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Auto Safari Hat

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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.2.0
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  • Updated 06/23/2015
  • Created 12/31/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: 1.6.2

About Auto Safari Hat

Auto Safari Hat alerts you if your Safari Hat isn't active when fighting wild pets and activates it when battling Pet Tamers. Additionally, it automatically accepts quests, starts battles, completes quests, and switches pet teams when you right-click on a Pet Tamer.


  • Notify user if missing Safari Hat for Wild Pet Battles.
  • If you have the quest for a Pet Tamer, automatically start the battle OR activate the Safari Hat buff.
  • Automatically switch to an appropriate battle pet team from PetBattleTeams when battling a Pet Tamer with the same name as an existing pet team; this feature defaults off.
  • Automatically pick up quests from tamers.
  • Automatically turn in quests to tamers.
  • Adds a key binding for users to activate their Safari Hat; this feature defaults off.
  • Automatically equip Guild Tabard for pet battles (to increase Guild Rep gain); this feature defaults off.
  • Attempt to return your tabard to the correct state when you are interrupted by combat.

All of the above functionality can be easily disabled through the Options menu. Just hit Escape and go to Interface -> Addons -> Auto Safari Hat. Alternatively, you could just type "/autosafarihat" or "/ash".

2015-06-23  MMOSimca  <>

[224b1643a439] [1.6.2]
* AutoSafariHat.toc

Updated Interface version for Patch 6.2.


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  • #51

    Well, since we only need LibStub to integrate with addons that we know include LibStub, we can rely on LibStub existing when we need it. I use something like

    if _G["LibStub"] then
        -- access LibStub
        ASH.LibStub = _G["LibStub"]

    during PLAYER_LOGIN so that LibStub is available when needed by for integration.

    Anywho, I'm updating ASH with your changes (and several of my own - this code was written quite a while back and has needed cleaning for some time).

    Last edited by MMOSimca on 9/27/2013 10:08:26 PM
  • #50

    Lines 77-96 are the new function; Lines 282,330,334,358 call it.

    I haven't tested this when PBT is *not* installed; I might have just introduced a dependency on LibStub either way.

  • #48

    Please share! Me want! =D

  • #45

    I'm having issues on my Nelf with the hat not equipping for trainer battles; wild battles do not seem to have any reaction problems.

  • #46

    Hmm. Make sure you have the option to autobattle Pet Tamers enabled in the Auto Safari Hat options - it is required for the auto equip as well.

  • #43

    Does this re-equip your normal helm after combat? I always forget I have my Safari Hat on and raid or dungeon like that. :p

    Last edited by Zerillia on 7/2/2013 1:46:18 PM
  • #44

    Yes. You basically just always wear your normal hat and then the instant you start a pet battle the addon will equip the safari hat. After the battle, the addon will remove it ASAP (usually under a second).

  • #39

    This addon works OK on my priest, but completely ignores my monk on the same account and server and with the same setting. It never puts the hat on. Any idea why this is happening?

  • #42


    The only thing I can think of is that maybe on the character selection screen the Addon is disabled for the Priest for some reason, or your Priest doesn't have her Safari Hat on her.

  • #38

    Great addon. Could you make an option to never equip the hat if all 3 active pets are level 25?  Even better, to only equip it after dealing the killing blow to the last pet so the hat is only on for the moment pet xp is gained. I think that gets you the boost. I ask this because I try to minimize any time spent missing important gear while battling on a pvp server.

    Last edited by kaustos on 6/16/2013 7:52:18 AM
  • #40

    Good idea. I'll look into this for sure soon, but it may not make it in until the Patch 5.4 version.

  • #37

    In your addon description it says 

    • Optionally, automatically equip Guild Tabard for Wild Pet Battles (for Guild exp)
    I'm currently not getting any guild XP for winning any wild pet battles O.o
  • #41

    You're right, I meant guild rep.

  • #36

    Love this addon, thank you for making it!

  • #35

    Just found this addon and love it.  Thank you!

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