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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 5.4.0
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  • Updated 10/29/2013
  • Created 08/20/2009
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: AudioX2-5.4.0_1

About AudioX II

AudioX provides players with the ability to explore over 50,000 World of Warcraft sound samples. It also allows you to exchange samples with other AudioX users via chat hyperlinks.

When updating to AudioX II 4.3.0 it is important that you backup your existing audiox favourites list (WTF\Account\(user)\SavedVariables\AudioX.lua). The first time you start WoW after updating AudioX you should enable AudioX_FixFavs. This will process your current AudioX favourites and ensure they match up with the latest soundlib. FixFavs will disable itself upon completion.

Translators needed - please apply localizations here

Any bugs please report here :

Current Features

  • Displays samples as chat links (either in text or icon form).
  • Clicking on an AudioX chat-link play samples.
  • AudioX links work in custom channels, without any other chat mods required.
  • Exchange AudioX chat-links with other AudioX users by shift+clicking to insert the link into your outgoing message.
  • Insert the full /script PlaySoundFile(...) command into an outgoing message by alt+clicking AudioX links.
  • Silence audio playback by ctrl+alt+clicking any AudioX link (max of once every 5 seconds).
  • Ctrl+clicking links adds them to AudioX's favourites list.
  • Handles AudioX Search loading.
  • Tooltips on links.
  • Localization support.
AudioX Search (Optional):
  • Search through 53,119 World of Warcraft samples.
  • Play samples by a short index number (handy in macros).
  • Define how many results AudioX returns per search.
  • Crop links to limit word wrapping.
  • Continue searches from the end your previous search onwards, or backwards.
  • Start searching from a specific index (to skip unwanted samples).
  • Create and display output to a seperate AudioX chat tab.
  • Allows searching of your AudioX favourites.
  • Optionally use pattern matching in searches.
  • Features a miniAPI for 3rd party AudioX UI developers.
  • Localization support.
  • Framework for translating keywords into EnUS prior to searching.
AudioX Options (Optional):
  • Set page length, line cropping, chat filter, index visibility, verbosity, chat tab and search mode via Blizzards Addon Options panel.
AudioX UI (Optional):
  • Resizable UI that lets you search, link and play.
  • Scrollable search results.
  • Adjustable fontsizes.
  • Allows searching and management of your AudioX favourites.
  • Demonstrates the use of the AudioX miniAPI.
AudioX UI Minimap Icon (Optional):
  • Right-click draggable
  • Toggles AudioX UI and AudioX Options.
AudioX Broker (Optional):
  • Databroker plugin for launching AudioX UI and AudioX Options.
AudioX Who (BETA):
  • Builds a list of players in your guild/party/raid/battleground and friends list who can currently see AudioX chat links.

    The AudioX_Who plugin has only received limited testing and requires a public beta to isolate any bugs. It is strongly advised that players using AudioX_Who read the associated FAQ
AudioX FixFavs (One Time Use):
  • Updates favourites for use with AudioX II 4.3.0/1.


  • Extract the AudioX and AudioX_Search folder into World of Warcrafts Interface\Addons folder
  • Enable both AudioX and AudioX_Search in Mod Settings. Note: Even though AudioX_Search is enabled, it will not normally load until you type /ax or /audiox.
  • Enable any other modules in the AudioX suite that you wish to use.


