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Athene's Gear Check

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  • Supports: 4.0.3a
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  • Updated 02/03/2011
  • Created 06/24/2009
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  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: AGC 2.4

About Athene's Gear Check

This addon will quickly and easily give you information about the gear of the target player or yourself. Also tells you the item level of items.

The information on the gear is given as the average item level of the equipment, colored in a fitting color (red for bad gear, green for good gear).
If the avg ilvl doesn't mean anything to you, look at the color.
If the color isn't accurate enough for you, look at the avg ilvl:)
However, remember that the avg ilvl doesn't tell you that the player is properly geared. For all you know it might be a resto druid in epic feral gear;)

The coloring of the quality is scaled to the level of the player, so the addon is just as accurate for twinks and levelers as for lvl80's.
To make the quality of BoA items accurate, they will count as a green\blue of the same level as the player.

For those extra curious, the addon will also count and list how many items the player has of each rarity(green\blue\epic etc). Just remember, an epic item isn't always very good, it could be a lvl80 still wearing lvl 70 pvp epics. So don't use the item rarities to figure the gear quality of the player.
IMO this information is most useful for quickly figuring the reason of the avg ilvl, or checking if the player is geared with BoA.

The targeted player must be in range to be inspected. Once the gear information is aquired, the addon saves the information for later when the target is out of range.
You can also check the gear of players of the other faction, but only if you are allowed to inspect them (sanctuaries).

IMO the information given by the addon is most useful when you want to know if anyone in your party or raid has crap gear. It will be very, very easy to make sure noone in the raid is geared in lots of greens.
It could also be a way to see if your twink or low lvl char needs upgrades.

- /agc : gives you a list of possible commands.
- /agc lookup (playername) : gives you the saved info on that player.
- /agc report (playername) : reports your saved info on the player to raid/party.
- /agc report bad : reports to raid/party all players in raid/party that have an avg ilvl lower than blues (that means lower than 200 on lvl 80).

Additional features with Recount and AGC Recount plugin installed:
- List of the avg ilvl of everyone in the party/raid.
- Print the list of party/raid ilvls to whereever you want.
- Mouseover a player in Recount to see exactly what gear the player is wearing.

Additional features with Athenes Upgrade Estimator installed:
(This requires the Cataclysm version of AUE - not yet released as of 19.12.2010)
- Item tooltips tell you the stat budget of the item. This makes it slightly easier to evaluate possible upgrades.
- Player tooltips tell you the total stat budget of that player's equipment. This gives a better estimate of the quality of the player's equipment, compared to the avg item level. It will not tell you wether the player is properly geared to the class and specc, though.
- Player tooltips tell you how much resilience the player has. Now you will quickly notice wether the player is PVP geared!

- Fixed the slow loading time.

- Added automatic database clean, deleting all data older than 2 days.

- Added range check

- When combining AGC with AUE, the player tooltips will now tell you how much resilience the player has.

- Moved the info in the character screen, to the bottom just below the frame.

V 2.0:
- Refit the addon for WoW 4.0.
- Updated gear quality coloring for Cata.
- Added fundament for some future features.


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  • #24

    For checking gear, talents buffs, stats etc on your own character check out:



  • #23

    Anyone working on taking this over since Athene is no longer working on this?

  • #25

    I'll go for it, I'm the new project manager of 3DPortrait ... but still working on that, I'm assuming this addon's TOC file is just outdated, I'll try :)

  • #22
    I would like to continue using this add-on, but sadly the choices are crap. I can either inspect people without errors or I can add a ton of time to my login. Or I can stop using this add-on. Can anyone suggest a replacement? All I want is to be able to easily see the average ilvl of people.
  • #21
    since 4.1 this addon crushes my game. Loading screens take almost a full minute when zoning, performance went to hell. =( really good mod, hope to see an update for the recent patches.
  • #19
    I get problems inspecting people with this addon. Getting inspect errors. Using version 2.2. If I try higher versions, I get extended loading times like people already mentioned here.

    Just informing.
  • #18
    Doesn't stack with MyRoleplay. Sad day.

    Great Addon though. :D
  • #17
    I noticed as well after installing this addon with the recount plugin, loading screens after teleporting and zoning were 3x as long as usual, and was fixed on deleting them
  • #16
    and in other news i roll back to version 2.2 and everything works perfectly :D.
  • #15
    hi there great mod just 1 problem i found every time i pick up an items like armors mats potions etc etc but coins my games just freeze for a couple of seconds around 1.x or maybe less, after disable all my add ons i found it was this one.
    out of that incredible add on :D

  • #13
    Version 2.3 and 2.4 have the extra 55 sec wait time on any load screens :(
    I went back to version 2.2 and it works fine.
  • #12
    had to delete this addon at it caused extreme load times entering game and zoning to new areas and instances. I tracked it down to this as it was 1 of the 2 addons i recently added. Hope you find a fix for this soon, as i like it alot its simple and light, well was.
  • #14
    Revert back to 2.2 as it works just fine.
  • #9
    I can not sign in with my characters when this add on is enabled (2.4); my load screen gets to 100% and then just stays there
  • #7
    Although 2.4 has fixed the stuttering issues that were present in 2.3, there is still (at least for me) extending loading times when entering the game, and whenever loading new zones. Reverted back to 2.2, and experience no problems at all.

    Side the addon...thanks for your hard work!
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