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Archy - Archaeology Assistant

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 23,842 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.7
  • 6,068,366 Total Downloads
  • Updated 05/03/2014
  • Created 10/16/2010
  • 4,152 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1 (LGPLv2.1)
  • Newest File: 1.8.44
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About Archy - Archaeology Assistant

Archy is an assistant for Archaeologists that want information at their finger tips.


Bug reports/suggestions: WoWAce Tickets system

Bugs reported in comments will be deleted.


  • Localized for English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese users
  • On-screen customizable and movable list for the dig sites on the continent you are current on
  • On-screen customizable and movable list of the artifacts you are researching that can be filtered to display only the races for the continent you are on
  • Racial fragment types are shown for each of the dig sites
  • Solve artifacts with (left click) or without (right click) keystones by clicking on the racial crest icon in the on-screen artifacts list or bind a key for a one stop solve shop
  • TomTom support to help you navigate between dig sites
  • Able to display dig sites on the minimap (closest only or all dig sites)
  • Able to display dig site boundaries on the battlefield mini map
  • Blacklist dig sites in the on-screen digsite list by right clicking on the dig site name. Perfect for when you have a bugged node or a dig site that is in a zone that you dislike.
  • Blacklist races so they do not appear in your artifacts on-screen list and won't be used when the artifact solve keybind is pressed
  • Sound triggers for when you have enough fragments and/or keystones to solve an artifact
  • A dig recorder to see where at a dig site you have successful dug
  • LDB Tooltip showing missing rare artifacts per race and overall archaeology progress
  • many more features

Minimap Button Frame and other similar addons

All Minimap based frames (such as nodes, dig sites and dig site boundaries) have been prefixed now with ArchyMinimap To stop these addons from taking these frames from the minimap, add the following item to their protected items list: ArchyMinimap

Mini-Guide to Fewer Digs

tag 1.8.44
James D. Callahan III <>
2014-05-03 13:49:13 -0500


Paul "Myrroddin" Vandersypen:
    - - local reference to LibStub, as global reference to a global is pointless (Artifacts.lua - fix ticket #491 Lake of Stars Digsite is Mogu not Mantid (Digsites.lua - poke for latest localizations (LibBabble-DigSites, LibBabble-Artifacts, Archy itself) - poke for latest libraries


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  • #1747

    Just got around to updating to 1.8.43 (from 1.8.42) and I'm running into a new bug. The Auto Hide in Combat works fine when I get into combat -- the Archy frames are hidden, and I can kill whatever it is that's stopping me from digging. However the frames do not reappear, even after I've mounted up and started heading to somewhere else. To get the frames to reappear after combat, I have to toggle Archy off and back on.

    It's a minor thing, really, but for now I've disabled the auto-hide and that seems to work.

  • #1746

    I love your addon. On digsites list the race dont appear. I have ptbr version of wow. Thanks!

  • #1744

    Since patch 5.4.1, whenever I do something that involves a vehicle UI (pet battles, weeding on my farm, etc), I get a pop up that says that Archy was blocked from an action only available to the Blizard UI with the option to disable the add on or ignore.  If I click "ignore," the vehicle UI works as it should, if I click "disable,"  the add on is turned off.  I suppose I could just leave it turned off unless I am actively doing archaeology, but it is an annoyance.

  • #1745

    You're going to see this with quite a few AddOns since 5.4.1 hit live; Blizzard has decided to run a protected function when any of about 30 frames shows. The general hope is that they'll revert this madness in an upcoming patch, but until then I'll have to try and figure out which of these frames are affecting Archy and try to enable a workaround.


    TL;DR - Known Blizzard bug with 5.4.1 which affects just about every AddOn in existence. Possible workaround, much griping.

  • #1743

    In the configuration, make sure "Enable EasyCast" is checked. Then, it's double right click.


  • #1742

    It has been awhile since I used this addon, I reinstalled it today and as i was digging I thought you used to be able to right click on the ground and the toon would survey w/o having to hit the survey button or am I wrong?  Cus hitting the survey button all the time is a pain.

  • #1740

    Lake of Stars Digsite in Dread Waste marked by addon as Mantid one but its Mogu for real. Been like this for a while.

  • #1739

    I love this add on. It's one of my favorites. Is there an update coming?

  • #1734

    So far this addon has helped me quite a bit.  It makes finding dig sites for me much easier.  I have only been using it a day but so far so good.  Keep up the good work.  Like!

  • #1732

    There are still problems with localisation, at least the french one. I tried to take a look into the LUA files, I didn't find where the problem came from.

    In the digsites list that appears when I mouseover the minimap icon, a Mantid digsite appear as UNKNOWN race, and Unknow zone.

    Do you know where the problem could come from ?


  • #1733
    Quote from NinieAlucard »

    Salut :)

    Il te faut corriger les traductions dans :


     Corrige ces trois lignes :

        ["Sra'thik Swarmdock Digsite"] = "Site de fouilles de l’appontement de l’essaim Sra’thik",

        ["Zan'vess Digsite"] = "Site de fouilles de Zan’vess",

        ["Venomous Ledge Digsite"] = "Site de fouilles de l’escarpement Venimeux",

    Depuis le mien trouve les trois sites.


    Last edited by Dexity on 8/12/2013 9:31:43 AM
  • #1730

    Referencing post #1728 from Dridzt, could you please tell me how to automate digsite tracking again?  It seems that one of Blizzard's "hot fixes" has disabled that feature, and it is beyond annoying not to know exactly where to go, and how to get there.  I've become very dependent on this feature.  I've tried figuring it out and have played with some of the settings, and I have even reinstalled Archy, but nothing seems to work.  Help, please?

  • #1736

    Having the same issue - the useful window with the distances and amounts of each has simply vanished.

    I really hope Blizz haven't managed to stymy one of my favoutite and most useful addons ....

  • #1729

    Might be a bizarre question but is there a way to make it so I only see digsites for specific races? Like for the ones in Uldum or for the Mogu? 

  • #1727

    Archy seems to manhandle the "Show digsites" option in the world map. While this might be intentional it's annoying to me since I would like to keep archy in latent mode while questing as I don't need the dig windows and the giant tooltip it spawns gets on the way. (While on digging trips both of these are good). However, I'd still like to see the digsites in the worldmap (and minimap, as it were) to see when to take digging break. Now every time I have disabled Archy I have to go enable the "Show digsites" again, and even then it seems to get disabled on it's own at times. None of this happens if Archy is not loaded at all.


    "If you say 'plz' because it's shorter than 'please', I say 'no' because it's shorter than 'yes'."
    @Alisu on EU Megaserver

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