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Auto Tabard

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 109 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 4.3
  • 39,172 Total Downloads
  • Updated 01/02/2012
  • Created 12/21/2008
  • 198 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
  • Newest File: v1.972

About Auto Tabard

This addon does automatically equip the proper reputation tabard when entering a heroic.

Opening the blizz addon options, you can set which is the faction u need (selecting Alliance Vanguard simply disable addon).

Once entering heroic, and every time u get out of combat in heroic, addon will check and equip proper tabard.

Addon checks for full exhalted status and warns if already maxxed.

Report bugs please :D

toc bump

minor fixes for zhTW localisation, thanks again to zhTW

added zhTW localisation, thanks to.. erm.. user zhTW

now addon checks for special bags (enchanting, herbalism, mining... ) before storing tabard

added non heroic instances names (thanks to seaquake for some testing)
added german and french localization (need to test em all)
still have to check bahaviour in pre-cata instances

lvl85 factions added (miss translation, instance names and check trigger mechanics)

french localization added (thanks to Ekhurr)

tabard id fix

v1.91 (unreleased)
added Bilgewater Cartel and Gilneas (thanks to TonDef)

added 4.03 factions (miss all localization, need horde check)
removed icons from configuration

fixed self/this syntax
4.01 compatible (hopefully)

added french and german totc (untested)

added panel slash command (thx to networkerror)
added Trial of the Champion non-heroic instance (need translations)

toc update
minor bug on no rep found
replaced GetDungeonDifficulty() function

removed commandline and added ui-addon panel
added xp bar restore

added french localisation - factions only, output is still english (thanks to sarcophilius)

localization fixes

v1.7 (unreleased beta)
added general localization system
added german localization. big thanks to Horelia@Teldrassil

added battleground raid check, should no more spam in bg group

added exhalted check, fixed bars 4 and 5 colors

added non heroic lvl 80 dungeons
replaced ENTERING_WORLD with ZONE_CHANGED_NEW_AREA, check will occour more times, but more reliable

fixed proper action when usual tabard is none

restyle of the graphic frame

bugfix when saved tabard status is lost during a ghost-run after dead in instance

after exit from heroic, previous tabard is restored
bugfix for error msg when entering heroic with no tabard

initial release


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  • #44
    Na, i am using the latest one. Just only started using this addon :P
  • #45
    well the line 65 that generates your error doesnt contain any code.. i fixed the this thing like 2 months ago, so i really think you have an old version. please remove it totally and download latest one.

    let me know
  • #39
    Will there be a new version with Cata factions?
  • #41
    1.95 should be complete

    please give as much feedback as possible on addon (and de/fr localization)
  • #40
    working on the other cata tabards, expect new release in 2 days aprox
  • #36
    Hi eviloz, I've sent you the French localization by Conversation here at, just missing the Horde Faction names for now, but the rest is fine, and working (like for Gilneas).
  • #37
    Sent you the Horde names too, you're all good ;)
  • #38
    hope 1.93 is ok for french client now :)
  • #33
    Horde Add: Bilgewater Cartel 64884

    Alliance Add: Gilneas 64882

    Your new string is:
    AutoTabard_AllianceRepFactions = {"Argent Crusade","Knights of the Ebon Blade", "The Wyrmrest Accord", "Kirin Tor", "Darnassus", "Exodar", "Gnomeregan", "Ironforge" , "Stormwind", "Gilneas", "Alliance Vanguard" }
    AutoTabard_AllianceRepTabards = { "43154", "43155", "43156", "43157", "45579", "45580", "45578", "45577", "45574", "64884"}

    AutoTabard_HordeRepFactions = {"Argent Crusade","Knights of the Ebon Blade", "The Wyrmrest Accord", "Kirin Tor", "Undercity", "Silvermoon City", "Thunder Bluff", "Darkspear Trolls", "Orgrimmar", "Bilgewater Cartel", "Horde Expedition"}
    AutoTabard_HordeRepTabards = { "43154", "43155", "43156", "43157", "45583", "45585", "45584", "45582", "45581", "64884"}

  • #34
    thanks, included in 1.91
  • #35
    make it 1.92
    i was soo lazy and i did a copy paste, but u mistyped the ID of ally tabard so 1.91 wont ever see light (if u wanted to test my lazyness , i failed big time lol)

    soon up (when curse guys are back from bbq)
  • #32
    1.9 (soon up) have support for major cities

    i play ally, so not sure it will report correctly horde reps, plz giev feedback :)

    need german/french translation
  • #30
    Will this be updated to reflect the 4.03 factions?
  • #31
    will be soon, still gathering info
  • #29
    Thanks for the update for 4.01
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