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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 4.0.6
  • 74,890 Total Downloads
  • Updated 03/24/2011
  • Created 12/01/2010
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v1.51
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About PortraitTimers

Localization Needed! Localization has been added to the latest version, if you find any errors in the translation or want to submit a translation for another language feel free to send a pm or a comment.


PortraitTimers is a lightweight addon that displays important PvP buffs/debuffs with timers on your Unit Frame Portraits. It was heavily inspired by Blizzards 3v3 tournament UI and with the recent update to support Blizzard Arena Frames it's a good alternative to similar addons such as Gladius.
Most of the important buffs/debuffs should be there but some might have been forgotten, feel free to post below if you think anything is missing.


Choose between 3 different font sizes.
Choose custom colors for the fonts.
Shows auras on the following frames:

  • Player Frame
  • Target Frame
  • Focus Frame
  • Party Frames
  • Arena Frames

Also supports Pitbull4, sUF and Xperl Unitframes.

Blizzard Arena Frames can now be scaled for better visibility.
Blizzard Party Frames will always be displayed while in Arena (can be toggled on/off).

The Pitbull, Xperl and sUF integrations are just briefly tested, if you find any bugs please report them in the comments.

  • Changed name to PortraitTimers
  • Added support for Pitbull4 and Xperl
  • Added a few more spells
  • Added support for sUF
  • Added a lot of configuration
  • Added support for Party, Player and Arena frames
  • Added a few missing spells
  • Added scaling for Blizzard Arena frames
  • Added an option to always show Party frames while in arena
  • Fixed a bug in Pitbull4 causing errors when changing font size
  • Fixed countdown delay issue when more than 1 timer is active
  • Fixed a couple of bugs with sUF and arena frames
  • Added a few more spells
  • Added localization
  • Added some missing spells
  • Fixed a potential onupdate bug
  • Fixed a SUF bug that prevented the party auras to display.
  • Added a few more spells
  • Fixed another SUF bug and a potential Xperl bug (thx Catok)
  • Added more spells
  • Added option to show/hide decimals
  • Added option to move the countdown text
  • Cleaned up options layout
  • Added Chinese localization


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  • #26

    We really need someone to take over the project and give us an update.  I wish Blizzard would add this to their default UI, especially since they feature this kind of functionality at arena tournaments.

  • #25

    Possible to get a fix for this one ?

  • #24


    I have Found a bug ou un big misstake, they are no aura enabled for Arena frame when SUF is enabled.

    I can confirm it, i have lost many hours in alot of test.

  • #23

    Please make an update for this addon because its really hard for me to play without this great addon but I think it make my gameplay a bit laggy because its outdated. Please do it for us :)) And yeah this is the best and simplest addon ever for pvp 

  • #22

    Hey mate, awesome addon. However, there should be a way to remove certain debuffs / buffs from showing! There's a really annoying buff dks get for 20 seconds, I'm not sure which it is, but I really would love for it to be gone. If there was one way to manually decide which buffs should be and should not be shown, this addon would be the best!



  • #21

    any possible way to update this addon since i cant find anything like this at all or that i can remember of? Unless 1 can point me in the right direction

    Last edited by Shinigami187 on 2/1/2012 6:09:24 PM
  • #19

    i second the fact that maybe you can make it so you can just make it an addon next to a player, or targets nameplate... the UI i have just doesnt have the picture so this is just useless....but i love it so



    or if you can just direct me to another addon that has what im looking for QQ

  • #18
    It would be very if PTimers could work with Pitbull4 party unit frame ! Someone know how to do ?
  • #17
    Need upd!
  • #16
    It would be great for it to show recklessness.
  • #15
    Any chance of an update for 4.1?
  • #14
    it is not working in 4.1?
  • #12
    How can I change the place of
    time, it is in the middle
    I would like to move it -_-
  • #13
    I'll put it on my to-do list.
  • #11
    Great Addon!

    The only question is, considering there are more then one notable events on the target, like say evasion + feint on a rogue, if it would be consistently with the design to cut/quater the icon to display them both/all. Also which one is currently choosen to get displayed, the last one applied?
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