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  • World of Warcraft
  • 637 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.2.0
  • 120,942 Total Downloads
  • Updated 06/24/2015
  • Created 05/03/2009
  • 104 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: v6.2.0.0
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About AutoLog

AutoLog - Auto combat Log

As of v4.0.1.9 the development of this addon has been taken over from the original author - Rylanor

AutoLog automatically turns on and off your combat log while going inside or outside raid or dungeon instances. Includes a data broker to show whether or not AutoLog is currently active.

Bug Reports / Change Requests

Please use the ticketing system here.

Why, and for who ?

Because sometimes people who are "making logs" just forgot to launch them, because they may want something to do this alone.


  • Global 'enable' key, that allow you to block all combat logging changes from AutoLog
  • Option to turn logging on for any Heroic 5 player instance
  • Logging preferences 'by raid instance'. Can differ between 10/25/10 heroic/25 heroic
  • Always shows you in the configuration frame if combat logging is turned on or off
  • Supported raid instances (10/25 normal and heroic modes, if available):
    • Naxxramas
    • The Eye Of Eternity (Malygos)
    • The Obsidian Sanctum (Sartharion)
    • Vault of Archavon (+ Emalon / Koralon / Toravon)
    • Ulduar
    • Trial of the Crusader
    • Onyxia's Lair
    • Icecrown Citadel
    • Ruby Sanctum (Thanks to sbourget and mysticalos)
    • Blackwing Descent
    • The Bastion of Twilight
    • Throne of the Four Winds
    • Baradin Hold
    • Firelands
    • Mogu'shan Vaults
    • Terrace of Endless Spring
    • Heart of Fear
    • Throne of Thunder
    • Siege of Orgrimmar
    • Blackrock Foundry
    • Highmaul


  • Configuration frame localised for all clients - if anyone would like to assist with localisation, please visit this page.


  • Rylanor - Original author
  • Warp42 - for the German translation
  • Booblik - for the Russian translation
  • BNSSNB - for the Traditional Chinese translation
  • Maknae - for the Korean translation
  • Aratar - for a bug fix relating to relogging
  • Beregond - for identifying the The Dragon Wastes zone for the Fall of Deathwing and for testing LFR functionality Changed: Updated for 6.2
Added: Mythic dungeon difficulty logging
Added: Hellfire Citadel Changed: Updated for 6.1 Fixed: Ticket 18 Added: Simple data broker Fixed: Stopped logging when in a Garrison Changed: Updated for Warlords of Draenor Added: Challenge mode added by request of Goneril Fixed: Logging toggling when it shouldn't Changed: Logging control rewritten
Fixed: Bug preventing autologging in dungeons Fixed: Removed debugging messages I left in Changed: Added a 5 second delay in an attempt to prevent logging not being reenabled on a consitent basis
Fixed: Compensated for Blizzard bug when using slash command to open the options panel Fixed: Bug reported by aibon3010 Changed: Updated for 5.4
Added: Siege of Orgrimmar
Added: Flex raiding added Changed: Updated for 5.3 Fixed: Bug reported by h2pveiledm thanks to RuniX, Bravolas, djouga Changed: Updated for 5.2 Fixed: Ticket 15, by Jsutan Changed: Update ToC for 5.1 Changed: Locale update Fixed: Ticket 14 reported by CelestialFury Fixed: Zoning bug reported by Jsutan
Fixed: Corrected localisation implementation issue Added: Keybinding option, requested by Dinytran
Added: Full support for current locales
Added: On screen combat log status
Changed: Improved instance detection
Changed: Removed LibBabbleZone dependency
Changed: Removed AceAddon dependency Changed: Update ToC for MoP
Added: Added new MoP raid instances Added: Minor update to add 'The Dragon Wastes' to French locale Fixed: Fall of Deathwing detection, 'The Dragon Wastes' manually added to localisation pending LibBabbleZone update, many thanks to Beregond Added: Added support for LFR raids Added: Added detection for Fall of Deathwing component of Dragon Soul Changed: Temporary fix added for French Dragon Soul translation, tested and working this time :-) Changed: Temporary fix added for French Dragon Soul translation, thanks to RuniX for the translation Changed: Tagged to repackage with latest LibBabble-Zone release Added: Dragon Soul raid instance
Changed: ToC updated for 4.3 Changed: Tagged to repackage with latest LibBabble-Zone release Changed: Tagged to repackage with latest LibBabble-Zone release Fixed: Relogging now checks for log enabling, reported and fixed by Aratar
Added: Now checks normal as well as heroic 5 player instances Changed: Repackaged to include updated LibBabble-Zone translations Added: Firelands
Changed: ToC updated for 4.2.0 Added: Korean localisation thanks to Maknae
Changed: Localisation handling Changed: ToC updated for 4.1.0 Added: Traditional Chinese (zhTW) translation thanks to BNSSNB Fixed: Package externals issue Added: 5 Player instance logging as requested by Eingang Added: Russian localisation thanks to Booblik Added: German localisation thanks to Warp42 Added: Support for Baradin Hold as requested by Asteague Added: Support for Cataclysm raids Initial 4.0 game client release after taking over from the original author - Rylanor


