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  • World of Warcraft
  • 3,558 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.2
  • 1,784,628 Total Downloads
  • Updated 03/09/2014
  • Created 11/03/2007
  • 2,702 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: Autobar

About AutoBar

AutoBar is a Multi-bar mod that automatically adds potions, water, food, quest and other items you specify into buttons for easy use. Does not use up action slots. You can create your own categories of items, dragging items from bags, or spells from spell books into it. You can make custom Buttons that contain 1 or more Custom or Built in categories. You can create custom Bars to organize your Buttons to suit your interface needs. WoW has thousands of items you may obtain. AutoBar automatically organizes frequently used items for you, saving you the drudgery of dragging stuff from your bags to an action bar. Since AutoBar does not use up the limited action slots available, you can save those for your spells and abilities. <B>All releases will be done on and so grab it from whichever you prefer.</B> <BR> <H2>Please go to for support.</H2>

If you post a comment here, I will not read it. Go to the site linked above if you want support

 - Fixed issues with AutoBar disappearing and requiring a /reload

 - Fixed breakage caused by latest WoW patch

 - Refresh LibPeriodicTable
 - Improved (hopefully) handling of pet battles/vehicles
 - TOC bump

 - Refreshed item lists
 - TOC bump
 - Fixed Hunter Aspect button
 - AutoBar will hide when in a vehicle
 - Added code to help find future breakage

 - A bunch of Openables added to LibPT
 - Flasks should now be up to date

 - Updated for 5.1 patch
 - Lots of new stuff added

    - Added:
        Brilliant Mana Gem
        Quest: Brazier Torch, Softknuckle Poker, UDED, Transporter Power Cell, Prophetic Ink, Tahret Dynasty Mallet
        Openable: Sack o' Tokens, Pouch o' Tokens
        Fun: Blingotron
        Fishing: Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm
        Hearth: Wormhole Generator: Pandaria
        Potion: Potion of the Jade Serpent, Potion of the Mountains, Virmen's Bite, Potion of Mogu Power

 - Hide bars during pet battles
 - For Warlocks, Soul Link is a buff not a shield
 - Added:
        Openable: Hero's Purse
        Fishing Tool:Dragon Fishing Pole
        Quest Items: Orange Painted Turnip, Li Li's Wishing Star, Mudmug's Vial, Zul'Drak Rat

 - Removed Darkmoon Adventurer's Guide from Misc.Usable.Quest since it is in fact not usable (LibPeriodicTable)
 - Funnel Cakes (from darkmoon faire) show up as food, even though WoW has them misclassified
 - Healing and Mana potions
 - Sunsong Farming button on the Extras bar
 - Removed the Track button, since it hasn't done anything in a long time

    More foods and drinks added. I'm experimenting with getting data in a way that no longer relies on LibPT.

 - Massive updates to/of LibPeriodicTable. A lot of missing items should now be there.

 - Updated LibPeriodicTable with new basic panda food and some other fixes

 - Shaman: Mana Tide Totem is available now
 - Hunter class bar updates
 - Warrior updates
 - Paladin updates.
 - Hunter/Paladin Aura/Aspect button is replaced with Hunter-only Aspect button
 - Added new Poison buttons on the Rogue bar
 - Priests: Removed Vampiric Embrace, added Desperate Prayer to ER
 - DeathKnights have pets
 - Fishing on the Extras bar works again
 - Basic Monk support

 - Try to nicely deprecated removed button classes

 - Possible fix for Shaman Water Totems not showing (I can't test it)
 - Updated trinket list with a new experimental process (hopefully it works)
 - Updated LibPeriodicTable
 - Removed LibBabbleZone-3.0 and AceDebug-2.0
 - Removed handling of Burning Crusade instance-only items
 - Removed popup dialogs when right-clicking on bars
 - You should delete the original AutoBar folder before upgrading since some files were removed
 - LOTS of class bar fixes
 - Glyph UI taint issue should be fixed
 - lots of other misc fixes

 - Updated embedded libs
 - Updated spell id for Conjure Refreshment

 - Updated embedded LibBabble-Zone and Libstub
 - ptBR locale should now work (though still in English)

 - Fixed errors when queueing for a battleground
 - Fixed missing support for ptBR localization (all text is in English, but the addon should work)

 - Backed out all mount filter-related changes until I have more time to go over it. Sorry for all of the breakage.

