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Archy - Archaeology Assistant

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  • Supports: 6.1.0
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  • Updated 03/05/2015
  • Created 10/16/2010
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About Archy - Archaeology Assistant

Archy is an assistant for Archaeologists that want information at their finger tips.


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  • Localized for English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese users
  • On-screen customizable and movable list for the dig sites on the continent you are current on
  • On-screen customizable and movable list of the artifacts you are researching that can be filtered to display only the races for the continent you are on
  • Racial fragment types are shown for each of the dig sites
  • Solve artifacts with (left click) or without (right click) keystones by clicking on the racial crest icon in the on-screen artifacts list or bind a key for a one stop solve shop
  • TomTom support to help you navigate between dig sites
  • Able to display dig sites on the minimap (closest only or all dig sites)
  • Able to display dig site boundaries on the battlefield mini map
  • Blacklist dig sites in the on-screen digsite list by right clicking on the dig site name. Perfect for when you have a bugged node or a dig site that is in a zone that you dislike.
  • Blacklist races so they do not appear in your artifacts on-screen list and won't be used when the artifact solve keybind is pressed
  • Sound triggers for when you have enough fragments and/or keystones to solve an artifact
  • A dig recorder to see where at a dig site you have successful dug
  • LDB Tooltip showing missing rare artifacts per race and overall archaeology progress
  • many more features

Minimap Button Frame and other similar addons

All Minimap based frames (such as nodes, dig sites and dig site boundaries) have been prefixed now with ArchyMinimap To stop these addons from taking these frames from the minimap, add the following item to their protected items list: ArchyMinimap

Mini-Guide to Fewer Digs

James D. Callahan III <>
2015-03-05 20:50:08 -0600


James D. Callahan III:
    - Comment fix.
    - Miscellaneous variable renames, and use the Race object directly in SolveRaceArtifact()
    - Semantic cleanups.
    - If missing data for the current artifact for whatever reason, set the race's currentProject to nil so the previously-completed project goes away.
    - Race:GetArtifactCompletionDataByName() => Race:GetArtifactCompletionCountByName() and changed it to only return that value, since the other two values were never used anywhere.
    - Use the project's stored completionCount in the tooltip, instead of looking it up.
    - Also lowercase names of artifacts defined by initial pass of GetArtifactInfoByRace()
    - Use :tolower() for storing and matching project names to prevent a few Blizzard inconsistencies from causing failed matches. (Project name: "Calcified Eye in a Jar" Spell name: "Calcified Eye In a Jar")
    - Don't try to update the skill bar when loading into the world.
    - keystoneIDToRaceID => KeystoneIDToRace, keystoneLootRaceID => lootedKeystoneRace
    - Make sure currentDigsite isn't nil before attempting to record looted keystones. Should really only happen if the UI was reloaded before loot was grabbed.
    - Replaced HasArchaeology() with private.hasArchaeology - set in OnEnable() and updated whenever SKILL_LINES_CHANGED fires.
    - When announcing projects that were just solved or can be solved, include the project's icon.


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  • #378
    Can someone explain how the green and yellow dig site radius options work? I assumed it was to count down until you were closer to the target but seems to go opposite, counting up as I distance myself from the survey point.
  • #381
    In a nutshell, the distance indicator will tell you how far away from your last survey location.

    By default (and can be customized), the indicator will show Green if you are within 40 yards of your last survey location. It will show Yellow if you are between 40 yards and 80 yards from your last survey location. And finally Red when you are more than 80 yards from your last survey location.
  • #400
    is there a good setting to put these at to help you get to the artifact quicker? I'm just not sure how I'm supposed to take advantage of this.
  • #377
    This addon conflict with MBF - Minimap button frame. It's going crazy and I have to disable MBF and now my minmap is horrid, filled with buttons
  • #382
    Add ArchyMinimap to the protected items in MBF. Also read the description listed above, it states this.
  • #383
    In 1.7b8 or higher, I will have support for MBF and it will automatically add itself to the protected items list.
  • #376
    Every time I log in, the add on requires me to click my archaeology book before it will show the minimap button. Along with that, each time I log on (same character) all of my settings are set to default, and all of my dots are erased. Sometimes it won't even show the "Dig Sites" list until I complete one, which tells the add on to refresh the list.
  • #375
    I've found that the dig site boundaries are not showing up in the minimap in 1.7b6, whereas they did in 1.63

    Anyone else having this problem?

    PS I really do like this addon.
  • #367
    I use Minimap Button Frame ( On load, the gathered minimap buttons are fine. The first time I display Archy (left-click), I get 2 empty buttons in MBF. When I hide Archy, I get 1 empty button from that moment on. If I had to guess, I think it is picking up something Archy tried to add to the minimap and trying to display it as a button.
  • #369
    This relates to the arrows and nodes being gathered up. You can add an exception for the nodes(ArchyMinimap_POI) but the arrows dont have a frame name. If you look at my post below you can change the line and add an exception for the arrows (ArchyArrow) in game.
  • #368
    I probably should mention I am running 1.7b6.
  • #366
    How do yuo move frame? it's stuck at the left upper corner.
  • #373
    you can go into config options, by doing /move config then you can switch the anchor to bottom right or left (it defaults to top left). then, if you're using 1.7beta you can move the window anywhere you want.

    if you're using 1.63 then you can only move it vertically and it's in the same general place, using /move config
  • #374
    edit: i'm confused--been playing with Move Anything. Sorry about that, is what i get for trying to do this from memory.

    /archy config then go into either Artifacts or Dig Sites then to the Display Information tab and select where you want the anchor to be.
  • #363
    With archy activated I have very low FPS (~5) in instances like Magisters' Terrace and Caverns of Time. Could you please take a look at that?
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