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Am I locked out?

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  • Updated 01/28/2015
  • Created 10/07/2009
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  • Newest File: v2.9.9
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About Am I locked out?

Little addon which saves me quite some time with all my twinks.

What it does

Rembers which of your chars are saved to which instance.

  • Weekly raid quest (Dalaran quest) [Will updated once there are Cataclysm versions]
  • Every Instance that gives you a SavedInstanceID is trackable!
  • 7x Daily Heroic per week (number represents the amount left on the character)
  • Daily PVP, Tol'Barad Victory
  • 5man heroics (Option to show 5mans in the tooltip is OFF by default)

Updates on login and every time you get the 'You are now saved to this instance'-message, a shift-click on the tooltip forces a manual update. So you don't have to log onto your chars to see if you can join that raid with one of your alts

Currently only a LDB icon:

  • Right click: Brings up the configuration (change tooltip colors, profiles)
  • Left click: Bring up the RaidFrame, Shift-click for manual playerupdate
  • Hovering: Shows a tooltip of all instances. Green = free, Red = locked out (default colors, you can change them)

Config options:

  • Standard Ace3 profile things
  • Change colors of the tooltip
  • Change abbreviations used for instancenames (Ailo tries to get a 'first char of every word'-type, but that is kinda hard if you have a locale which relies heavy on utf-8 chars)

tag v2.9.9
Starfox <>
2015-01-29 02:10:32 +0100

Tagging 2.9.9


    - bug fix - lua errors were thrown in currency tracker after WipeDB calls
    - bug fix: raids were showing number of encounters completed instead of number remaining when Encounters Left was checked
    - SHOW_LOOT_TOAST will now trigger quest checking
    - Bug fix: use the currency CURRENCY_DISPLAY_UPDATE event to trigger a check a quest completion event to catch when you gain a seal of tempered fate from the bunker quartermaster.
    - comment out some debug only code
    - Rough first draft of the rewrite for WoD. Column headers are two two rows tall now with the top row spanning for grouping. For example, Highmaul will span over the columns for the various difficulties and its LFR wings and the icon for seal of tempered fate will span across the columns for total earned and earned this week. Tracker for garrison invasions added (1 means bronze, 2 silver, red means gold).
    known issues
    Drov and Tarina (aka Drovina) aren't showing up in the lockouts ui or having their lockout returned by the world boss api. There's a workaound in using a quest id but its not triggering correctly on kill which means it won't show up until you reload ui or relog into that character (or something else forces collection).
    There may be some strings that hard coded english right now; need to make a localization pass through the code.
    Would be nice to dynamically figure out if a category header should be abbreviated or shown full based off columns it spans.
    Would like to have (feel free to suggest) some iconigraphic representations for column headers like Dailies, Weeklies and Garrison Invasion that would be intuitive across languages.
    - loot coins tracker disabled pending update
    - added info for tracking new lfrs and overleveling existing lfrs.


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  • #91

    An option to grey out and/or hide specific toons would be great :)

  • #87

    Released a new version to fix the .toc file typo that was causing the addon to fail on load for people if AceHook-3.0 wasn't loaded by another addon.

  • #85

    I used to load AILO in titan panel, will that be back too once the ace thing i read about is fixed aswell??


  • #86

    Correct. Once fixed, it should reappear in Titan panel. Also, as Maximus reported, if you install Ace3 as an Haddon in the meantime it will start working again.

  • #83

    Latest release (2.6) does not include AceHook-3.0, yet it depends on it. An error is thrown and Ailo refuses to load if you don't have Ace3 installed.

    Last edited by MaXiMiUS on 12/23/2011 10:05:30 PM
  • #84

    Actually the package does include AceHook3.0 in the Libs folder; .pkgmeta was updated correctly.  What I screwed up was setting the path to it in the .toc file with a dumb copy paste error and so it can't find the lib to load it.  That's why if you have any other addon that gets that lib loaded for Ailo (like Ace3 as a standalone) you don't see the error.  I won't have repository access for a week or so; Starfox will have to make the fix for me
    from: Libs\AceEvent-3.0\AceHook-3.0.xml
    to: Libs\AceHook-3.0\AceHook-3.0.xml

    I apologize for the inconvenience.