 - Hopefully fixed the error some people were getting with AutoBarMountFilter not being defined

 - LibPeriodicTable updates:
 - TOC bump
 - possibly other things I can't recall

 - LibPeriodicTable updates:
 - Moved spyglass and Jeeves from Misc.Usable.Fun to Misc.Usable.Permanent
 - Removed unused Misc.Usable.Target (was only in data.lua
 - Added to Misc.Usable.Quest and Misc.Usable.StartsQuest
 - Cleaned up Misc.Reagent.Ammo and Misc.Reagent.Class many items no longer existed

 - Updated (autogenned) list of trinkets

 - Added Hyjal daily quest items

 - Bump ToC version
 - Updated LibPeriodicTable
 - Updated LibBabbleZone

 - Updated LibPeriodicTable
 - Removed a quest item that wasn't
 - Guild Perk spells are on the Extras bar
 - added Hellscream's Reach Tabard to Misc.Hearth

 - Updated LibPeriodicTable
 - Fixed and updated LibKeyBoundExtra
 - ToC bump

 - Updated LibPeriodicTable
 - Added Potion of Deepholm to Hearths
 - Added Potion of Golemblood

 - Updated LibPeriodicTable
 - Added Mysterious Potion

 - Added Flask of Battle
 - Added The Last Relic of Argus
 - Added Scalding Murglesnout

 - Elixir of Deep Earth
 - Elixir of the Master
 - Storm Stone (quest item)
 - Flame-Scarred Junkbox (Lockpickable)
 - Dalaran Brilliance
 - Potion of the Tol'vir

 - Jeeves is no longer a quest item (really, really)
 - Rogues can now poison their thrown weapons with a middle click on the Weapon Buff button

 - Re-jiggered Hunter Traps
 - Invigorating Pineapple Punch
 - Loot-A-Rang
 - Flask of the Draconic Mind
 - Flask of Flowing Water
 - Flask of Steelskin
 - Flask of Titanic Strength
 - Flask of the Winds

 - Fix:Running Wild not appearing for certain classes (not tested)
 - Added more potions
 - Added Mage Hunter Effects
 - LibPT updates

 - Openable:winter veil gift
 - Hearth: Innkeeper's Daughter
 - Added Guild Standards
 - Mythical Healing/Mana/Rejuv Potion

 - Hunter Trap/Serpent Sting fix
 - Lots of new items added

 - TolBarad tport/portal (untested)
 - Inner Will (priests) (untested)
 - Running Wild (Worgen) (untested)
 - Updated list of Openables
 - Updated foods and drinks

 - Added Cataclysm bandages
 - Achaeology/Survey
 - Warlock buff (Dark Intent)
 - Updated list of trinkets

 - More LibPT updates

 - New users will have a more reasonably sized Class and Extras Bar
 - Feasts and "Fun" items no longer show up on the Quest Items button, instead there is a new Misc, Fun button on the Extras bar
 - Updated more items (in LibPeriodicTable), but report any missing items

 - Added back Consumable.Food.Edible.Bread.Conjured & Consumable.Food.Edible.Combo.Conjured they both simply reference Consumable.Food.Edible.Combo.Conjured for backwards compatibility.
 - Added Sparkling Oasis Water
 - Experimental mining of Misc.Booze

 - Added a whole bunch of new quest items

 - Missed a change related to Mage food

 - Updated LibPT
 - Fixed Hunter traps as well as I can until Blizzard fixes it
 - Fixed Mage food

 - Ethereal Portal has been added (really, really)
 - Companion Pets button should be functional again
 - Buttons should again popup
 - The Popup On Shift option has been removed since it was non-functional
 - Merged changes from AutoBarMuffin back into AutoBar

-- beta (r644)
-- Actually added Blessing of Sanctuary back for real.  Honest.
-- Proper mount tooltip
-- A Letter from the Keeper of the Rolls 22723
-- Rework tooltip scheme a bit.
-- Fix KeyBound mode bug that kills popups
-- Fix Show Tooltips in Combat
-- Split popups longer than 8 buttons into a wide block instead of a single row
-- Fix modifier-clicks
-- New pets and trinkets according to wowhead
-- Critters now featured on the pet button
-- Pickled Egg 38427
-- Grim Guzzler Boar 11444
-- Rock-Salted Pretzel 38428
-- Blackrock Fortified Water 38431
-- Blackrock Mineral Water 38430
-- Blackrock Spring Water 38429


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  • #934

    Click the minimap icon to bring up the config. Select the Bars tab. In the listbox on the left of that window there should be 3 bars listed: Basic, Extras and one named for your class. Select each Bar and see if the Enabled checkbox is set. Make sure the Hide checkbox isn't set.

