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  • World of Warcraft
  • 5,045 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.2
  • 10,149 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/23/2014
  • Created 11/03/2013
  • 40 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: 1.8

About AdiButtonAuras


Display auras, and more, on action buttons.

AdiButtonAuras is a rewrite of Inline Aura, but with different design decisions based on my experience on the latter.

AdiButtonAuras uses a set of rules that apply to one or more spells. Each rule can track an aura on one or more unit and changes the display of the spell accordingly.

AdiButtonAuras has several custom rules to suggest using spells at meaningful times. By default, these suggestions are displayed using a rotary, shinning star on the buttons.

AdiButtonAuras smartly track raid/group buffs: it shows the number of missing buffs and the duration of the shortest one, taking into account equivalent buffs.

Getting started

Before heading straigth into a raid and/or playing with the options, you may want to read this short Getting started guide, which will introduce you with the basics of AdiButtonAuras.


Global options

  • do not show flashing border for actions on cooldown (do not affect Blizzard flash),
  • do not show flashing border for actions out of combat (do not affect Blizzard flash),
  • select how suggestions are displayed (hidden, rotary star or flashing border),

Spell/item options

  • disable the spell,
  • "promote to flash": replace any highlight with the flashing border animation,
  • inverted highlight: highlight the spell when it is missing,
  • select which rules should apply.

Theme options

  • customizable texts: font, format, size and colors.
  • change the colors of "good" and "bad" highlights,
  • select the highlight amongst 10 textures,

User-defined rules

AdiButtonAuras allows you to enter and save your own rules, with full access to its API. Easy sharing of those rules is planned.

Supported classes and specializations

Most of the simple buffs are supported through the libraries:

Special cases and hints are handled using customized rules, see below.

There is also a default rule for items not supported by LibItemBuffs-1.0.


When I try to configure a spell, the button is dimmed and I cannot chose it. Why ?

AdiButtons has no rule about this spell. Consider filling an issue.

What do some rules ending with some obscure characters between brackets, like [LPS-DRUID-5.4.1-7] ?

These are references to the libraries AdiButtonAuras used to create the rule.

  • LPS-XXX-A.B.C-N: data from LibPlayerSpells-1.0 for class XXX, patch A.B.C, Nth revision. E.g. "[LPS-DRUID-5.4.1-7]" stands for "rule created accordingly to LibPlayerSpells-1.0 data for druid, patch 5.4.1, 7th revision."
  • DR-N: DRData-1.0, Nth revision.
  • LSB-N: LibSpellbook-1.0, Nth revision.
  • LD-N: LibDispellable-1.0, Nth revision.

Are you going to support button skinning, e.g. Masque ?

No, unless Masque supports to skin partial buttons.

Are you going to support ElvUI ?

AdiButtonAuras should work with ElvUI. I am not going to support its skin though.

Are you going to add a configuration panel to create custom rules ?

Not in the way InlineAura did it. At best will it support custom rules written in Lua using the DSL (and I make no promise).


Thanks to the following people for testing and contributing to AdiButtonAuras and related libraries.

Contributors (in alphabetical order):


AdiButtonAuras is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3.

tag 1.8
Adirelle <>
2014-10-23 08:44:49 +0200

Even though spell data are not complete. Here is a first 6.0 version.


