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Arena Unit Frames

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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 5.0.4
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  • Updated 08/29/2012
  • Created 04/22/2007
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  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: Arena Unit Frames 3.09
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About Arena Unit Frames

Unit frames for your arena opponents, plus more.

Frames can display the following, each of which can be toggled on or off:

  • Debuffs and buffs
  • Unit target
  • Party target indicators
  • Cast bars
  • Target distance indicator
  • Trinket cooldown status indicator
  • Diminishing returns indicator

Additional functionality include an elaborate alert system, completely customizable button click functionality, and buff/debuff filters.

Alerts can display a message on screen in large letters and/or play a sound when specific events occur. Custom sound files can be placed in the addon's Custom folder to play any sound of your choosing. Some alerts have a speech option which will play pre-recorded voices instead of a sound effect, which will state the unit class and CC spell cast rather than a blanket sound effect for every class/spell. Alerts can also be configured to ignore specified classes/spells so they trigger only when you wish them to.

Version 3.09

  • Mists compatibility

Version 3.08

  • Fixed what should have been fixed in 3.07

Version 3.07

  • toc updated

Version 3.06

  • 4.2 compatibility

Version 3.05

  • 4.1 compatibility

Version 3.04

  • Cataclysm compatibility

Version 3.03:

  • The trinket cooldown indicator and alerts will now trigger when the human racial Every Man for Himself is used (sorry I missed that)
  • The background color can now be changed and the opacity for colors can now be set
  • New option: "Always Display Bar Text"
  • The Defaults button on the configuration panel will now reset options to their defaults (this will not reset Alert, Button, or Buff/Debuff filter options)
  • Bar graphic changed to default minimalist due to a bug in the client not resizing images to fit status bars

Version 3.02:

  • Trinket status indicator and alerts now factor in Will of the Forsaken use
  • New alerts: Will of the Forsaken Used, Will of the Forsaken Available

Version 3.01:

  • New option: Precise Countdown
  • Pet frames should be less buggy. Invis pets will show up as dead still however.


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  • #162
    Totally agree, it's horrible right now
  • #161

    Is this going to be updated for 5.2?

  • #159

    I do a lot of 2v2 and 3v3, but never 5v5. Is there anyway to make the extra backdrop go away? So if I'm doing 2v2 I don't have to see the other 3 blank frames.

  • #158

    is there test mode while not in arena,i want to costimeze settings

  • #157

    Can you free up the frames so i can customize where i put them? Or is this a current option?

  • #156

    To all who are bitching about frames not showing up.  Learn 2 READ THE POSTS.

    I posted the fix below


    replace MAX_BATTLEFIELD_QUEUES  with GetMaxBattlefieldID()

    in ArenaUnitFrames.lua (line 830?)

  • #154

    Thanks a bunch for updating this! :D I love your add-on, Ill see if there are any bugs and I'll report them back to you.


    @nightora In my opinion AUF shows it better when enemies are casting and the DR tracker is great! + I love the voice warnings when an enemy used trinket/is drinking/is low/is CC'd and so on ^^ 

  • #153

    and i also have gladiatorsa too but it still doesn't show or pop up for visual configuration

  • #152

    nothing shows up when i load it . i also have gladius running too but im not sure that'll cause problems. The unit frame doesn't show up at all...

  • #151


  • #150

    For me I dont get any frames. I can open them with /auf but they never populate with the enemy team.  The audio portion seems to work ok, unless I have another addon duplicating that that I am forgetting, but most critical is not having the arena unit frame itself working for targeting, cast bars, & focusing.

  • #155

    same issue for me

  • #149

    This is the bug I'm getting.

    2x ArenaUnitFrames-3.07\ArenaUnitFrames.lua:830: 'for' limit must be a number

    ArenaUnitFrames-3.07\ArenaUnitFrames.lua:1476: in function <ArenaUnitFrames\ArenaUnitFrames.lua:1475>


    Seems like the MAX_BATTLEFIELD_QUEUES constant call doesn't return a number anymore.


    changed it to 3 since we play mostly 3s and it works.  


    EDIT #3:  blizz changed API to GetMaxBattlefieldID()


    Last edited by ElectricMenace on 12/12/2011 12:14:57 AM
  • #147

    Still not working for me in 4.3

  • #148

    Feel free to be more specific

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