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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 40,501 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/30/2014
  • Created 09/18/2009
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
  • Newest File: v2.37

About AddEmote

Ever wished World of Warcraft had more emotes? Or wanted to create your own emotes that you could use like the regular ones? Well, now you can! AddEmote lets you easily create new /command emotes for all your characters.

Here's how you'd do it:

/addemote chinrub rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Having done that, you can then do:


and your character (we'll call him Alistair) would emote:

Alistair rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Wait... you say not all your characters are male? That's okay, we can handle that. AddEmote includes ChatSubs, which lets you use "substitution strings" that will automatically be changed depending on your character (or your target, but we'll get to that). So, let's make that:

/addemote chinrub rubs <hisher> chin thoughtfully.

The <hisher> will become either "his" or "her", depending on whether the character you're playing is male or female.

You can also give alternatives, separating them with vertical bars (|). If an alternative uses units that aren't available, it will be ignored. So, you could do:

/addemote petcheck checks <pet> for injuries.|wonders where <hisher> pet went.

If your combat pet is out, you'll get the first; if not, you'll get the second.

Lastly, you can use <text>, and any text you type after the /command will be inserted in its place. For example:

/addemote pe 's <pettype> <pet> <text>

/pe looks hungrily at Joe.

Talnar's wolf Red looks hungrily at Joe.

tag v2.37
Travis S. Casey <>
2014-10-31 00:21:07 -0400



Travis S. Casey:
    - updated ToC


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  • #80

    other than 'target' 'pet' 'pettype' 'himher' 'hishers' are there other tags? Is there a list of tags that can be used?


  • #81

    There's a full list in the README file that comes with the addon. The basics are these:

    The general format is whowhat. Who can be:





    Player is assumed if you don't specify the who part.

    What can be:






    type (pet types -- imp, wolf, cat, etc.)





    mark (the current raid mark on who)

    health (current health as a percentage)

    pvp (returns "flagged" or "unflagged")

    (these last few are very useful for raid or pvp macros)

    lastly, a special one:

    position (gives your current coordinates - you *can* put targetposition, etc., but it'll still give *your* coordinates, since those are the only ones available to you as a player)

    If you don't specify the what part, "name" is assumed, so 'target' gives your target's name, 'focus' your focus' name, and 'pet' your pet's name.

    If you capitalize the first letter of the "what" part, the ouput will have the first letter capitalized, so 'targetHeshe' would return "He", "She", or "It". Capitalization of the rest is ignored.

    While "player" and "name" are the default assumptions, you have to give *something*.


  • #77

    Is there a library function, where you can view a saved database of all the emotes you have created? It's a little difficult to remember all of them at times. I would love this, if there is not. That is all that is missing from the wonderful addon, in my opinion!

  • #79

    /listemotes will output the names of the emotes you've created.  I've thought about adding a configuration panel where you could see the emote commands and what they output, but I haven't been on WoW in quite a while right now.  I do need to go through and update version numbers on things, though, and see if anything needs to be done to get them ready for 6.0, so I might give it a try. :-)

  • #76


    Thanks for this addon.

    Can you please add  <targetname>

    like: /addemote chinrub rubs <hisher> chin thoughtfully on <targetname>.


  • #78

    You can simply do <target>. It works the same as target name. If you have the object or person targeted, it will imput it's name. (:

  • #75

    AddEmote works by using the emote command (/emote, also usable as /me).  This automatically puts your current character's name at the start of every emote, so you don't need to put your character's name at the start.

    So, for "<Name> falls on his face.", you'd do the following command with AddEmote:

    /addemote fallface falls on his face.

    You could then use "/fallface".  If you were playing Aderode, you'd get "Aderode falls on his face."  If you were playing Deathcharger, "Deathcharger falls on his face."

    You might, however, want to use the <hisher> substitution string instead of "his" there, like so:

    /addemote fallface falls on <hisher> face.

    That would emote "falls on his face" for a male character, and "falls on her face" for a female character.

  • #74

    If i want to say, "Aderode falls on his face,"  When i am not Aderode it will not let me. It will say,"Deahtcharger Aderode falls on his face," What do i do?

       P.S. I love this addon! Thanks for making it.

  • #71

    I was wondering if there was a substitution string for vanity/companion pets. I know <pet> and <type> takes care of combat pets (hunter/lock/etc) but I'd like to be able to "interact" with non-combat pets without having to target them all the time. I've looked around online but haven't found anything that might clue me in... Any suggestions? Thanks for your help! :D

  • #72

    There's not right now, but a bit of looking around makes it look like it wouldn't be too hard to add  I'll consider it... I ought to at least update ToC numbers and such anyway.

  • #73

    Great, thanks for such a quick reply efindel! Hopefully it won't be too much trouble!

  • #70

    damnit deleted the wrong one:

    Definitely happens more when I emote at a person whos name begins with an "Å"

    Date: 2012-11-6 19:23:18
    ID: 1
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 3
    Message: SendChatMessage(): Chat message must be UTF-8 text
       [C]: ?
       [C]: ?
       AddEmote\ChatSubs.lua:317: SendChatMessage()
       AddEmote\AddEmote.lua:110: ?()
       [C]: ChatEdit_ParseText()
       ..\FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua:4052: ChatEdit_SendText()
       ..\FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua:4091: ChatEdit_OnEnterPressed()
       [string "*:OnEnterPressed"]:1:
          [string "*:OnEnterPressed"]:1
    (*temporary) = "???? ?????"
    (*temporary) = "EMOTE"

    Last edited by ClockworkAvatar on 11/8/2012 7:57:49 PM
  • #65

    I keep getting an error about that chat messages must be sent in UTF-8, this just started and it only happesn with AddEmote/ChatSubs installed.

  • #66

    I'll check it out tonight.  Does it happen with every message you send, or did it happen only with particular messages?  If the latter, can you copy and paste a sample of a message that triggers the error, please?

  • #67

    Wasn't happening to me, either using normal chat commands (/e, /s, etc) or using emotes created with AddEmote.  

    Is there another addon you've installed recently that might be trying to send chat messages?  AddEmote hooks SendChatMessage, so if something's sending something odd, that might be interacting with AddEmote/ChatSubs to cause the error.  If you can put up the actual dump of the error from WoW, that would help a lot.


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