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ArenaLive [UnitFrames]

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 1,103 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.2
  • 23,907 Total Downloads
  • Updated 01/28/2014
  • Created 03/04/2013
  • 24 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Beta
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: 0.7beta6

About ArenaLive [UnitFrames]


If you're using an older version of the addon (0.3beta4 or lower) and want to update it to version 0.5 or higher then please follow these steps before installing it:

  1. Close World of Warcraft, if it is still running.
  2. Delete the old ArenaLiveCore and ArenaLiveUnitFrames directories inside your "World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons" directory.
  3. Open your World of Warcraft root directory (e.g. "C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft").
  4. Open the "WTF" folder inside the World of Warcraft directory. (e.g. "C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\WTF").
  5. Open the "Account" folder and then open the folder that is named like your account name (e.g. "C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\<Your Account Name>").
  6. Now open the "SavedVariables" folder inside your account's directory (e.g. "C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\<Your Account Name>\SavedVariables").
  7. There delete the two files "ArenaLiveCore.lua" and "ArenaLiveCore.lua.bak".
  8. Now install the addon via the curse client or manually.


ArenaLive [UnitFrames] is an unit frame set that is based on the ArenaLive Spectator UI.

Help localising the addon:

If you want to help making the addon available in your mother tongue, then take a look at the localisation page on curseforge.



  • You can either show the unit's 3D portrait or the class icon.
  • Every unit frame has a portrait overlay that shows current CC on the unit or particular CDs the unit uses.

Dynamic Icons:

There are currently 2 dynamic icons per frame that can be set to the following:

  • Unit's class: Will show the class icon.
  • Unit's race: Will show a race and gender specific icon.
  • Unit's specialisation (only for player and arena targets): Will show the current talent specialisation.
  • Unit's Trinket: Will track the cooldown of the unit's pvp-trinket.
  • Unit's Racial: Will track the cooldown of the unit's racial ability.
  • Unit's interrupt or dispel: Depending on the class it will either show the cooldown of the defensive dispel or the unit's interrupt ability.
  • Unit's reaction: Colours the icon in the reaction specific color that the unit has towards the player (friendly, hostile, neutral).


The healthbar can be coloured by:

  • Class colour.
  • The remaining amount of HP (smooth).
  • The unit's reaction towards the player (friendly, hostile, neutral).
  • simple green.

Furthermore heal prediction and absorb bars are also shown.

Statusbar Text:

It is possible to set the status bar text yourself using certain aliases for the following things:

  • Full Max Value: %MAX%
  • Abbreviated Max Value: %MAX_SHORT%
  • Full Current Value: %CURR%
  • Abbreviated Max Value: %CURR_SHORT%
  • Health Percentage with 2 decimal digits: %PERCENT%
  • Health Percantage without decimal digits: %PERCENT_SHORT%
  • (Absorb display is currently disabled)


The cast history shows the last spells/attacks a unit used. Up to 9 icons can be shown simultaneously. This is especially useful if you are streaming and want to give your audience an easy way to see what is going on.


  • OTHER: Switched from lua-based font swaps to xml-alternatives for non-latin characters. This should enable European players to see names with non-latin characters correctly.


  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug that would set the fonttype to a Taiwanese font for German clients.


  • BUGFIX: Player tooltips should finally show up again, when entering an unit frame.
  • OTHER: Updated CC and DR lists. These should now both be complete.
  • OTHER: Added Taiwanese localisation
  • OTHER: Added German localisation


  • BUGFIX: Fear should now be shown correctly in the cc indicator again.
  • BUGFIX: Tweaked option sliders to fix the strange slider behaviour in 5.4
  • OTHER: Updated .toc file.


  • OTHER: Added many offensive cooldowns to the spell library.
  • OTHER: Updated ArenaLive [Core] to fit the version of the new Arena Live [Spectator].


  • NEW FEATURE: Added the possibility to change border colours for all unit frames.
  • OTHER: Added a range and phase indication for party frames.
  • BUGFIX: Auras should finally grow upwards when positioned above a unit frame.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed an issue were the castbar would disappear during channeled spells.
  • BUGFIX: Healthbar colours are now updating correctly again, when set to "Current Health".


