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  • World of Warcraft
  • 1,083,578 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.2
  • 2,868,122 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/24/2014
  • Created 01/10/2013
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v14

About AskMrRobot

Mod Updated Oct 14, 12:01 AM PST)

Made the following changes:

  • Updated to work with new file structure
  • Removed reforging
  • Auto-gemming is NOT available. It will be back with Warlords (we haven't had time to extensively test it, and don't want to accidentally delete gems)
  • The export used for Best in Bags is now in the 'export' tab
  • Use the "Load a Gear Set" tab to import optimizations or Best in Bags. This is where Best in Bags is now viewed!
  • Updated the importing & exporting in case there are armory problems. You can now load a new character into our site, in addition to just updating an existing character.

Please report any bugs on - we will see it much faster than the comments here.

What does this mod do?

  • Brings optimizations in-game, including a shopping list, gems and enchants
  • Scans your bags and powers the "Best in Bags" feature (works for both main and off specs)
  • NEW! Collects gear, talent and glyph data for each boss fight to use with our (alpha) combat log feature

Gem & Enchant Optimizations

You can import your optimizations from Mr. Robot right into our mod. It gives you a list of the gems, enchants and enchanting materials you need, as well as consolidating anything you need to buy into the shopping list. Watch a demo video. This also grabs your bag and bank data to power Mr. Robot's "Best in Bag" feature.

To use the mod:

  1. Load your character into Optimize.
  2. Click the 'export to addon' button found to the right of your gear, in the "Now What?" section. Copy the code snippet that pops up.
  3. Paste the code snippet into the "Load a Gear Set" tab in the in-game mod.

Summary tab after importing data


Use our WEBSITE to ask Mr. Robot to find the best gear set out of items in your bags and bank. He'll do this for your main and offspecs. There's a tutorial on our blog.

Combat Logs (alpha)

The alpha test is now closed and this will officially launch with the release of Warlords of Draenor. Thanks to everyone who helped us test this.

Change log

  • May 20, 2014: added support for the new item upgrades
  • April 30, 2014: updated the combat log tab to collect gear data for our alpha combat log testing.
  • June, 2014: More combat log updates
  • October 13, 2014: Updated for 6.0.2

This mod is created and distributed by Team Robot (the creators of

2014-10-24  yellowfive  <yellowfive>

[262083330ac9] [v14]
* AskMrRobot.lua AskMrRobot.toc

fixed bug with reading exports after adding region.


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  • #184

    Was autogemming removed??

  • #185

    yeah, it will be back with Warlords.

  • #181

    The latest version is 14 but the curse client refuses to pick it up - so I can't import to the website

  • #182

    Same issue here.

  • #183

    I don't know why it isn't updating on Curse. I'll send them a ticket. In the meantime, you can get it on our site, or on curse's file repository:

    You want v14.

  • #179

    v12 started spamming numbers in my chat like mad. Once I disabled it they stopped.

  • #180

    We have a spot where it will print out your spec ID to chat if you're in the wrong spec. It should only be 3 numbers though. Does that sound about right? (we'll take that out for the next update)

  • #178

    I'm not experiencing any game-breaking bugs, but I am experiencing minor glitches.

    Some of the enchants (like the shoulder/pants) aren't properly showing in the list and some things weren't shift-clicking properly into the auction house window.

    It also took me a little while to figure out "load a gear set" meant "import" as I was used to the old UI and was searching for an import button.

    I can't wait for auto-gemming to return and I'm glad you guys will be bringing it back.

  • #176

    I can't find a ticket tab on the project site for this addon and I do not want to create a separate account from my AMR account just to be able to post on AMR's forum.

    [Suggestion] Combat Log -> Declaring a wipe

    When declaring a wipe for the combat log, the player will print out in raid chat, "Everyone die, it's a wipe." Unless the raid leader gave everyone assist, in which case it will blare it out as a raid warning. (I discovered the latter the hard way.)

    There needs to be an option to disable the broadcast, as I generally pug raiding and am not the raid leader for said pugging. I don't want to appear to be co-opting the RL and/or the RL's assistants and would much rather be silent in the first place anyway.

  • #177

    We can add that in :)

  • #175

    Hi caught another one for you info :¬) when i was flying not actualy in combat

    Date: 2014-10-17 11:18:17 ID: 2 Error occured in: AddOn: AskMrRobot

    Count: 1 Message:

    Note: AddOn AskMrRobot attempted to call a protected function (CompactRaidFrameContainer:Hide()) during combat lockdown. Debug:    [C]: Hide()

       ...mpactRaidFrames\Blizzard_CompactRaidFrameManager.lua:526: CompactRaidFrameManager_UpdateContainerVisibility()    ...mpactRaidFrames\Blizzard_CompactRaidFrameManager.lua:471:       ...mpactRaidFrames\Blizzard_CompactRaidFrameManager.lua:460    ...mpactRaidFrames\Blizzard_CompactRaidFrameManager.lua:510: CompactRaidFrameManager_SetSetting()    ...rd_CUFProfiles\Blizzard_CompactUnitFrameProfiles.lua:579: func()    ...rd_CUFProfiles\Blizzard_CompactUnitFrameProfiles.lua:556: CompactUnitFrameProfiles_ApplyProfile()    ...rd_CUFProfiles\Blizzard_CompactUnitFrameProfiles.lua:176: CompactUnitFrameProfiles_ApplyCurrentSettings()    ...rd_CUFProfiles\Blizzard_CompactUnitFrameProfiles.lua:85: CompactUnitFrameProfiles_CancelChanges()    ...rd_CUFProfiles\Blizzard_CompactUnitFrameProfiles.lua:78:       ...rd_CUFProfiles\Blizzard_CompactUnitFrameProfiles.lua:76    [C]: pcall()    ..\FrameXML\InterfaceOptionsFrame.lua:217:       ..\FrameXML\InterfaceOptionsFrame.lua:216    [C]: securecall()    ..\FrameXML\InterfaceOptionsFrame.lua:252:       ..\FrameXML\InterfaceOptionsFrame.lua:248    [C]: Click()    ..\FrameXML\UIParent.lua:3340: ToggleGameMenu()    [string "TOGGLEGAMEMENU"]:1:       [string "TOGGLEGAMEMENU"]:1 Locals: None



  • #170

    Have a problem, I play in French and when I import, it tells me to equip items that are already equipped. (Swift Serpent Signet and Assurance of Consequence), therefore I can't optimize my character by importing in the addon, I have to Alt-tab over and over again... That's kind of problematic.

  • #172

    The error isn't related to being on a french server, it's actually related to duplicate items in the game now. We are working on a fix, should be live in a day or two :)

  • #169

    I love this addon. It's saved me a lot of guess work... but you know what I miss in the new UI format for 6.0? THE AUTO-GEM BUTTON!!! Why remove a good thing.


  • #173

    Reading the description before posting is hard:

    Auto-gemming is NOT available. It will be back with Warlords (we haven't had time to extensively test it, and don't want to accidentally delete gems)

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