  • #81

    Is there any alternative to this addon? While it seemed useful in the past it hardly serves a real purpose atm since it doesn't track VP weekly cap across your toons, doesn't track LFR weekly done and it doesn't update characters that are capped ater a reset IE. reset hits, you need to log a character for the mod to understand that yes, you have indeed reset and yes, you can once again go work on new week.

    What is the point if the addon shows my alts capped until I log them? :P


    Not to sound ungrateful or anything, but the tickets on WowAce is ranging back to May without any fix so I'm guessing it's dead.


    TL;DR Any alternative? Mod is dead.

  • #88 is similar. Creates a rather large tooltip and doesn't track TB, though

  • #89

    The recent updates should hopefully have addressed most of detvarjannik's concerns.  We're tracking the LFR raids and should be handling all of the weekly type resets better now (there's a dropdown letting EU users change the day of week from Tues to Wed but still I need to add some auto-detection for that). For weekly VP you still have to just see whether the count of heroic randoms you can run is 0 or not but I have plans for adding in the options to have VP and Conquest point totals shown (with the option to choose whether it shows amount gained this week or amount left to gain for cap).

  • #82

    I'm not the author, so I can't address all your issues, but I'm familiar with some parts of how the addon works.

    It does track weekly VP cap, its just not particularly clear that its doing it.  If you have Track 'Daily Heroic' checked, you'll get a column whose header is 140 and the VP icon. That's actually tracking your weekly VP cap in terms of the number of heroics it would take to get capped.  So, for example, I'm currently on a character sitting at 400 VP and the number is 4 (4x150 = 600 VP to cap me). For another character I have who hasn't collected any VP this week the number is at 7.  The problem is that the name in the options ui and the header in the tooltip still reflect the old days when it was tracking whether you'd gained the 140 VP for running a daily heroic and that needs to get updated and made clear as too what its tracking now.

    I also have a character I haven't logged into this week and he still says 2 in that column so I'm also seeing the issue of old data only gets purged on a character by character basis. Would be nice if that got fixed.

    As for LFR, I've just done some research and we can calculate the number of of bosses left to kill with the following:

    4 - select(2, GetLFGDungeonNumEncounters(416))  -- The Siege of Wyrmrest Temple

    4 - select(2, GetLFGDungeonNumEncounters(417))  -- Fall of Deathwing

    If starfox doesn't get LFR support in soon, I'll probably take a crack at adding it in myself.

  • #79
    I love this addon. But the PVP daily tracking isn't working for me. There was a typo in the LUA that I fixed (instances.dailpvp should be instances.dailypvp), but it still doesn't update for either a new day reset or a bg victory until you re-log into a character, which kinda defeats the purpose of tracking.
  • #90

    Has the latest version fixed problems for you with regards to the daily random pvp reward? I don't pvp and so haven't really tried testing it.

    Also, would it be useful tracking rewards related to the weekend battleground? I believe there's a conquest point bonus for winning that once, correct?  How does that work, can you only get the bonus once per BG weekend (so just treat it like a weekly quest/reset) or can you get it once per day during that weekend?

  • #95
    Yea, I think I had confused with some other case. Thanks for updating. :)
  • #93

    NOTE: this reply is supposed to be for comment #92, but curse's reply system is jacked up and insists on turning it into a reply to comment #90 instead.

    Nyao - thanks for the catch with regards to line 789. That's definately a bug and I'll check in for a fix for it.  I have to disagree though with what you said about GetRandomBGHonorCurrencyBonuses() always returning true.  I used the chat prompt to run (without the quotes) "/run print(GetRandomBGHonorCurrencyBonuses())" and the results were "false 270 100 45 0".

  • #92

    Great Addon, I really like it.

    So I've checked codes and API around Daily pvp flag.

    line 331 (version 2.6.02)

    Currently, API GetRandomBGCurrencyBonuses always returns true as 1st return value for some reason. To check if daily PvP is done, have to check 2nd return value. like that...

    local hasWin, winHonor = GetRandomBGCurrencyBonuses();
    if winHonor < 270 then

    1st win gives 270 hounor, after that honor reward will be 135.

    also line 789

    dailypvp flag should be charData.resets.dailypvp


    Last edited by Nyao on 1/17/2012 6:16:55 PM
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