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  • #162

    Hellfire Citadel is 1026.

    If you want to update the addon before the addon author publishes something, change lines 19~28 in Core.lua to:

    --map IDs
    local map_id_list = {
    ["42BWD"] = 754, ["45BTW"] = 758, ["46TFW"] = 773, ["41BAH"] = 752, ["44FIR"] = 800, ["43DGS"] = 824, ["52MGS"] = 896,
    ["53TES"] = 886, ["51HOF"] = 897, ["54TOT"] = 930, ["55SOO"] = 953, ["61BRF"] = 988, ["62HGM"] = 994, ["63HFC"] = 1026,

    local raid_normal = {"42BWD", "45BTW", "46TFW", "41BAH", "44FIR", "43DGS", "52MGS", "53TES", "51HOF", "54TOT", "55SOO", "61BRF", "62HGM", "63HFC"}
    local raid_heroic = {"42BWD", "45BTW", "46TFW", "44FIR", "43DGS", "52MGS", "53TES", "51HOF", "54TOT", "55SOO", "61BRF", "62HGM", "63HFC"}
    local raid_lfr = {"43DGS", "52MGS", "53TES", "51HOF", "54TOT", "55SOO", "61BRF", "62HGM", "63HFC"}
    local raid_mythic = {"55SOO", "61BRF", "62HGM", "63HFC"}

  • #161

    Will this get updated to 6.2?

  • #160

    Keybinding doesn't work for me. I click the button, hit 'L' on my keyboard, and it doesn't get bound (the button still says "Not Bound").

  • #159

    That's by design. AutoLog should only be active whilst you are in an instance. If it's not reactivating once you reenter then that points to a problem with the map IDs. 

    When/if it fails to restart, it would be helpful if you could let me have details of the zone you expect it to be active in and in particular the map id. You can get the map id by typing the following:

    /script print(GetCurrentMapAreaID())

    It's the first number I'm interested in.

  • #158

    Seems like it turns logs off everytime you die (6.1), very frustrating.

  • #157

    After 6.1 pop-up russian notifications about status of battlelog doesn't display correctly. Good and smart addon.

  • #156

    Possible to have chat log also?

    Last edited by Mokal on 3/1/2015 9:49:37 AM
  • #154

    Thanks soooo much for this! It would be cool if the log status (on/off) showed up in LDB display.

  • #155

    Good idea. I'll add that now.

  • #151

    It appears that being in the garrison triggers the 5 player heroic condition. Intended?

  • #152

    I realise it was a bit of a heroic effort to actually get into your garrison when WoD came out, but no, that's not intended :-)

    Version should fix that.

  • #153

    hahaha! Thanks for the very quick turnaround!

  • #148

    Please note I will be fixing this addon. Curse have kindly marked all my addons as inactive. This is not true, but it may take me some time to sort it. Please also note I don't get notifications from this page, so if you want to get a message to me, either PM me or comment on Curseforge.

  • #149

    I look forward to the update, thanks in advance! =)

  • #150

    There is an alpha version on Curseforge if anyone would like to help me test it. Be aware though that it's not guaranteed to be bug free.

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