  • /ax s <string> Search for a sample patch containing the specified keyword. E.g. /ax s brew
  • /ax d Page Down. Find next 10 results for current search. E.g. /ax d
  • /ax u Page Up. Find previous 10 results for current search. E.g. /ax u
  • ax m <num> Continue search from a specific search match. E.g. /ax m 15
  • /ax b <num> Continue search beginning at the specified sample index. E.g. /ax b 1500
  • /ax r Refresh the last page of search results. E.g. /ax r
  • /ax i <num> Display path details for sample index. E.g. /ax i 12345
  • /ax favs [true/false] Toggle between searching SoundLib and Favourites. E.g /ax favs false
  • /ax whoLists who in your guild/party/raid/battleground is using AudioX II. E.g. /ax who
  • /ax ui Loads / toggles and AudioX II UI. E.g. /ax ui
  • /ax <arg> Results in the equivalent of /ax s <arg>. E.g. /ax brew
  • /ax ?? Help text page 2: Playing. E.g. /ax ??
  • /ax p <num> Play sample number (1 to n) from the current search. E.g. /ax p 16539
  • /ax pf <num> Play sample number (1 to n) from Favourites. E.g. /ax pf 512
  • /ax ps <num> Play sample number (1 to 20653) from SoundLib. E.g. /ax ps 15751
  • /ax mp <num> Play sample number (1 to n) from current search as music. E.g. /ax mp 14402
  • /ax mpf <num> Play sample number (1 to n) from Favourites as music. E.g. /ax mpf 42
  • /ax mps <num> Play sample number (1 to 20653) from SoundLib as music. E.g. /ax mps 609
  • /ax sp <num> Play sample number (1 to n) from current search as sfx. E.g. /ax sp 33400
  • /ax spf <num> Play sample number (1 to n) from Favourites as sfx. E.g. /ax spf 512
  • /ax sps <num> Play sample number (1 to 20653) from SoundLib as sfx. E.g. /ax sps 32900
  • /ax q Quiet. Stop all sounds playing. E.g. /ax q
  • /ax ??? Help text page 3: Settings. E.g. /ax ???
  • /ax l <num> Limit the number samples each search returns. E.g. /ax l 10
  • /ax c <num> Crop sound paths to last N characters. 0 = Don't crop. E.g. /ax c 0
  • /ax n <num> Limit pathname display. 0 = filename only, 11 = Show all. E.g. /ax n 11
  • /ax f [true/false] Filter chat so that sample links are clickable. E.g. /ax f true
  • /ax g [true/false] Play non-.wav sounds as looping game music. E.g. /ax g false
  • /ax h [true/false] Hide sample index numbers in search results. E.g. /ax h false
  • /ax x [true/false] Hide file extensions. E.g. /ax x false
  • /ax v [true/false] Verbose output that shows which sample is playing. E.g. /ax v false
  • /ax t [true/false] Output to AudioX chat tab. E.g. /ax t false
  • /ax a [true/false] Autoplay link samples received from other players. E.g. /ax a false
  • /ax e [true/false] Convert localised search keyword into english prior to search. E.g. /ax e false
  • /ax z [true/false] Search with pattern matching. E.g. /ax z false
  • /ax k [true/false] Use icons instead of hypertext links. E.g. /ax k false
  • /ax o <num> Auto-Volume level used if music volume is off. 0 - 10. E.g. /ax o 5
  • /ax options Loads / toggles the AudioX II Options. E.g. /ax options
  • /ax [?] Help text page 1: Commands. E.g. /ax ? or /ax

Load-on-demand Macro

Several players have mentioned that they like to keep the number of enabled mods to a bare minimum. As AudioX is hardly essential in day-to-day World of Warcraft gameplay, I created a macro to allow you to keep the entire AudioX suite disabled (in addon options) until you need it, at which point clicking on the macro button would load the entire suite (without any need to reload) for the current game session. Xuerian has sinced refined this macro as follows (it's a single line):-

Minimap version:-

/run for _,mod in pairs({"","_Search","_Options","_UI","_Minimap","_Who"}) do local m="AudioX"..mod EnableAddOn(m) LoadAddOn(m) DisableAddOn(m) end

Databroker version:-

/run for _,mod in pairs({"","_Search","_Options","_UI","_Broker","_Who"}) do local m="AudioX"..mod EnableAddOn(m) LoadAddOn(m) DisableAddOn(m) end

Note: You can still configure the AudioX to load whenever you start the game. This macro is a way to directly control if/when the AudioX suite loads.

Known Bugs/Issues

  • Garbage Collection may reset AudioX searches if AudioX has been inactive within the game session for a long time. If this happens you can use /ax b <num> to resume a search from any desired sample index.
  • Garbage Collection may affect the AudioX tab. If this occurs type /ax t true.
  • Garbage Collection may effect the AudioX UI. If this occurs start a new search.


AudioX mini-API (for Mod Developers)

  • Details in my Author Portal FAQ

Acknowledgements (in no specific order)

  • Krakhaan of Khaz'goroth (Oceanic) for his inspirational AFX mod
  • Bluspacecow for Sound Commands List
  • James Whitehead II for his brilliant book World of Warcraft Programming without which this mod wouldn't exist
  • Thorinair of EU Ragnaros for motivating me to create my own AudioX UI and accompanying API
  • Xuerian for the improved Load-On-Demand macro.
  • Weggls of EU-Todeswache/Alliance for the German translation and for suggesting the addition of a pre-search translation table for converting localisated search terms into their EnUS SoundPath equivalents.