Tim Bellefleur:
    - Warlock: Add highlighting for Chaos Bolt when embers are filling.
    (Also load default Chaos Bolt config because of things like Backdraft)
    - Warlock: Molten Core (green flame) aura has a separate spellID
    - Add Molten Core -> Soulfire tracking and Demonic Fury display on meta.
    - Fixes GH-73.
    - Update Deathknight.lua
    - Blood Tap flashes at 5 stacks
    - Fixes GH-69.
    - Fixes GH-68.
    - Removed the tradeskill import.
    - Enraged Regeneration
    - 6.0 changes.
    Removed Enraged Regen Rule.
    - Do not require AceTimer-3.0 anymore.
    - TOC bump.
    - Added blank border.
    - Fixed and
    - Fixed tests.
    - Some basic Warrior Rules.
    Enraged Regen rule is useful. The rest, not so much.
    - Common Rule fixes
    Warrior changes/Drums of Rage debuff added.
    - Small border art fixes.
    - English language clarity fix
    - D'oh !
    Fixes GH-37.
    - Sanitized action analysis.
    Indicated unsupported actions with an orange overlay.
    Spit an error on unknown action types.
    - Properly update the configuration overlay when the button changes (pagination, macro, ...).
    - Import racials and tradeskills from LibPlayerSpells.
    See GH-37.
    - Retrieve the database version of LibItemBuffs using the proper API.
    - Updated .docmeta to reflect recent changes.
    - Update
    - Converted textile files to Markdown.
    - Update Getting
    - Update Getting
    Minor layout and syntax fixes.
    - First version of a "Getting started", thanks to dafzor.
    - Updated embedded wowmock.
    - Added unit testing for items.
    See GH-37.
    - Fixed whitespaces.
    - Added a checkstyle test.
    - Added basic testing.
    - Tell the Wowace packager to ignore the "tests" folders of libraries.
    - Fixes GH-56.
    - The Base64 encoder, the serializer and their tests moved to a better place.
    - The serializer and deserializer handles (circular) references.
    - More serializer test cases, and fixes.
    - Added tests for the serializer/deserializer.
    - Added a base64_encoder/decoder with some tests.
    - Fixed GH-55.
    - Added a "SafeGetGlobal" helper, that does not choke on nil values.
    - Error about access to unexistent globals un rules.
    - Warlock: fixed Pyroclasm.
    - Warlock: moved Havoc suggestion in another rule.
    Fixes GH-47.
    - Allow "print()" in user rules for debugging purpose.
    - Added a class restriction to user rules.
    - README update.
    - DK: fixed Soul Reaper target.
    - Slightly improved the "user rules" panel, again.
    - Improved the "user rules" panel.
    - Enhanced the debug panel.
    - Reorganised sources into smaller files.
    - Changed file layout.
    - User-defined rules.
    - Fixes GH-53.
    - Update Rules.textile
    - Update
    - Fixed aura iterators.
    - Experimental aura cache and accessors.
    This should avoid "seq-scanning" the auras several times to find specific player auras.
    UnitAura is not accessible in rules but there are specific accessors, e.g. GetPlayerBuff(unit, id), IterateDebuffs(unit), ...
    - Tidied up allowed globals in rule snippets.
    - Renamed highlight textures to be more descriptive.
    Fixes GH-45.
    - Fixed a typo in Config.lua
    - Added an option to select the highlight texture.
    - Fixed RuleDSL.lua globals.
    - Moved the environment builder in its own file.
    - Moved more functions into Utils.lua
    - Removed dead code.
    - Added font options in a theme panel.
    Also moved the color options in this new panel.
    Fixes GH-50.
    - Display the source of item rules.
    - Display the internal "key" of unknown spell/item.
    - Rewritten item support so item rules can be shown and disabled.
    - Borders
    10 border images.
    - Fixes GH-51.
    - Removed a spammy debug line.
    - Fixed a table leak related to items.
    - Fixed logic error in buff count tracker
    - Reworked how the hint option affects display during spell cooldown and out of combat.
    May affect GH-47.
    - Messing with InterfaceOptionsFrame_OpenToCategory again.
    Hopefully fixes GH-41.
    - Common rules: ignore pets when checking raid buffs.
    Fixes GH-46.
    - Whitespace fixes in Druid.lua
    - Load all rules in debug mode, to check them all.
    - Copyright bump.
    - Hardened the running environment of rule snippets.
    - I love you too, Textile markup.
    - Fixed README markup.
    - Fixed README markup.
    - Workaround Blizzard option panel bug.
    Fixes GH-41.
    - Updated the README file.
    - Locales updated.
    - English Corrections.
    Some minor spelling and language tweaks so the descriptions are easier
    to understand.
    - Fixed Feral Clear casting. Issue #30.
    This time not touching the file using the web interface.  :smirk:
    - Fixed GH-37.
    - Docs updated.
    - Whenever possible, append a reference to the source in the description of the rule.
    LPS-<class>-<patch>-<revision>: LibPlayerSpells-1.0.
    DR-<minor>: DRData-1.0.
    LSB-<minor>: LibSpellbook-1.0.
    LD-<minor>: LibDispellable-1.0.
    - Updated the localization.
    - Config: added an option to select how to display the suggestions.
    Closes GH-38.
    - Common: improved the description of the raid buff rule.
    Fixes GH-34.
    - Common: ignore dead group members in the count of missing raid buffs.
    - Improved the content of the tooltips in configuration mode.
    - Removed shared debuffs, since they are gone (at least the debuffs).
    - Use C_Timer instead of AceTimer-3.0.
    Also use a minimum delay of 0.1 to prevent infinite recursion.
    Fixes #13.
    - TOC bump.

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