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  • Supports: 6.0.3
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  • Updated 11/18/2014
  • Created 05/07/2010
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v1.7.12
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About AdiBags

AdiBags displays the content of your bags in one view, distributed into several sections using smart filters.

It is heavily inspired by Nargiddley’s Baggins.

Configuration is available through Blizzard addon panel, /adibags chat command or right-clicking on the LDB plugin.

Important note about localized filters: some filters rely on translations from LibBabble-Inventory-3.0 so if some of them behave strangely in your locale, please take a look at the library translation status.

About patch 6.0.2

Blizzard has introduced a lot of new inventory features with the patch 6.0.2. I (Adirelle, AdiBags’ author) have absolutely no control over the way these built-in features work. It is all or nothing: either AdiBags uses a feature as is, either I have to code it myself. I had some of these features built into AdiBags in the past, but this was clumsy, using the API in a way that it was not meant to, and ultimately buggy for some users. So I decided to remove my code in favor of the built-in ones, even if it meant a minor degration of the original feature. If Blizzard improves some of these features in the future, AdiBags will automatically benefit from these improvements.

So, in short:

  • AdiBags now uses the built-in “new itemAPI, though it only detects looted/crafted/reward items. I added another module to highlight you what moves in bags to compensate for the loss of full item detection.
  • AdiBags now uses the built-in “sort bags“ feature. It may cause a spike of lag but works very quickly and does the job right.
  • AdiBags fully supports the reagent bank, including the built-in “deposit all reagents” feature. I know it moves enchanters’ velum to the reagent tab, but hopefully Blizzard will fix this.


Important notice: since v1.6.12-beta-1, AdiBags embeds BugGrabber, an error catching addon. Please check the error is really about AdiBags before reporting them here. I suggest installing BugSack to catch the errors.

Please report any bug or error using the wowace bug tracker (your Curse account works there). The comments section below is not meant to report and track bugs. I won’t reply to bug reports in the comment section anymore.

Some words about submitting bug reports:

  • I do not care about “it doesn’t work, fix it!” messages. I need to know how it failed and a way to reproduce the bug so I can test it and make sure I fix it.
  • Bug reports are not in the “fire and forget” kind of things. I may have to ask you some details.
  • Please check all existing tickets and the “known issues” section below before submitting new ones. Duplicate reports will be rejected on sight.

Bug tracker
WoWace forum thread


Most of these features may be configured. Check out the configuration panel ! (using the /adibags chat command or clicking on the bag icon, you have any LDB display)

  • Smart filters are used to distribute items into several sections, including:
    • Item sets of the Blizzard’s gear manager (one section per set),
    • Junk items (whitelist and blacklist available),
    • Quest items,
    • Equipment (items your character can wear),
    • Sections based on item category: trade goods, consumables, recipes, ...
    • Manual filtering (drag and drop items on section header, or add new section from the configuration panel),
    • Free space.
  • Smart item sorting inside each section.
  • Smart section layout; change the setting “Automatic layout update” to control the frequency of updates.
  • Track new items; use the [N] button resets the “new” flag.
  • Display slot type.
  • Bag sorting: left-click on the [S] button; right-click toggles auto-sorting, which sorts the bag on close.
  • Hide some sections, using the [V] button.
  • Name-based search.
  • Equipped bags (click on the bag icon in the top left corner),
  • Display character money in the backpack.
  • Display character tokens in the backpack.
  • LDB data source, displaying free space.
  • Two bag placement modes (choose one in the configuration panel):
    • Anchored: the bags expand from an anchor towards the center of the screen. The anchor can be unlocked and moved.
    • Manual: move the bags by dragging their title.

Separate modules

I have written two separate modules for AdiBags:

Tips & tricks

  • you can create your own sections using the “manual filter” in filter configuration. You can then drag and drop items on section titles to reassign them ; this works for any section.
  • if you want to highlight new items without putting them into a specific section, edit the “new items” filter priority to put it at the end of the filter list.

Known issues

  • New items detection does not work like it did before 1.8: Ihis is normal. I switched to the NewItems API that Blizzard has added in patch 6.0. This API does not work for bank nor items coming from the bank or the mailbox, but it does not having the timing issue my code had.
  • Opening the bank or closing my bag cause lag spike: this is an know issue with Blizzard bag sorting. For now, it is called every time you close your bag with auto-sorting enabled. I am working on a solution to sort bags only if their content actually changed.
  • Protected action/addon blocked error: they sometimes happen with AdiBags. Even though my effort, I can not reproduce these. Blizzard taint reports are very buggy, often blaming the wrong addon. As such they are pretty much useless.
  • Please note that prospecting, disenchanting or milling can create new items (e.g. that were not in your inventory yet). This can cause the whole bag to be updated. In this case, the items that were under your mouse cursor may move around. There is no easy solution for this so be cautious.

Things that likely will not be implemented

Anything else than the existing “all-in-one” views

AdiBags has been built around, and optimized for, the idea of the “all-in-one” view. Doing anything would require to redesign big parts of the addons, especially the layout code that is quite complex at the first place.

Anything that requires to scan item tooltips

Tooltip scanning is quite CPU-consuming and above all requires asynchronous programming, since item tooltips would not always be available at the time AdiBags should use them. This would raise the complexity of bag filtering be an order of magnitude and turn AdiBags into a CPU hog.

