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  • Supports: 5.4.0
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  • Updated 09/09/2013
  • Created 09/08/2012
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  • License: Public Domain
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About Arcanometer

Gives you a more precise view of your Mana Bar by only showing the upper end of it. The amount of mana visible can be set using a simple slash command.


  • Zoomed in view of your mana bar for better mana management.
  • Clearly visible Arcane Charge stacks.
  • Time left of your bombs and talents.


  • Move the addon by dragging it around, but make sure it's not locked in place. /amtr lock should be false.
  • Resize by dragging the bottom right-hand corner.
  • /amtr <lower mana limit> - Sets the lower threshold of the mana bar either as a percentage or as a fixed value. Defaults to 80%.
  • /amtr lock - Lock or unlock addon movement.
  • /amtr combat - When enabled only shows addon in combat.
  • /amtr reset - Resets the size and position of the addon.


  • Fix for window movement. Use /amtr lock to move or resize the window.


  • Added /amtr lock - To look the window position and size.


  • Changed from 6 to 4 Arcane Charges.
  • Added a level 90 talent cooldown timer.


  • Fixed an issue where changing the bomb talent would cause the icon to disappear.
  • Improved bomb font visibility slightly (maybe).


  • Addon can be resized by dragging bottom right-hand corner.


  • Can take the minimum mana value in either percentage or as a fixed value.


  • Added support for Frost Bomb.
  • UI improvements.


  • UI has improved enough for a release.


  • Initial working version but with a very alpha UI.


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  • #65

    We really need an update to this add-on as it has been a huge help to arcane mages (esp this one). I would also recommend the changes given by TimWB

  • #64


    First off, LOVE arcanometer.

    Is there going to be an update for 6.0.2?  Maybe including Incanter's Ward (if you don't choose Rune of Power) and keeping track of Supernova charges (instead of the mage bomb, if you choose not to take that)?


  • #63

    Is there a way to make the window transparent ? 

    One man one brain, 2 men 1/2 a brain, 3 brains

  • #62

    So much better than the default Blizzard UI for seeing arcane charges.  Thank you very much for making this.


  • #61

    Hey I have used your addon for months now and i have encountered a small probelm. While raiding I accidentally clicked and dragged it off my screen and my mouse went onto my secondary screen. I have tried the /amtr reset command and nothing happened, I locked then unlocked it and still nothing. Lastly I untinstalled and reinstalled and repeated the previous steps, and I still cant see the addon. are you able to help me out at all?


    *EDIT - I fixed it using the Delete Settings ( Saved Variables) option on curse client, and then reinstalled. 

    Leaving this here just incase it helps anyone

    Last edited by Prian3995 on 4/24/2014 7:59:43 AM
  • #59

    nicely done. There is one more thing can be improved on, which is the 2T16 piece gear buff.

  • #58

    I really like this addon its so much helpful BUT if u can just make an option that u can remove the icons and just show the mana bar that would be really nice ... since most of us have weak auras a or power auras to show the cds for the bombs and RoPs

  • #57

    I posted an update of the addon which I hope helps with movement. Now you have to use /amtr lock to lock or unlock its position on screen. Let me know if it doesn't work.

  • #56

    Im getting fps problems since 5.3 with that 5.2 version. Update please if possible.


  • #55

    Another arcane mage addon that has been left out of date. Sad, I really like the look of this one.

  • #54

    If you cannot move the addon, try this:

    First lock the window by typing in /amtr lock. Then unlock by typing in the same command. Then try to move it with CTRL+Leftclick.

  • #53

    Does not appear to be working. No arcane charges light up, mana bar doesn't move, nothing. Just there looking pretty O.o

  • #52

    just a suggestion, what would make this add on totally bada$* would be an alarm or auditaory warning when mana gets to 80%

  • #51

    Yeah found out as other people have that you could not move it. Found a temporary fix. Download the from the other downloads tab, extract the file and copy the entire ArcanometerView.lua folder to the new one in your WoW folder. This seems to have worked for me. Good luck everyone. :D

  • #48

    First time using this, it's just what I needed but like the others I can't move it, it unlocked to resize it but to move it lower...nope.  

    Edit to add: I found if you use the RIGHT side ctrl and click in the middle of window, the space between the bomb and the Arcane Charges you can move it. 

    Last edited by Rhazzledazle on 3/12/2013 6:06:07 AM

    One man one brain, 2 men 1/2 a brain, 3 brains

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