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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 4.0.3a
  • 19,061 Total Downloads
  • Updated 02/01/2011
  • Created 11/15/2009
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: v1.2.4

About Addon Mgr


This addon will allow you to load or unload addons without logging out. You can save sets of addons to load, and switch between them easily. Addons can be grouped and selected or deselected with a single click.

This addon uses the Blizzard Interface AddOn section to allow configuration. To reach this, bring up the game menu by pressing ESC, select Interface, and then select the AddOns tab.

You must still reload your UI to change addons. You do not have to do this by logging out and logging in again.

Addon Manager

This is the main panel, and lists the groups of addons that you have created. Initially it will only have the All group, which contains every addon that you have available to load. If you expand this group by clicking on the + then you can select or deselect addons individually. Clicking on the checkbox by the group name will select or deselect all addons contained in the group.

Above the central list is a text box which allows you to search for addons of a particular name. If you wanted to find all of your Cartographer addons then you could type Cartographer. This supports Pattern Matching ( so you can do things like type D.*B.*M to find all of the Deadly Boss Mods, including Deadly Boss Mods Core, which would not be matched by DBM.

Below the central list are buttons to disable and enable all addons, which perform exactly the same function as those on the Blizzard addon interface.

The bottom section of the addon manager panel is used to create load and delete sets of addons. If you type a name into the text box, and then click Save, then the currently selected addons will be saved into a set of that name. That set can be loaded at any time by pressing on the select button, selecting the name of the save from the list, and then clicking on load. The delete button will delete the currently selected save.

Your addons are prepared for update when you click the Okay. A list of the changes to your addons will be printed to the chat frame, with the instruction use /console reloadui to load changed addons. This just means that you have to type /console reloadui into chat in order to load your addons.

Group Manager

The group manager is used to create, update, and delete groups in much the same way that the addon manager is used to create, update, and delete sets of addons. The layout and use of this manager mirrors that of the addon manager.

Slash Commands

There are slash commands that allow you to load a save, show the addon manager, and reload the ui. They are as follows:

/addonmanager load [save] This will not reload the ui
/addonmanager show
/addonmanager reload

You can also use the /am abbreviation in the place of /addonmanager.

tag v1.2.4
matthewf <>
2011-02-01 23:26:58 +0000

Fixes issue reported by s-conley

The new functionality should now work correctly.


    - Fixes bug reported by s-conley
    - Removes unrequired call
    - Removes unrequired field


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  • #73

    I keep checking for an update; is it still working?  I thought it broke.  Time to reinstall!!

  • #74


    I have used this addon in MoP and it has been fine. I don't currently play but if you do find an issue please report it (screenshots and any error messages would be really helpful). As far as I am aware the stuff this relies on does not change much.

    I do get emails when you comment here or PM me so please report any problems.

  • #75

    Seems to work perfectly!! Can't believe I went this long without using it:).  Only reason I stopped using it is the last update date was in 2011.

  • #71

    I can't believe no one else has "liked" this on the site - just two of us? SERIOUSLY? This is one of my most essential add-ons. 

  • #72

    Aw thanks! Glad you like it.

    I think that facebook like thing is new :)

  • #69

    Thanks to the author for this addon.  I have lots of addons that I only use for certain classes/professions/pvp, etc.  This addon makes it easy to switch between them.

  • #70

    Thank you!

  • #66
    I created a few sets and then clicked save, then clicked RELOADUI. All the saved sets were in the drop-down box for the duration of game play but anytime I log out and log back in all the saved sets are gone... Help please
  • #68
    Unfortunately, I have been unable to reproduce this bug. Could you PM me any more details about the issue?
  • #67

    Sorry for the delay - I will look into this issue and let you know what I can find.
  • #64
    The autoloading of groups is a little buggy.
    When I load one group, make changes, save, and then load another group I sometimes have the problem that the second group does not load. The addons selected as still from the first group.
    I've tried using clear all before loading the second group which sometimes fixes it but not always.
  • #65
    Well, first off let me apologize for missing such a bug. Very annoying!

    I have made v1.2.3 an alpha version so you should no longer be provided it as a download option by curse or the client (without specifically seeking it out). Since I was cleaning up old files I have also deleted v1.2.2.

    This means that curse may prompt you to upgrade to v1.2.1.

    I will work on this bug, and when I have a fix there will be a new release. Since I do not know how long that will be I think it is better to provide a version that at least works well enough for now rather than a known broken one.
  • #62
    Thanks for making the changes.
    I've tried and used all the other addon managers.
    By far, this one is the easiest for me to use.

    Thanks again for all the work you put into this addon.
  • #63
  • #59
    s-conley has given the following suggestions:

    A few suggestions:
    1. Before reloading UI, prompt user with yes/no dialog.
    2. On the group manager, group name drop down dialog box, automatically load the group. I'm always selecting a group and then clicking "load". In fact, when I forget to do that and then save a group, I just messed it up and have to reselect all the addons again.

    The original message seems to have vanished. I certainly hope I did not delete it by accident :(

    Anyway, I was working on the lag issue reported by Aetherlight, as well as levelling countless chars. Since his requests have been quite a lot easier to implement I actually have a new version out - but please, Aetherlight, don't dispair! I will work on the lag issue you have reported with whatever free time I have available.

    On that note, there should now be a v1.2.2 version available. This features:

    1) Automatic loading of the selected addon set or group set when selected in the drop down menu
    2) The subsequent removal of the Load button
    3) The addition of the RELOAD UI button. This has a confirmation. It will apply any addon changes and reload the ui.

    The RELOAD UI button is the only real way to provide a dialog box. It seems that it is not possible to do one when exiting the interface options. Still, it means you can easily reload the addons without always reloading the addons on exit.
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