  • NEW FEATURE: Added Korean localisation (thanks to curse user "jungwan2" for the new localisation and "kennethshin" for the old one).
  • NEW FEATURE: Added a small profile menu to copy settings from one character to another. (Log on every character once to copy their frame positions).
  • OTHER: Frame positions are now stored in the addon's saved variables instead of Blizzard's layout cache.
  • OTHER: Added a function to reset target of target's and target of focus' anchors in order to reattach them to their parent frames after moving them separately.
  • OTHER: Further updated the spell database.
  • BUGFIX: The Korean client should now display all fonts with an outline.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed an issue where the faction symbols weren't displayed on arena enemy target frames inside battlegrounds for non english clients.
  • BUGFIX: The unit frames should work with addons like clique once again.
  • BUGFIX: Auras should now grow upwards when positioned above a unit frame.
  • BUGFIX: Blizzard's ComboFrame should now be hidden correctly if the ALUF_TargetFrame is enabled.


  • NEW FEATURE: Player names will now indicate if a unit is AFK/DND.
  • NEW FEATURE: Added party frames.
  • NEW FEATURE: It is now possible to set the number of shown buffs and debuffs for every frame type (0 disables duffs and/or debuffs).
  • NEW FEATURE: The target frame now shows if your target is in combat or not. (Not completely implemented yet).
  • NEW FEATURE: Added two new categories for portrait overlays: Useful buffs and useful debuffs. The first will only show Fear ward for the moment, whereas the second one currently only shows Unstable Affliction and Vampiric Touch.
  • OTHER: Changes in the option menu are now applied instantly, instead of after hitting the OKAY button.
  • OTHER: Level, in combat and resting display were moved from inside the portrait to the other icons on top of the frame.
  • OTHER: Spec icon for arena frames was moved next to the name of the arena target.
  • OTHER: When a cast is not interruptible, the according cast bar's colour will now switch to blue in addition to the glowing border effect.
  • OTHER: Completely recoded the whole addon's core to be more efficient.
  • OTHER: Lock Frame option was moved to the ArenaLive [Core] Menu tab.
  • OTHER: Added some missing spells to the spell DB.


  • BUGFIX: Names etc. should no show up correctly when playing on korean client.
  • BUGFIX: The PetFrame now shouldn't show up, if it was disabled in the option menu.
  • BUGFIX: Debuffs should now only show the player's debuffs when "Show all enemy debuffs" is unchecked.
  • BUGFIX: Few other Bug fixes were made.
  • OTHER: The system to enable/disable unit frames was completely redone. It should now work as intended.
  • OTHER: It is now possible to disable reverse fill for target, focus and arena enemy frames.
  • OTHER: A new checkbutton was added to make it possible to enable/disable absorb bars without enabling/disabling predicted healing and vice versa.


  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug that would cause a LUA error when "Show all enemy debuffs" was unchecked.
  • BUGFIX: Dwarf Race icons should now show up correctly.
  • BUGFIX: 3D Portraits of NPCs should now always update to the portrait position when PortraitType is set to "class" for the target frame.
  • BUGFIX: Spell lock cooldown should now show correctly, if the "Dispel or Interrupt" Icon option is chosen.


  • NEW FEATURE: A diminishing return tracker was added to arena enemy frames.
  • NEW FEATURE: It is now possible to hide Blizzard's player cast bar.
  • NEW FEATURE: Added Clique support.
  • NEW FEATURE: Options menu can now be opened via slash commands: /aluf, /aliveuf, /arenaliveunitframes and /alive
  • BUGFIX: Name colour should now reflect correctly if a NPC was tapped by another player, when set to reaction colour mode.
  • BUGFIX: Arena enemy frames should now behave correctly (again).
  • BUGFIX: Added several spells to the Spell Database for CC Overlay.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug that prevented options from the "ArenaLiveUnitFrames" tab from being saved into the SavedVariables table.
  • OTHER: Increased the size of the stealable debuff border to make it easier to spot dispellable debuffs.


  • NEW FEATURE: Frames can now be enabled/disabled according to your wishes.
  • BUGIFX: Arena enemy frames should now behave correctly inside of arenas and should no longer reset their healthbars randomly.


  • NEW FEATURE: Added arena enemy frames.
  • NEW FEATURE: It is now possible to size buff/debuff icons seperately from unit frame scale.
  • NEW FEATURE: It is now possible to size cast history icons seperately from unit frame scale.
  • NEW FEATURE: Added a frame mover to each frame that will show the x and y coordinates of the frame.
  • NEW FEATURE: Focus and target frame icons can now show trinket, racial, dispel and interrupt cooldowns.
  • BUGFIX: Player names should now be shown correctly while using the russian game client.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug that would cause the frames to shrink to 0.1 scale.
  • BUGFIX: Unit frames that are unlocked should now show up correctly, even if their unit type currently doesn't exist.


