You can click on any of the "set" lines in the tooltip to load that set, right-click to unload that set.  Only sets with names will show.
    If all addons in a set are enabled, the word "Enabled" will show to the right of the set name. 

    When you click "Disable All", all addons will be disabled except the ACP protected ones.  The ClassName set will be loaded.  I figured that if I had a set for my mages, I wanted it to always load.

    You need to have addon "LibQTip-1.0" installed and loaded.  One of my other addons usually has it so I don't have to install it myself.

    Sorry that this is not very clean and out of box will work.

    Again, I'm sharing this in hopes someone can use it and maybe someone with more LUA knowledge than me can clean it up and make a real addon out of it.

    Last edited by Shankill on 2/2/2014 1:27:34 AM
  • #967

    Please upgrade to version 5.4.2.

    It slightly, but still eye cuts =(

    Who knows, tell me what line of the file to change the value ACP.xml that would increase the menu background.

    Many thanks in advance. 

    Last edited by GiGaBan on 12/18/2013 4:48:42 PM
  • #969

    In ACP.xml, change line 158 and add "--" in front (to comment it out):


    In ACP.lua, add this to the very end:

    GameMenuFrame:HookScript("OnShow", function() GameMenuFrame:SetHeight(GameMenuFrame:GetHeight()+25) end)



  • #974

    Worked.  tyvm

  • #972

    This fixed it. Thanks, cybermind!

  • #971

    Thank you! :D

  • #970

    I have bad with English, I use a translator.
    Maybe I did something not true, but I have everything working.
    Thank you very much! ^_^

  • #968

    The border is broken because Blizzard added another button (Shop) to the Main Menu when they pushed a 30MB download today.

  • #964

    The feature of ACP that warns if "protected addons" are not currently loaded, has never worked for me.

    Here are 2 changes I made to ACP.LUA so that it works and so that that dialog box doesn't time out.  Make sure you are using version 3.4.4 of ACP.

    Change Line 5 from "timeout = 5," to "timeout = 0,".  Don't include the quotes.

    Lines 688 through 696 should be disabled by adding "--~" in front of each line.  Here is what it will look like after you make the change:

    --~      if savedVar.reloadRequired then
    --~           savedVar.reloadRequired = nil
    --~      else
    --~           savedVar.reloadRequired = true
    --~      end
    --~ else
    --~      savedVar.reloadRequired = nil
    --~ end
    --~ if savedVar.reloadRequired then

    Note:  if you are familiar with programming, the above looks wrong.  I meant to disable part of the "if" statement.

  • #965

    This code I think originally prevented the warning message from popping up every time you changed changed zones. It has been around for a while, and did work. 

    It basically says, if we were already reloading as a result of protected addons not being enabled, then don't put the message up again. Basically, only show ihe message if we loaded into game on our own, also if there are errors loading the protected addons, then you will loop endlessly trying to enable them.

    I fixed some bugs related to that code being written for an earlier version of the game, see if that helps. Thanks for your support and assistance.


  • #966

    The change you made did not fix the issue where ACP won't tell me that some of the protected addons were not loaded. What I did to test:
    I uninstalled ACP.  I installed ACP.  I disabled all addons and left ACP enabled.
    I logged onto a toon.
    The first time I did this, it did not alert me. I disabled all addons again except ACP and it did alert me. I repeated a 3rd time and it did not alert me. It's almost like it is alerting me every other time. I also have this problem with switching toons.
    I've been using ACP for over a year with the lines commented out and have never had ACP warn me to reload while changing zones.
    ACP is enabling protected addons at startup the way it should, its just not asking me if I want to reload.

    Thank you for removing the timeouts of the popup windows.

    ACP is the best addon of its kind. I really, really like it.

    I'll buy you a couple of soft drinks...donation on its way.

  • #963

    Here is a macro I use so I can load an ACP set by clicking on the macro and unload an ACP set by "shift+ clicking" on the marco:

    /run if not IsShiftKeyDown() then MacroEditBox:SetText("/acp addset 1") ChatEdit_SendText(MacroEditBox) end
    /run if IsShiftKeyDown() then MacroEditBox:SetText("/acp removeset 1") ChatEdit_SendText(MacroEditBox) end

    That macro has 2 lines.  Each line ends with the command "end".  That macro will load set 1 or unload set 1 when you left click or shift+left chick on it.  After you make the macro using blizzard's macro window, you can drag it to an action bar or to an addon like "button forge" or "flyoutButton custom".

    You have to reload the ui for the set changes to take effect.

    To make more macros, copy the one above and change the number "1" to number "2".

    Last edited by s-conley on 9/29/2013 8:17:49 AM
  • #960

    I have an enhancement request... Is it possible to add the .toc interface value somewhere? Tooltip would work, a column would be better. I'd like a way to tell which addons are out of date without using the Blizzard Addon interface (i.e. I've clicked load out of date addons but I'd like to see which are in ACP).

  • #959

    What is the setting "Recursive" for?

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