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  • Updated 03/22/2012
  • Created 03/09/2012
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  • License: Academic Free License v3.0
  • Newest File: v1.1

About AmperDND

AmperDND enables greater control over the "do not disturb" message normally available via /dnd.

A default message can be stored and edited, and the default behavior of echoing this message to local chat can be toggled. Works for both regular whispers and RealID/Battle.Net messages.

tag v1.1
Steve Lovaas <>
2012-03-22 15:22:48 -0600

Tagging as v1.1


Steve Lovaas:
    - Fixing default message read-in


  • #6

    I'm trying this out.  I sent a whisper to myself and entered an infinite loop of self-spam.  Oy :/

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    To be honest I'm using the addon a little differently than what you are intending. I run a guild of 1,000 people and often the new recruits whisper me with very repeated questions. I put your DND addon up and most of the questions are answered before I go crazy with each person.

    The big problem is that there hasn't been an auto-answer addon like yours since literally 2007 (autoresponder) or possibly nuttyrecruit (updated until mid-wrath).

    That being said, most of my needs stem from not having this void filled, but a lot of the suggestions still might be appropriate for something that's strictly for a DND function (so please don't write me off entirely!):

    • Different saved messages in banks. Maybe make it so that people can save up to a high number, arbitrarily 20? or so. This would open up different dnd statuses in a pulldown-like function from a minimap icon.
    • Different responses for different types of people, including an "exempt" type. I don't want my realid friends receiving the same message as a new member of the guild (if at all - I'd personally want them and officers of my guild not recieving a message at all). Types of people might include (specific level ranges), (specific guild ranks), (real id friends), (realm friends), etc
    • Default response for people that don't meet the above rules
    • Keyword response. Different messages based on user-set keywords. Keywords can be saved alongside the saved messages.
    • Multi-line responses, preferably on a timer so people don't get hit with a wall of text all at once. "What are your guild rules?"
    • Automatic "on" or "off" when loaded, user set
    • Option to turn off the tag you've put on the front of the messages. While it's important to advertise your addon when possible, I hypothesize that 99% of my audience has no need for the addon and that little tag is ignored anyway. Also, it reduces the amount of information I can put in a message. I'm not saying leave it out entirely- just give people the ability to turn it off if they need to and keep it on by default.
    • Set a timer to not repeat a message to someone who gets hit. Sometimes I actually DO want to talk to someone who gets a DND message. Right now I have to turn off the whole addon so they don't continue to get spammed.
    • Ability to hide incoming whispers as well
    • Possibly spit back the hidden whispers on request (answering machine kind of thing)

    If you put a few of these in I have no doubt that you'll turn some heads! Guild leaders around the world would rejoice. Use the ideas or not - I'm glad you have an open ear and I'm sure we'll talk more

    Last edited by cente on 3/23/2012 9:46:50 AM
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    Lots of great ideas... I'll see about getting to work on a few of them. Thanks!

  • #3

    Version 1.1 is posted. The feature intended to save a custom away message wasn't working well; this should make the feature work as intended.

  • #2

    Not sure of my future plans... I'd be very happy to hear your suggestions for expanded functions :)

  • #1

    What are your plans with this addon? I have about 20 suggestions I could make. Looks great already :-)

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