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  • Updated 09/02/2015
  • Created 10/09/2009
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  • License: Public Domain
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About AutoVendor


This addon will automatically perform most of your vendor needs by selling any items you have in your bags, which you may not want and auto-repairing. Currently the following options are supported:

  • Sell grey items (always enabled as long as the addon is enabled);
  • Sell soulbound items that your class cannot use (disabled by default). I tried to make this very conservative, so it will also not sell stuff you haven't yet trained for. Also, mail will never be sold for hunters/shamans and plate will not be sold for paladins and warriors;
  • Sell soulbound items that are "not optimal" for your class (cloth for Druid/Rogue, cloth/leather for Hunter/Shaman, cloth/leather/mail for Warrior/Death Knight/Paladin). Only works for players level 50 and higher, so you can keep using "suboptimal" armor until you have your armor specialization;
  • Sell Fortune Cards, which are obtained by using a Mysterious Fortune Card or eating a Fortune Cookie. Only the non-epic ones will be sold by this option. The epic ones (currently worth 1000 gold and 5000 gold are kept because these have other uses (for instance, using them to take extra gold with you on a server transfer).
  • Auto repair when visiting a repair-capable vendor (optional to use the Guild Bank for repairs);
  • Support for filters, meaning you can have a list of items you want to always keep or always sell.


You can use the interface options panel to modify some settings for this addon, or type /av to see some options.

The following slash commands are also available:

  • /junk: when provided with an item link, it will add this item to the "always sell" list, or remove it from that list if it's already on. When provided with just an item name, it will attempt to remove that item from the list (case insentitive);
  • /notjunk: does the same as /junk but for the "never sell" list;
  • /junklist: shows a list of items you have marked as "always sell";
  • /notjunklist: shows a list of items you have marked as "never sell".
  • /dropcheapest: destroys the cheapest junk-item you have on you. This can be useful if you're farming old content and find something you want to keep, but your bags are full. Note that while this prints the name of the item that was destroyed in chat, there is no confirmation, nor way to get it back! Use at your own risk.


By default the addon will report the total of items sold and the value of these items combined when you visit a vendor. You can change this by using the interface options panel. The values correspond to the following behaviour:

  • none: no reports at all;
  • summary: only summaries (default behaviour);
  • all: full reports, lists every item beind sold.

When no items are sold no reports are given, even if this value is set at something other than "none".


You can use a LDB display addon (such as Titan Panel, Bazooka or Chocolate Bar) to view basic information from this addon. It will show information in the following format:

AutoVendor: Repair: xG yS Junk: zG aS (b slots)

The AutoVendor: part is a label and can be turned off, there is no configuration available for the rest as of yet. G and S indicate icons for Gold and Silver. To keep the info display a bit short, copper will not be displayed.

Other information

The addon comes with a default list for "never sell", currently consisting of the full Twill set and two Pitchforks. Other suggestions are welcome ;) Feature requests are also welcome. I am thinking about a way to manage the junk and not-junk lists, which might be implemented when I figure out a good way ;)

r91 | olafskii | 2015-09-02 19:43:45 +0000 (Wed, 02 Sep 2015) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /tags/v29 (from /trunk:90)

Update for version 6.2.
r90 | olafskii | 2015-09-02 19:43:23 +0000 (Wed, 02 Sep 2015) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/AutoVendor.toc

Update for version 6.2.


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  • #113

    Need a better way to add items to the list. Maybe something like a window that pops up showing all items in inventory that allows you to put a check next to the item you want to be added. This would make life so much easier. I just made a new toon and somehow while tryin to import settings I managed to erase my entire list dont know how but I did. I run several old raids on multiple toons and unless Im goin w/ specific intent on an item I dont care about it I just wanna be able to mass sell all the items that I specify to go. I cannot even begin to describe how frustraded I am right now.

  • #112

    need a search button on vendor 

  • #111

    This addon is great :D

  • #110

    Fantastic addon and I love it so far! My one question is, I see in older comments how people are advised to add certain segments of code in to sell items below a certain ilevel... how and where exactly do we add those segments?

  • #107

    Would it be possible to prevent the addon from vendoring Peon's Mining Pick and Gorepetal's Gentle Grasp by default? I know they can be added to the 'Not Junk' list but I tend to forget to change the settings away from my usual computer and they keep getting vendored (especially the gloves). Thanks for a great addon!

  • #108

    Hey zweisheng,

    Thanks for your comment. Version 28 should have your items added to the default "not junk" list!

  • #109

    Thanks for the quick response!

  • #106

    As far as I'm aware the filters - creating one's own list of items to always be sold or ignored, does not work. I can add an item to /junk and it sells at the vendor but as soon as I relog AutoVendor forgets that I added the item to the list. So I don't really save any time at all because I have to add the same items to the list every single time I relog. Has anyone else encountered this problem or is aware of a fix for it?

  • #102

    I have idea for a feature. Vendor QUEUE. You can mark item, for it to be sold, without any exception for 1 time, you visit vendor, this would be usefull i think :)

  • #101

    Clean, simple and functional. Exactly what I was looking for thanks!

    Last edited by zeress1 on 3/13/2015 8:25:05 AM
  • #97

    Feature suggestion: Add a way to automatically sell weapons/armor below a certain iLvl, soul-bound or not.


    I second this.

  • #100

    Not sure if this will help anyone, but a friend helped me change the code very slightly to vendor all green Armor and Weapons ONLY, and all non WoD blues. This will prevent you from vendoring your crafting agents and such. I added this code on line item 424 before the -- item is level 1, don't sell code. 

    -- who care's about greens?
    if itemQuality == 2 and (itemType == 'Weapon' or itemType == 'Armor') and itemLevel < 600 then
    return true

    -- blue and pre-Wod, vendor it
    if itemQuality == 3 and (itemType == 'Weapon' or itemType == 'Armor') and itemLevel < 480 then
    return true


    ****Important Note*****

    You must not forget to either turn this addon off if you are on a new character leveling up or remove this added code, else it will vendor all of your potentially upgradable items. 

  • #105

    OMG! Thanks so much! I was able to put in my version - which is vender all armor/weps below 480, no matter what.  Even on my alts, that's great - I will equip before i hit a vendor and generally don't even care since I'm all heirlooms on all toons.

    -- HACK TO SELL ALL BELOW 480 (added at line 424)

    if (itemType == 'Weapon' or itemType == 'Armor') and itemLevel < 480 then
    return true

    NOTE: I did take the time to check first and added some items to the notjunk list (namely, the guild cloaks that let me port to cities and the mine pick and herb gloves - using the "/av notjunk [linked item]" and then I copied it from the SavedVariables version back into the main LUA so it applies to all my toons

    Last edited by Fixi on 5/13/2015 2:46:59 PM
  • #103

    You, sir or madam, and your friend, sir or madam, have my thanks.  I often open lockboxes while having my 3 month son in my lap - so this made opening a couple hundred lockboxes at a time a much more managable task.

    Thank you so much.  If you guys are on reddit or something, let me know your usernames and I gild a post of yours.  


  • #99

    Please do this!

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