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  • Updated 01/24/2015
  • Created 10/09/2009
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  • License: Public Domain
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About AutoVendor


This addon will automatically perform most of your vendor needs by selling any items you have in your bags, which you may not want and auto-repairing. Currently the following options are supported:

  • Sell grey items (always enabled as long as the addon is enabled);
  • Sell soulbound items that your class cannot use (disabled by default). I tried to make this very conservative, so it will also not sell stuff you haven't yet trained for. Also, mail will never be sold for hunters/shamans and plate will not be sold for paladins and warriors;
  • Sell soulbound items that are "not optimal" for your class (cloth for Druid/Rogue, cloth/leather for Hunter/Shaman, cloth/leather/mail for Warrior/Death Knight/Paladin). Only works for players level 50 and higher, so you can keep using "suboptimal" armor until you have your armor specialization;
  • Sell Fortune Cards, which are obtained by using a Mysterious Fortune Card or eating a Fortune Cookie. Only the non-epic ones will be sold by this option. The epic ones (currently worth 1000 gold and 5000 gold are kept because these have other uses (for instance, using them to take extra gold with you on a server transfer).
  • Auto repair when visiting a repair-capable vendor (optional to use the Guild Bank for repairs);
  • Support for filters, meaning you can have a list of items you want to always keep or always sell.


You can use the interface options panel to modify some settings for this addon, or type /av to see some options.

The following slash commands are also available:

  • /junk: when provided with an item link, it will add this item to the "always sell" list, or remove it from that list if it's already on. When provided with just an item name, it will attempt to remove that item from the list (case insentitive);
  • /notjunk: does the same as /junk but for the "never sell" list;
  • /junklist: shows a list of items you have marked as "always sell";
  • /notjunklist: shows a list of items you have marked as "never sell".
  • /dropcheapest: destroys the cheapest junk-item you have on you. This can be useful if you're farming old content and find something you want to keep, but your bags are full. Note that while this prints the name of the item that was destroyed in chat, there is no confirmation, nor way to get it back! Use at your own risk.


By default the addon will report the total of items sold and the value of these items combined when you visit a vendor. You can change this by using the interface options panel. The values correspond to the following behaviour:

  • none: no reports at all;
  • summary: only summaries (default behaviour);
  • all: full reports, lists every item beind sold.

When no items are sold no reports are given, even if this value is set at something other than "none".


You can use a LDB display addon (such as Titan Panel, Bazooka or Chocolate Bar) to view basic information from this addon. It will show information in the following format:

AutoVendor: Repair: xG yS Junk: zG aS (b slots)

The AutoVendor: part is a label and can be turned off, there is no configuration available for the rest as of yet. G and S indicate icons for Gold and Silver. To keep the info display a bit short, copper will not be displayed.

Other information

The addon comes with a default list for "never sell", currently consisting of the full Twill set and two Pitchforks. Other suggestions are welcome ;) Feature requests are also welcome. I am thinking about a way to manage the junk and not-junk lists, which might be implemented when I figure out a good way ;)

r84 | egrimm | 2015-01-24 10:07:40 +0000 (Sat, 24 Jan 2015) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /tags/v26 (from /trunk:83)

Updated unusable weapons for hunters.
r83 | egrimm | 2015-01-24 10:07:23 +0000 (Sat, 24 Jan 2015) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/AutoVendor.lua
   M /trunk/AutoVendor.toc

Updated unusable weapons for hunters.


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  • #94

    Feature suggestion: Add a way to automatically sell weapons/armor below a certain iLvl, soul-bound or not.

    With the level 3 scrap-yard, I get ~30 low-level items a day.  Ones above, say, iLvl 400 are often worth disenchanting, but everything below that is just junk.  It's tiring selling them all day-after-day.

    Just make sure to exclude the "increase a follow's weapon/armor level by 3/6/9" items, which for some reason are considered iLvl 1 weapons/armor by default, rather than being categorized as "Misc"

    Last edited by BlueRajasmyk on 1/24/2015 2:03:27 PM
  • #95

    Very nice suggestion! +1

  • #91

    Great addon. I used ItemizedDeduction before but was tired to right-click and click to sell. This one here is much more convenient. But I encounter some bugs, at least on my German client:

    1) The LDB-display of the repair costs does not work. It always says 0. The display of junk however (gain and slots) is fine. And the auto-repair itself works also, it's just an issue with the display of the costs. I use Titan Panel.