  • While every effort has been made to ensure this mod is error free, you use this mod entirely at your own risk.

AudioX Copyright 2009-2012 Eisa of Aggramar (EU). All Rights Reserved.

5.4.0/1 (Bluspacecow's update)
            - Search: New SoundList for WoW patch 5.4.17399.  Adds 1,813 new samples added
            bringing the total number of sound samples to 54,932
            - Toc changed to 50400.
            - Toc Bumps all round :P


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  • #84

    Updated for 5.3.0 16992.  Adds 3,162 new samples  added (since last 5.1 update) bringing the total number of sound samples to 53,119.

    Have also reversed my version bumping on certain modules that didn't actually get an update in either the 5.1 or 5.3 update. I should not be bumping it's version if I didn't actually change anything in the module involved.

    TOC updates all around though :P

    EDIT : Any bugs please report at :


    Last edited by bluspacecow on 6/2/2013 12:21:08 AM
  • #77

    Update for 5.1.0a 16357 now on Curse. Worked out my issues getting this uploaded lol

    There were no new sound samples in 5.1.0a but there will be in the 5.1 update that was previously only on Wowinterface. Both sites should have the same file for download with sound paths for 49,957 sounds (quite a jump for you Curse only users)


    Last edited by bluspacecow on 12/20/2012 5:35:09 PM
  • #82

    "Though pre-cata soundfiles were a piece of cake, but Cataclysm and MoP BEFORE Patch 5.1 is still in the rubble"

    Hey now. I did do random tests of the new sound files I found. They all seemed to work when I tested them at my end.

    I personally found that comment rather hurtful given how much work I put into my sound file listing and knowing the work involved in updating AudioX.

  • #81

    Now then.  My sound file listings are based directly off the MPQ files. I've done very little editing of the file names or path names.

    So as you've tested below you see they won't play because they don't actually play in game for the enUS locale.  

    As there's no way we can test to see if a sound plays or not using the API the only way I can see to fix it would be to extract the sounds that don't play and add them to the addon.

    Sounds like a simple fix amirite ?

    Wrongo bucko - the sounds in the MPQ files are Blizzard's Copyrighted work. As players we have absolutely no right to distribute them and in fact don't even own them despite them being on our hard drives (we have a provisional license for them).

    Distributing Blizzard's copyrighted works in an addon is the quickest way to get your addon deleted and banned off the major addon sites. The major addon sites have an agreement with Blizzard not to allow anything like that to be uploaded. I know the checking team will (a) Scream at me over IRC (b) Send me a nasty PM about it (c) Deny the update. 

    The addons you see muting World of Warcraft Sounds ? They work because they insert a blank or specially encoded sound file at the exact path the client expects in the Data folder. They are OK as they don't have any world of warcraft copyrighted sounds in them.

  • #80

    I'm still not seeing those specific cinematic sound paths listed in our bug tracker on

    But if it's something along the lines of what the AudioX addon author (Elsa) says then it possibly can't be fixed. I've file a bug report on this so it may or may not get fixed in a future wow patch depending on of course it actually being a bug and not just something like Elsa describes (ie working as intended)

    This is how I had to test the paths you gave me :

    1) Go into my Sound File listing at :

    2) Find the sound that isn't playing in AudioX. Remember you need to get the spelling of how it's spelled in AudioX.  In the AudioX_Search folder there is a SoundLib.lua file. Those will have the paths exported from my sound file listing.

    3) Copy the Macro form of how to play the sound file ....


    /script PlaySoundFile("Sound/Creature/Chenstormstout/Vo_Chen_Event_Knocking_On_The_Door_01.Ogg")

    4) Log into a toon on the US realms

    5) Paste that path in and press return. Sound does not play.

    6) Go back to my sound file listing and pick another sound in the same folder (in the example above it would be /Sound/Creature/Chenstormstout)


    /script PlaySoundFile("Sound/Creature/Chenstormstout/Vo_Chen_Event_Knocking_On_The_Door_02.Ogg")

    7) Try to play that sound (or you could just edit the filename just as long as it appears in the sound file listing) . See how that one plays ?

    8) Now you can use the /dump command to check if a sound is a valid file in the sound file by feeding just the "PlaySoundFile ....... " bit to the /dump command.

