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AtlasQuest - Fan Update

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 6,084 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 1,376,787 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/14/2014
  • Created 11/16/2007
  • 2,243 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
  • Newest File: 4.9.1

About AtlasQuest - Fan Update

AtlasQuest is an addon for a World of Warcraft addon called Atlas.
It contains information and a list of quests for the Dungeons, Raids,
Battlegrounds and Scenarios.

AtlasQuest was originally created by Asurn in 2006. It was updated
for the Burning Crusade expansion by Lothaer and Rabidmax. Since July
2007 it has been maintained and updated by Thandrenn (aka Mystery8).

Over the years there have been various contributions by others. I've
tried to make note of them in the changelog.txt where possible.

Information for AtlasQuest is gathered either first-hand in the game
or from websites such as or

Visit the Atlas Forums to discuss this addon.

Version 4.9.1  (December 14, 2014)

- Changes made for updates to Atlas 1.31.0
- Updated quests for Blackfathom Deeps, Razorfen Downs and Razorfen Kraul (revamped in 6.0.2).
- Removed Mists of Pandaria Legendary Cloak quests that were removed from the game.  May the rest in peace.
- Added all known Warlords of Draenor dungeon quests.  If I missed one, let me know.

- Added Quests:
    - Blackfathom Deeps: The Rise of Aku'mai
    - Razorfen Downs: Blackthorn's Lieutenants
    - Razorfen Downs: The Ritual
    - Auchindoun: Go Fetch
    - Auchindoun: The Soulcutter
    - Auchindoun: Soulcarver Voss
    - Auchindoun: The Cure For Death
    - Auchindoun: Vessel of Virtue
    - Auchindoun: Tackling Teron'gor
    - Auchindoun: A Worthy Challenge: Teron'gor
    - Skyreach: Victory is Within Reach
    - Skyreach: Spires of the Betrayer
    - Skyreach: Sky Dancers
    - Skyreach: Aviana's Request
    - Skyreach: A Plea to the Sky
    - Skyreach: Gloriously Incandescent
    - Skyreach: The Dark Within
    - Skyreach: A Worthy Challenge: High Sage Viryx
    - Bloodmaul Slag Mines: Ogre Ancestry
    - Bloodmaul Slag Mines: Cro's Revenge
    - Bloodmaul Slag Mines: A Fruitful Proposition
    - Bloodmaul Slag Mines: Time-Lost Vikings
    - Bloodmaul Slag Mines: Like A Dwarf In A Mine
    - Bloodmaul Slag Mines: Core of Flame
    - Bloodmaul Slag Mines: A Worthy Challenge: Gug'rokk
    - Iron Docks: Budd's Gambit
    - Iron Docks: Feeling A Bit Morose
    - Iron Docks: Bloody Expensive
    - Iron Docks: The Brass Compass
    - Iron Docks: The Search Continues
    - Iron Docks: A Worthy Challenge: Skullok, Son of Gruul
    - The Everbloom: For the Birds
    - The Everbloom: Put a Bird on It
    - The Everbloom: Titanic Evolution
    - The Everbloom: Lessons of the Past
    - The Everbloom: Cenarion Concerns
    - The Everbloom: The Leaf-Reader
    - The Everbloom: Subversive Infestation
    - The Everbloom: Core of Life
    - The Everbloom: A Worthy Challenge: Yalnu
    - Grimrail Depot: Cleaving Time
    - Grimrail Depot: An Axe to Grind
    - Grimrail Depot: And No Maces!
    - Grimrail Depot: Learning Is Painful
    - Grimrail Depot: Cold Steel
    - Grimrail Depot: Cold Steel Part II
    - Grimrail Depot: Core of Iron
    - Grimrail Depot: A Worthy Challenge: Skylord Tovra
    - Shadowmoon Burial Grounds: The Void-Gate
    - Shadowmoon Burial Grounds: Whispers in the Darkness
    - Shadowmoon Burial Grounds: Shadowy Secrets
    - Shadowmoon Burial Grounds: Secrets of Soulbinding
    - Shadowmoon Burial Grounds: The Huntresses
    - Shadowmoon Burial Grounds: Fate of the Fallen
    - Shadowmoon Burial Grounds: A Worthy Challenge: Ner'zhul
    - Upper Blackrock Spire: Oralius' Adventure
    - Upper Blackrock Spire: Flamefly Trap
    - Upper Blackrock Spire: Family Traditions
    - Upper Blackrock Spire: Like Father, Like Son
    - Upper Blackrock Spire: Damsels and Dragons
    - Upper Blackrock Spire: A Hero's Quest is Never Complete
    - Upper Blackrock Spire: For The Children!
    - Upper Blackrock Spire: A Worthy Challenge: Warlord Zaela
    - Highmaul: Empire's Fall
    - Highmaul: Legacy of the Sorcerer Kings


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