  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug that prevented Set Focus from being used in the UnitPopup DropDownMenus. This should also solve the RaidFrame taint ArenaLiveUnitFrames was causing sometimes, but further testing is needed on this.


  • NEW FEATURE: Added Target-of-Target frame
  • NEW FEATURE: Added Focus frame
  • NEW FEATURE: Added Target-of-Focus frame
  • NEW FEATURE: Added Pet frame
  • NEW FEATURE: Added Absorb bars
  • NEW FEATURE: Frames are now scalable in the options menu
  • BUGFIX: It is now possible to target units by clicking on their unitframe
  • BUGFIX: Added several spells to the filter list for the castHistory


  • Currently includes Player and Target frame
  • First Beta release


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  • #127

    It's such a bummer that you're re-writing large parts right now. I started trying to backport this to TBC (and have been largely successful so far). But a big update might require doing that whole thing again :p

  • #125

    Hey great looking UI frames, now I dont PvP so my question is can this be used for PvE. I understand wont be effective as far as some of the functions but I like it a lot just curious how well it will function in PvE. Thanks!

  • #126


    I know that the addon's name is misleading to some degree. I just kept the name ArenaLive, because the frames are based on my spectator UI for arenas. Actually ArenaLive [UnitFrames] is a normal unit frame addon, just like XPerl etc. Although it has some features that are especially useful in PvP, it is also usable in PvE. The only thing that is missing are boss frames for raid encounters, but these will be added in a future patch. :)

  • #123

    So how can I get it to display like the normal game with your addon as such

    Can you may have a profile like that please

    This does look good over the normal frames

    I just can;t get it to place right

  • #120

    I noticed that the human female pally spec icon does not show on target frame same with Female Draenei

  • #121

    Actually the target frame shouldn't be able to show spec icons at all, because checking the spec only works for player and arena targets (for other unitIDs you'd need to initiate an inspect query to the server, which I'm not a fan of). It normally only shows the spec icon, if you're targeting yourself. I seem to have forgotten to filter that option in the icon dropdowns for the target frame.

    Last edited by Vadrak1 on 4/9/2014 10:47:58 AM
  • #119


    I might of found a addon I like looks good but the dahn things do not display like the default blizzard setup

    How can I get it to show that

    I was using a addon for a long time and it is sort of out of date

    I like to be able to see certain thing when I am in party you know tank healer etc and class

    I did notice that the PvP Icon is really small in your addon

    What I don't like about yours is it is in my face in I kind of think it is in the way

    I do love how yours it is 3d etc shows everything I need but the party frame is in my face

    Can you maybe add a option to make it like the default frames

  • #122

    I'm not quite sure what you mean by that.

    Party frames show the party member's role (healer, tank, damage dealer.) just fine for me or do you want the addon to show them on a different position of the frame?

    Class Icons can also be shown on all frames and health bars can be set to show the class colours.

    You can also scale down the size of all unit frames in ArenaLive, if you feel that they are too large or something like that.

    PvP and all other icons will probably be sizable and maybe even movable after I've updated the addon's core.

    Last edited by Vadrak1 on 4/9/2014 11:03:04 AM
  • #124

    It truely is a good looking addon over the normal frames

  • #115

    Any chance of adding a DR tracker to the other frames?  I generally use to track them but it doesn't support this addon so im kind of out of luck.  I understand DR tracking was added to arena frames, how hard would it be to apply that code to add it to the rest of the frames?

  • #117

    Should be possbile as soon as I'm done with rewriting the addon's core. I'll completely rewrite the DR tracker for this and already have showing DR for other units in mind. So it'll be possible in the future, but I cannot say when, as it takes a lot of time to rewrite the code. :)

    Last edited by Vadrak1 on 4/6/2014 2:16:42 PM
  • #114

    Hey, love the addon. Only thing I miss is Player Pet Target Frame. Any chance it could be implemented?


  • #116

    Maybe I'll add that as a possibility in the future, but I cannot say for sure when it is done, as I currently rewrite large parts of the addon completely.

  • #113

    When i installed this addon my health went back to the top left and i was wondering how could i move it? when i right clicked there wasn't anyway to move it? Could someone please help me move it where i want to. Thanks.

  • #118

    You need to go into the Game Menu -> Interface -> Addons -> ArenaLive [Core]

    There you can uncheck the checkbutton "Lock Frames". After that all frames should show up and you're able to move them by dragging them to the place were you want them. After that you should check the checkbutton again so all frames are locked in place.

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