    EG :

    /dump PlaySoundFile("Sound/Creature/Chenstormstout/Vo_Chen_Event_Knocking_On_The_Door_02.Ogg")

    9) This should return (if you've done it correctly) in your general window "true" then a ID number from the Data file internals (of course I'm simplifying that greatly)

    You know that the "Vo_Chen_Event_Knocking_On_The_Door_02.Ogg"  plays so "true" means the system can find that file.

    10) Now do the same test for your non playing sound : EG :

    /dump PlaySoundFile("Sound/Creature/Chenstormstout/Vo_Chen_Event_Knocking_On_The_Door_02.Ogg")

    You'll see it returns the same thing for the apparently non playing sound. So is it actually in the MPQ files ?

    11) Open Ladik's MPQ editor and confirm manually if the file exists. You'll need to open every MPQ file in the Data folder of your Wow folder btw. There'll be a way there of opening multiple files (can't direct you exactly how as I'm on Mac and need to open a virtual windows machine to run the MPQ editor software). Make sure to select the option to open the MPQ files locked (IIRC its one of the 3 options on the right hand side about locking the MPQ to prevent editing)

    Do a find on the non playing sound file. It should tell you which MPQ file it's in. Go there and open folders till you find the actual sound file (IE drill down the path given in the /script PlaySoundFile macro). Extract it.

    Drop it into something that plays OGG files EG Chrome. See how it plays fine ?

    It's a either a bug or an intended feature that isn't possible for Elsa to fix.

  • #79

    Blank soundfiles aren't errors. They are a consequence of World of Warcraft's global appeal. That is, some languages have more dialogue than others. The blank cinematic samples aren't used in the English localisation, and are blank to save disk space. In other regions they contain dialogue that has different meaning or expands on cultural references that would not otherwise translate well.

    AudioX is not location specific. Given the fact that blank samples aren't blank for everyone, it makes little sense to remove them. The size of the database (49,957 soundpaths) coupled with frequent WoW patches makes it impractical to build *manually* filtered soundlibs for each region. In an ideal world the WoW API would have a sound.length() function so the sample length could be established easily and auto-skipped if 0. Unfortunately no such function exists. While an alternative might be to extract MPQs in full and analyse each sample, that isn't practical either as each locale would require analysis and it's own soundlibs.

    Blank samples acount or less than 0.1% of AudioX's soundlib, and would require a huge amount of time to resolve. If you find a blank soundpath, just skip to the next sample. It's meer seconds of your time vs hours/days/months of Bluspacecows or mine. 

    Last edited by AudioX on 12/23/2012 3:20:11 PM
  • #70

    Sorry guys. I'm having issues getting the MoP update uploaded to CurseForge. Their packager keeps throwing errors at me for some reason.

    Until I can get it worked out please go here for MoP update :

    That'll be why it says it's been updated on the 4th of December 2012 when really it's the 4.3 version. Sorry guys!


    Last edited by bluspacecow on 12/18/2012 10:21:30 AM
  • #75

    Please use the bug tracker here :;a=listbugs

    to report bugs. Please use the proper text of the sound name from Audio_X/SoundLib.lua to assist in the bug tracking process.

  • #69

    Awesome! Thanks so much for update to MoP. I saw a big typo from Subtei the Swift and the cinemtaics are a nutshell to figure out. Cataclysm and the beginning MoP is still silent. You guys think it's a specific way to get it to work or what? Anyways, keep up the good work guys.

  • #71

    What typo ?

    All sounds were extracted as is from the game files. If it's spelt incorrectly in the game files then that's how it would of been extracted into the sound lib. I invite you to install Ladik's MPQ editor and take a look yourself. Also test in game to see what happens when you "correct" bad spelling on a mispelt sound path.

    If you find any bugs please submit them to :;a=listbugs

  • #76

    "VO_Jade_Forest_Cho_Horde_Ancestors_06g_pand.OGG" <------ Looks like I was too tired last night to test this properly.With the updated version of SoundLib.lua that song isn't playing either. Using the macro based form from my sound file listing and it isn't playing either.

    Looks like these sounds are bugged as they won't play using either /script PlaySoundFile or /script PlayMusic. I'm thinking there's something bugged in the API to do with sounds as the return values I'm getting from the sounds are the same as for sounds that do play (ie /dump PlaySoundFile(path_to_sound_file) returns either true if the sound exists or nil if it doesn't)

    Still working on the AudioX update here at my end.

