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  • World of Warcraft
  • 1,678 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 3.3.0
  • 336,022 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/29/2011
  • Created 12/23/2008
  • 344 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: AutoGratz 2.0.1
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About AutoGratz

AutoGratz will automatically say Gratz! to people in your guild or party that say ding, guild mates that get an achievement, or people that whisper ding to you such as friends.

V4 Features
  • Separate messages for Achievements, and multiple people getting Achievements.
  • Toggle which source the addon responds to.
  • Multiple randomizing messages.
  • Toggle if the addon will run whilst you are AFK.
  • Can respond to Dings from Whisper, Party and Guild.
  • Can respond to Achievements from Party/Raid, Guild and Nearby players.
  • Customizable Delay.
  • Ace-3 Framework.
  • Profiling
  • And many more...

Use /ag to enter configuration menu, or through the blizzard Interface Options menu.

Please post any errors you come across in the comments or open a ticket.
Any feature requests may be posted in the comments.

Feel free to donate using the button above.



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  • #298

    people really , he doesn't wanna update this addon ever again , i'm one of the phew still with version 4 and still works mostly ok  ( like the said  Realm and Self-gratz problem ... ) , but lets just take the easy road shall we .... ,

    Last edited by reaper666735 on 4/15/2014 6:35:30 AM
  • #295

    If you want to fix the self-gratz problem, make the following changes to AutoGratz.lua:

    In the AutoGratz:HandleAchievement and AutoGratz:HandleDing functions, change:

        if sender ~= UnitName("player") and (self.db.profile.Afk or UnitIsAFK("player") == nil) then


        local name, realm = UnitName("player")
        if realm == nil then realm = GetRealmName() end
        local playername = name .. "-" .. realm
        if sender ~= playername and (self.db.profile.Afk or UnitIsAFK("player") == nil) then

    The source of the problem was that the "sender" now looks like "name-realm" instead of just "name" and UnitName("player") returns two things, name and realm, separately.  To workaround that, I added the function calls to store the name and realm and concatenate them with a "-" in between.

    Last edited by BMJaeger on 3/2/2014 4:23:12 PM
  • #297

    i replaced it but still doesnt work for me or i might do something wrong dunno..

    if i copy and paste this on that line then its not like exactly above eachother if you know what i mean and didnt try that yet but when i put it like exactly above eachother then it doesnt work 

    Last edited by Vrije on 3/24/2014 9:11:35 AM
  • #296

    Thank you:-)

  • #293

    AutoGratz says grats to MY toons when I level or do something else... HOW do I make it quit doing that? lol

  • #294

    lol yeah sme issue here since the last wow patch but for the rest it is still working perfect :P

  • #292

    This is a great addon for players! This was a good addon for me because it catches Achieves I usually miss while busy. I guess the dev decided to discontinue what looks like because of some bad Posts. I don' t know why the Dev would let that bother them as some people do that on purpose to get people to fold.

    For the people that cry here, there is a check box in the game if you don't want Guild Invites, so coming here bashing the Dev, shows how stupid you really are. 

    Thanks for the addon while it lasted. Hope you bring it back!

  • #288

    It is constantly telling every time I need to gratz someone that is out of date or broken.....please fix this as it is getting

  • #285
    • Supports: 3.3.0
    So please stop complaining, that it's not working in 5.4.0
    I've removed all "new" releases of this plugin due too many complaints about the automatism.
  • #289

    You don't have to be rude about least we are letting you know it isn't working properly and needs attention.

  • #291

    So if I understand'll no longer update it? I really wish you would... I mean it runs wonderfully for me and I love it but there's no option for the text to be shown in /instance since that's a new feature so more often than not it just says there's nowhere for it to go off. I really love this addon, I've been using it for years, I would be really thrilled if you updated it for that one little change. *puppy eyes* :(

    "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift - that is why it is called the present."

  • #290

    I'm not rude. All i say is, that it "don't need attention" because it's no longer supported ;)

  • #284

    Still getting global error message.......... please fix

  • #283

    yes it works...just manually update the version number and stuff in the .toc file and it works still using it and i manually changed the version number in the .toc file and i think other files but i forgot that :( tried to help a friend and didnt work for him s i sent him my files and now it works for him 2 :)

  • #282

    still have bug dont work for me

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