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Angry Boss Reminders

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 165 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.2
  • 1,747 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/21/2014
  • Created 01/29/2014
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: BSD License
  • Newest File: v0.2.1

About Angry Boss Reminders

This addon was written by the guild Angry (US-Illidan) to help raiders switch to the proper talents, glyphs, and gear for each boss during a raid. Raiders can configure the particular items that they'd like the addon to watch for, on a per-boss basis. As they arrive at each boss, they'll be reminded about any missing talents/glyphs/gear and can simply click on the reminder icons to install/equip the missing items automatically.

Using Angry Boss Reminders

To bring up ABR's configuration, bring up the game's Interface menu and go to Addons -> Angry Boss Reminders, or you can simply use the "/abr" command.

Towards the top of the configuration screen, you will find a Boss menu that contains a "Default" item, plus each boss that is supported by ABR (currently, ABR only supports Siege of Orgrimmar, and will only be active while in SoO). To the right of the Boss menu is a Spec menu. The Spec menu controls which spec's talent/glyph/gear slots you're currently editing. By default, the Spec menu will be set to whatever spec you are currently. If you select a different spec from the menu, it will allow you to edit the talents/glyphs/gear slots for that other spec without having to re-spec. (Note: ABR does not remind you to change specs for bosses, it only stores a separate profile of talents/glyphs/gear for each of your specs. Reminders are always checked against whatever spec you currently are.)

First, for any given spec, you'll want to configure your talent/glyph/gear slots for the "Default" boss. Set your talent/glyph slots to whatever talents and glyphs you would use most of the time. If certain talent or glyph slots don't affect raiding at all, you could just leave those set to the blank slot, and ABR will then ignore them completely. Next, pick individual bosses from the Boss menu, and then select any talents/glyphs that are different for that boss, compared to what you set in the "Default". For slots that you leave blank in the individual bosses, ABR will refer back to the "Default". This means you will normally end up leaving most slots blank for individual bosses.

Gear works the same way as talents/glyphs. Most people don't generally change gear on a per-boss basis, so the most common use of this feature will likely be making sure that you have certain trinkets equipped for certain bosses, or things of that nature. If you have any gear that you want ABR to check for, then drag those pieces of gear into the appropriate gear slots, either in the "Default", or a per-boss profile, depending on the desired effect. As with talents/glyphs, ABR will check the per-boss profile first - if it's blank, then it'll refer back to the Default profile, and if both are blank, it will ignore that slot entirely. In addition to dragging items in, you can click on an empty gear slot to insert whatever you're currently wearing in that slot. To clear an occupied gear slot, click on it.

Next, either push the "Toggle Lock" button from within the ABR config window, or use the "/aa lock" command. This will let you configure the location and the size of the reminder icon, by dragging the icon itself or the size adjuster at the bottom right of it. After you're done with that, push "Toggle Lock" or use "/aa lock" again to lock it in place and hide it from view.

After you've configured ABR, it will begin reminding you to adjust your talents/glyphs/gear as you approach each boss's location in a supported raid zone. (Note: in normal/heroic difficulty, dead bosses will be detected and you won't be reminded to switch talents/glyphs/gear as you go through their area; however, in flex/LFR, you may get these warnings while passing through en route to a different boss.) The reminder will consist of a short message telling you which boss has been been detected, and icons for each of the talents/glyphs/gear that you should have for that boss, but are currently missing. A left-click on an icon will immediately install that glyph or talent or equip that piece of gear, while a right-click will dismiss that reminder for the time being (until you reload UI or see a different boss). You can also set a key binding in the game's keybindings (in the section "Angry Boss Reminders") which will be the equivalent of left-clicking on the large icon. If you enter combat with any reminders still showing, they'll be suppressed as long as you remain in combat.


The "/abr help" command will list all console commands.

The "/abr resetposition" command will reset the position of the reminder icon back to the default.


* Fix for switching talents with 6.0


* Updated for WoW 6.0


* Bug fix for characters without a specialization learned


* Initial release


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