  • #73


    Your lucky I checked the comments on here Darksora. I primarly check wowinterface first and since there was nothing on the bug tracker I thought the issue was dealt with.I rarely if ever use this site and it's only because I'm going to be updating this addon as well as my sound file listing in the next few days as a xmas update that I even saw your edited comment. I've been checking wowinterface very few days and since there was nothing logged in the bug tracker or in the comments there I assumed there was no bugs.

    Now onto your bugs.

    Subetai the swift duplicates - I took another look into this. I see i've accidently not removed duplicates properly in my sound file listing which is the source of all the sound paths in Audio X. In the MPQ files Blizzard has duplicates paths some in lower case , others in upper case. There's a sufficient amount of errors here that warrants an update of both my sound file listing and Audio X.

    Ironforge Walking 03 (Glenn).mp3 - A bug in SoundLib.lua . I accidently replacing the closing bracket with a comma IE (Glenn,.mp3" instead of (Glenn).mp3". This caused a cascade error as the comma was used to define each sound file in that database file. Now works fine with the corrected SoundLib.lua file.

    VO_CHEN_EVENT_KNOCKING_ON_THE_DOOR_01.OGG - Not able to be fixed. The macro form of it doesn't play in the enUS locale yet the ogg file extracts fine out of the MPQ file. Only way to fix it would be to distribute a copy of the sound and given it's Blizzards copyrightable work not something I'm going to be able to do. I'll be PM'ing Elsa on this to decide what we want to do but it's probably going to involve a raw listing of all sounds that are usually in one of the MPQ files in the locale folder and simply asking people to check that before posting bug reports on non playing sounds.

    VO_Jade_Forest_Cho_Horde_Ancestors_06g_pand.OGG - was bugged due to misplaced comma in SoundLib.lua like the Glenn sound above. Fixed with new version of SoundLib.lua. Did I mention I'm a noob at updating addons :P

    VO_QE_Therazane_Event07.ogg - This is another of the "your princess is in another castle" type bugs. That sound is definately in the MPQ files and a re-extract has that OGG file play fine. It's not a zero k file in the MPQ file. This type of error is impossible to find automatically - the only way I know how to bug test it would be to sit down , extract all files and manually play each one twice - once in game then again out of game. And with 6 locales , 10 GB to download and an estimated over 30,000 sound files to check it isn't something that's practical to check. And that's just checking the locale files. Updating my sound file listing and Audio X is labor intensive as it is. Finding out that sound was in the ruRU locale took about 3 entire days of my time. Life's too short to do that again.

    So an update will be coming out in the next few days and once Elsa contacts me we'll be discussing what can be done about the bugged sounds. We will not be distributing copyrighted sounds so it will probably be something along the lines of file we get people to check before submitting bug reports on non playing sounds and/or proper disclaimers stating some sounds may not play in game (as well as altering any and all appopriate wordings pertaining to "all sounds")

    EDIT: Also before I run out the door (and wording will be altered to make everyone clear on this) if reporting bugs please use the proper naming of the sound from AudioX_Search/SoundLib.lua

    The bug checking process took way longer then it should of as I had to do various altenate spellings of the sounds you've given to find the sounds mentioned.

    Now I am late for the gym so to you Sir I bid thee Good Day.

    Last edited by bluspacecow on 12/19/2012 5:36:49 AM
  • #72

    I meant by soundfiles. Subtei the Swift has his wound/wound criticals on there twice. That's what I meant. Sorry about the confusion. Also, the soundfile Ironforge Walking (Glenn).mp3 is spelled incorrectly for some reason and doesn't play, Chen_Knocking_On_The_Door_01.mp3 doesn't play, Jade_Forest_Cho_Horde_Ancestors_06g_pand.ogg doesn't play and VO_QE_Therazane_Event07.ogg doesn't play:( Will you fix those please?

    Last edited by Darksora110 on 12/16/2012 9:27:52 AM
  • #68

    Thanks for this Bluspacecow. Much appreciated. You should have maintainer status on I'll sort out permissions on  Sealed

    I'm no further on with my PC. I suspect I'll have to buy a new games rig once Chrstmas is out of the way as nuke and pave approaches aren't getting rid of the infection (i.e. there's probably a dropper in firmware reinfecting my PC). 

  • #67

    URL withdrawn please use latest version of Audio X

    Last edited by bluspacecow on 12/18/2012 6:12:32 AM
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