  • #931

    Getting this error with my hunter:

    4x AutoBar-v5.0.4.02\AutoBarClassBar.lua:221: attempt to index field "?" (a nil value)
    AutoBar-v5.0.4.02\libs\AceEvent-2.0\AceEvent-2.0-91097.lua:925: in function <AutoBar\libs\AceEvent-2.0\AceEvent-2.0.lua:923>
    <in C code>
    AutoBar-v5.0.4.02\libs\AceEvent-2.0\AceEvent-2.0-91097.lua:368: in function <AutoBar\libs\AceEvent-2.0\AceEvent-2.0.lua:345>


    Hunter is mixcoatl in Dragonblight-eu


  • #933

    Did you try deleting your settings when you're logged out?

  • #930

    A number of people still seem to be having issues with Hunters and Warlocks.  If you have a warlock who's class bar is not showing up and you have:

    - Deleted your settings

    - Enabled ONLY AutoBar

    and it's still broken, please post or PM me a link to your character on the wow site so I can see if it's a spec/talent/glyph thing. Unfortunately I don't have a high level hunter to test with, so I'll start with Warlocks.

  • #937

    Deleting the settings fixed for my Lock, just had to fix settings for everyone.


  • #923

    Date: 2012-09-04 23:44:06
    ID: 1
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: ..\AddOns\AutoBar\AutoBarCategory.lua line 401:
       attempt to concatenate local 'shortTexture' (a nil value)
       ...ce\AddOns\AutoBar\libs\AceAddon-2.0\AceAddon-2.0.lua:666: InitializeAddon()
       [C]: ?
       ...ce\AddOns\AutoBar\libs\AceEvent-2.0\AceEvent-2.0.lua:298: TriggerEvent()
      Swatter, v3.2.2 (<%codename%>)
      ACP, v3.3.16
      AtlasLootLoader, vv6.05.03
      AutoBar, vv4.3.0.04
      BlizRuntimeLib_enUS v5.0.4.50001 <us>

  • #924

    Your version is far out of date.  Download the latest and delete your settings.

  • #920

    Thank you for the hard work on this must-have (for me anyway) addon. I've deleted my saved variables file but am still getting the "You do not have a pet" message when attempting to summon any pet. Also my Alchemist's  Flask is not displayed.

  • #925

    The list of items is provided by LibPeriodicTable, so AutoBar is as up to date as it is.  So far there hasn't been an automated way to get all of the needed data, so it's semi-automated, semi-manual.  As I hear of things missing I can get them added though.

  • #928

    Great, thank you! Have you or will you fix the pet error message, or is that part of the LibPeriodicTable thing?

  • #921

    the pet summoning is an error due to the new method your non combat pets are being summoned, he is aware of this conflict and is working towards a resolution. and yes the alchemist flask has been a known issue ive encountered for some time as well, it wasnt just linked to MoP update. i do believe you could add that button in by creating its own button for it , however that takes a bit of understanding on how this addon works in order to do so. In about 20 days from now really tho its almost easier to add a button for it into something like bartender or dominos if u also use those addons as well. That was my solution to this issue, along with using an addon like smartbuff which can apply your alchemist flask for you whenever it is not currently affecting you.


  • #929

    Great ideas, thank you!

  • #919

    btw since you are reading some of these muffinmanken, feel free to remove Maggz in the authors table in the .toc file, as that footnote does refer to me and the small amount of effort i assisted you with during cata. i do appreciate the credit you gave me there, but it was really not needed. you are the one who fixed so much of this addon at that time and have been maintaining it up to current version. GL and definate props to continuing this addon. I know alot of people enjoy having it.


  • #918

    Hi, thank you for your work first and foremost. This is one of two addons I can't live without, and I very much appreciate you updating it. I downloaded the new one today and deleted the old folders inside WTF. It all appears to be working completely except the water button is gone.

    Edit: The water button is back... odd. Anyway, I left this here because I want to say thanks for updating it. Your efforts are appreciated.

    Last edited by WinterCoast on 9/3/2012 8:06:14 PM
  • #916

    I had problems on several characters with the bars either not displaying at all or improperly.   Using the Curse Delete Settings(saved variable) option fixed the problem.


    Last edited by senourii on 9/3/2012 7:28:27 PM
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