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AuctionFilterPlus (fan's update)

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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 4.2
  • 32,702 Total Downloads
  • Updated 07/10/2011
  • Created 11/01/2008
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 40200.1
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About AuctionFilterPlus (fan's update)


This is a fan's update for Dsanais AuctionFiltePlus (link to wowinterface, the curse/curseforge projects have been removed a couple of months ago.

I have sent her a PM on curse to see if she is still going to update the addon but as I have not received a reply yet and could not live without AuctionFilterPlus I decided to have a quick look at it.

It seems the problem was some changed AH frame element names that came with patch 3.0.2 so all it needed was very few changes.

This is purely a fan's update until Dsanai gets around to update the addon, then I will remove this project again as I do not want to create a separate branch.

Update 2009-02-01:

As the original project for AuctionFilterPlus by Dsanai seems to have been removed from curse, I have copied across the original description from Dsanai's page on WoWInterface:

--- Start original description by Dsanai ---

This mod adds a flyout panel of filters and display modifications, plus a reset button, to the Auction House.

Thank you to the authors of AuctionFilterRL (Joshaze), AH_Reset (AnduinLothar), AuctionSort (Abraha), and AH_Wipe (Neriak), as these mods formed the base for this extension.

I've added a few more filters that I always wished I'd had when shopping (such as only-20-piece stacks, and exact search), changed it to a low-clutter Flyout display, added the ability to save one's filter settings, merged the two mods into one, and added tooltips so users have more information about what each filter does.


  • Adds a Filter button and a Reset button to the AuctionHouse frame.
  • Pressing the Filter button will cause a Flyout menu to appear.
  • The filter checkboxes on the flyout allow you to limit your AH results or change the display of certain information.
  • In "Show Best Deals" display, bolts of cloth and greater essences are valued as their appropriate number of component elements.
  • You can clear your filter settings with a single click.
  • You can clear your Auction House search boxes with a single click.
  • You can save your filter settings as your default setup, which will persist across sessions, characters, and servers.
  • You can clear your settings temporarily and then reload them without relogging.
  • Each of the filter checkboxes has an explanatory tooltip.
  • Ready for localization (please help do so, if you are German- or French-speaking). You will be credited!
  • Compatible with Auctioneer and KC_Items.

--- End original description by Dsanai ---


  • adjustec toc for patch 4.2.0


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  • #67

    I'm guessing that this "version" of this addon will not be updated?  :(

  • #66

    You can find an updated, and working, version at:


  • #61

    FUBAR with 4.3 please fix thanks!!!!!

  • #63

    fix is almost done. ill post the msg when it is. sorry for the delay.

  • #59

    Sadly, looks like 4.3 has finally broken this addon.  The "Grey Out Bids" feature isn't working, and the addon appears to be confusing the AH list, with columns knocking into each other.

    I'd love to see a fix for this... would really love it.

  • #60

    give me a few days and ill see about getting a fix for ya:)

  • #64

    naw its not to bad. i had a bad night at work last night. once i wake up. ill finish it up and get it posted for ya:)

  • #62

    I hope the damage isn't too extensive.  I'd love to see this addon up and running again as before.  The options which this addon provides are amazingly helpful, and a true wonder why Blizzard hasn't instituted these same options to make browsing the AH a wee bit easier.

    /fingers crossed

  • #56
    this has worked great for me until now. I was browsing the auctions (briarthorn) and i got this this error. I am also posting on Altoholic site so that both can figure whats happened.

    1x AuctionFilterPlus-40200.1\AuctionFilterPlus.lua:645: attempt to concatenate local 'newName' (a nil value)
    Altoholic-v4.2.001\Altoholic.lua:202: in function `updateFunction'
    Interface\FrameXML\UIPanelTemplates.lua:250: in function `FauxScrollFrame_OnVerticalScroll':

    : in function `SetVerticalScroll'

    : in function `SetValue'
    Interface\FrameXML\UIPanelTemplates.lua:172: in function `ScrollFrameTemplate_OnMouseWheel':

  • #58
    what other addons are you using with this by chance?
  • #57
    what other addons are you using with this by chance?
  • #54
    The current version has a bug when browsing the 'my auctions' tab: When I mouseover any item the tooltip only shows the 1st item of the list all the time intead of the current one - no matter over which of my AH items I move the mouse.

    I disabled every single addon and only enabled this addon. The bug was still there so it's this addon causing the problem (unless Blizz UI has bugs).
  • #55
    This has been reported several times. However, this is not my addon, I only fixed it after a patch to make the LUA errors go away. I have neither the knowledge nor the time to debug it for this. Sorry.
  • #51
    When I open the AH, I get
    [AuctionFilterPlus] Shutting down. Reason: AucAdvanced5-CompactUI Enabled.
    and I dont see anything from AFP.
    Can't I ise Autioneer and AFP together?
  • #52
    PS: Ok, I found out, that I have to deactivate CompactUI, when I want to use APF.
    But I have to use CompactUI, to have access to the new TradeSkill-Buttons (they dont appear in standardUI).
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