Some examples what requires to scan the item tooltips:

  • detecting the kind and state of binding: unbound, soulbound, bind-on-pickup, bind-on-equip…
  • detecting already known spells/pets/recipes or faction/race/level/skill/class restrictions ; basically any “red text” in the tooltip.

Guild bank

AdiBags presents you a nice view of your bags but actually they are in a complete mess. With AdiBags, there is no need and no way to tidy up the items in the actual bags. Guilds usually try to keep their bank tidy. What would happen if some people in a guild used AdiBags for the guild bank ? Well, they would mess up the guild bank content and people NOT using AdiBags would have to deal with that mess. I can hear the screams from there. So that is why I will not implement guild bank.

Alt bags and bank

AdiBags is not an alt bags/bank viewer. If you want to keep track of what your alt owns, I suggest using an addon like BagSync.

Full bag skinning

Basic skinning is available using LibSharedMedia-1.0: you can choose the bag font, background and border, as well as the color.

Comprehensive in-game filter/section editor

According to my experience with Baggins, comprehensive editor is awful to write as an author and awful to use as an user. Hence I focus on creating filters that have a smart built-in behavior and only a few options. I try to avoid the 20% of features that would require 80% of development effort.

tag v1.7.12
Adirelle <>
2014-11-18 07:42:33 +0100



    - Missing comma, whoopsy.


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  • #368

    is there a setting to restore tooltip comparison of equipped item to hovered item?

  • #367

    Hey Adirelle,

    first of all, this is by far the best bag addon that I've seen so far. Thanks for sharing it!

    Still There is one major improvement, that would increase the qualitity of this addon and maybe a minor one:

    The Major one is the option to tell the bag to only rearrange items while the bag is being closed or opened. It is really frustrating when I am disenchanting items and my items are rearranging all the time. I used some potions and nearly enchanted important gear because of this. I tried all of the three options that we got (only if neccessary etc.) but none resolved this issue.

    The second (minor) one would be support for the Masque addon. To many people (including me), it is important for their UI to look nice as a composition of all elements. The options that you offer for setting up the style of the background etc. are great. Somewhere I read your statement, that you won't add the option to style the item icons so soon. So would it be possible to add support for Masque and let their addon do the work somehow?

    I would appreciate any feedback on the statements.

    Best regards,


  • #379

    I agree and HAVE disenchanted half of my PVP set while trying to get used to the fact that the bags shift every time an itme is added or removed. Would love a way to make them static while in them and only update on command/open/or close.

  • #380

    If the layout was totally frozen when the bag is open, where should the items created by disenchanting be shown ?

    Last edited by Adirelle on 4/26/2013 11:55:25 AM
  • #365

    so this issue still ocontinues to happen- any ideas??

    "awesome addon like everyone said- but im having a minor issue. if i use something in my bags it doesnot remove the item form the bag. for example if im at the farm and plant a seed the seed gets planted but still shows in the bag. if i close and reopens it updates. is this a setting i messed up or is there something more to this??"

  • #364

    Is there a way to have / add sections like Armor (equipment) into sections for soulbound and boe ?

    after questing or running dungeons i end up with a fair bit of stuff and it would make it easier while at the vendor to see what is already useless soulbound stuff to vendor and what is boe that an alt may want ?

  • #369

    It is my understanding that the author is not adding such a feature due to keeping the addon lightweight.

    Such a feature requires tooltip scanning, which according to memory the author commented on as being rather resource intensive.

  • #363

    Do you use Adibags? Good!
    Do you also use CleanUI? UH-OH. You can't see your lovely adibags organized bank!

    If this is the case, go into the options for CleanUI, go to the bags options and turn off "change bags" then restart the game. After this, the two addons will work beautifully.

    This troubleshooting step brought to you by the letter A
    A as in "Adirelle makes an Awesome Addon" 

  • #362

    Automatic layout update does not work. I'm sure many people are not using this because of the constant layout changes. Everytime you vendor something the layout changes and moves everything and you can't find what you are trying to sell.

  • #361

    I would love to know if there's a way to sort items by expansion, or by specific ilvls...  I've been running all the old instances and raids to finish up achievements and some xmog sets, and some way other than sorting all the cloth gear (I'm a mage) in an ilvl heirarcy would be wonderful.

    Last edited by gabej on 2/8/2013 11:44:02 PM
  • #360

    I would really love to see Masque-Addon support for the item-icons.
    I guess it would be the simplest approach to adding item icon skinning :)

    Great work, anyways!

  • #357

    awesome addon like everyone said- but im having a minor issue. if i use something in my bags it doesnot remove the item form the bag. for example if im at the farm and plant a seed the seed gets planted but still shows in the bag. if i close and reopens it updates. is this a setting i messed up or is there something more to this??

  • #358

    there are three little buttons in the top right hand corner: T (this is tidy so if you use an item and it does disappear from your bags, it will tidy up your bags so they look nice again.) then the other one you should use is the N button. this will enable you to refresh your bags when you have a lot of 'new' items. I can't quite remember the third button but that should help you too with this problem. hope this helps! Smile

  • #359

    thanks for the reply- totally forgot about those buttons idk why. Tongue out

  • #356
    Fixed size

    I love everything about the addon except the constant resizing.  I can't move bulk items becuase it updates after every item I remove.  Could the update only happen when force if items have been removed since the last update?  I really want to use all the great filtering capabilities, but it's just not worth fixing the mistakes made because the window changed size and moved all the items around.

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