    2) The addon won't sell soulbound items, although all check boxes are marked.


    Last edited by toxxic1975 on 11/29/2014 6:29:55 AM
  • #92

    Hello toxxic1975,

    Thanks for your comment. I have not tested this addon with other languages than English I'm afraid. Some day I will get to internationalization, I promise! :- )

    In the meantime, may I suggest you look at the comment made below by serox18? He posted a possible solution for clients with different languages.

  • #93

    Maybe this helps finding the problem with LDB display: I just realized that the cost is displayed for a glimpse WHILE repairing, but really only for split seconds.

  • #90

    Hi. I love this addon. I have a feature request. Is there any way to make the /junk and /notjunk lists global

    Would be great to add things like ow level food and obsolete cooking mats that dont sell etcto the junk list on all toons

     Currently I just cut and paste from the text files to make one big list but it's a massive pain

    I'm aware I can copy profiles but it doesn't seem to do anything. Just tested it with "Tough Jerky" Bought it on my main. /Junked it and tested it. Switched to alt, copied profile and its not in the junk list

    Last edited by Spyderbbq on 11/20/2014 1:30:31 PM
  • #87

    Currently this addon is treating [Peon's Mining Pick] as an one-hand axe, not a mining pick. Because of this, if you're a class that cannot use one-hand axes (and have selected the option to vendor unusable soulbound items), the addon will vendor [Peon's Mining Pick] from your bags. Obviously for miners this is far from ideal. I had to use my one month item restoration to recover the item.

    Please make it so [Peon's Mining Pick] is treated as a mining pick, not a weapon. It needs the same protection that [Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick] recieved in mop. Thanks :)

  • #88

    Hello sbowesuk,

    Thanks for your report! I added an exception for this item. In the mean time, if you have any other items that you don't want sold, you can use the /notjunk command (add a link to the item or the item's name after it) to add it to an exception list.

    Sorry for the inconvenience, the latest version (v25) should have it fixed.

  • #89

    Awesome. Thanks!

  • #86

    before 6.02 this addon used to vender the entire contents of my bags, ie 128 items at once, currently even with no other addons open, i get an error message that says that item is busy a bunch of times and the net result is i have sold 10 items but the chat window message reports that  all have been sold and the amount that i should get

    is this the case for other people? and is there a fix for this

  • #81

    I have a feature request - currently, this works on per character basis, but I'd like to set a few items for all chars.

    I just started leveling again, on alliance side, and I need to put every single health and mana potion into AV for every char :D

  • #84

    you can copy profile from one char to another char in interface addons mus click at the cross rigth from autovendor anselected profile who you can chose from which char you would be copi the profile

  • #80


    The option to automatically sell unusable soulbound gear doesn't work.  However, other functions such as junklist and auto repair do work.

    Eg, Hound Trainer's Gloves on my Priest do not auto sell.  However, if I add them to junk list, they will sell.

    Fixes i tried include:

    • Deleting the saved variables (but not reinstalling the mod)
    • Unticking and reticking the checkbox option in game
    • Resetting my AutoVendor profile

    Please help.



  • #82


    to make this function do work you must be translate in autoventor.lua all types off weapons/armors.

    for example leather >>> Leder or Schields >>>> Schild and also you must rename the words Armor and weapon in your Language.

    At Line 437 you must translate Weapon and Armor in your language

    At Line 455 you must Translate Weapon in your Language

    Line 576-657 You must translate all Weapon and Armor type in your language for example: 

    ['DEATHKNIGHT'] = { ['Armor'] = { 'Shields', 'Librams', 'Idols', 'Totems' }, ['Weapon'] = { 'Bows', 'Guns', 'Staves', 'Fist Weapons', 'Daggers', 'Thrown', 'Crossbows', 'Wands' },

    to (german)

    ['DEATHKNIGHT'] = {
    ['Armor'] = { 'Schild', 'Buchband', 'Idols', 'Totems' },
    ['Weapon'] = { 'Bogen', 'Schusswaffe', 'Stab', 'Faustwaffe', 'Dolch', 'Wurfwaffe', 'Armbrust', 'Zauberstab' },

    The class and the Armor/Weapon Didnt translate in this block because the addon didnt work then.


    I hope i helped you.





  • #79

    Great addon! Would you consider an option to auto sell all green items aswell?


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