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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 5.4.0
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  • Updated 09/11/2013
  • Created 12/02/2008
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: MIT License
  • Newest File: BadKitty 2.5.8
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About BadKitty

BadKitty v2.5

BadKitty is a debuff tracker for Feral Druids. Originally designed to accurately track Mangle's remaining time regardless of how many Ferals or Arms Warriors were in the raid, it has grown to track all buffs, debuffs, and cooldowns important to every cat (and bear) who cares about their damage output.

Savage Roar, Mangle (Trauma included), Faerie Fire, Rip, Rake, Tiger's Fury, Berserk, Glyph of Shred charges, Omen of Clarity, Predator's Swiftness, Demoralizing Roar (Demo Shout, CoW, Vindication included), Lacerate, Thrash, Pulverize, and Barkskin are all tracked and take into account any overlapping debuffs that may exist in your group or raid.

In both Cat and Bear Forms, two options are available for you. A small bar frame akin to many simliar mods, and a unique 'warning' frame that displays on your screen images of any buff or debuff that will soon need your attention. These two options can be used independently or simultaneously. Color, texture, and opacity options are available for these as well.

If you have any errors, questions, comments, or suggestions, put them in the comments here, or come bug me on Gul'dan (look for Anatinus). I try to improve BadKitty when I can, so your words will not fall on deaf ears. Happy Shredding!

Updated to patch 5.4


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  • #181
    Thanks for this, it's been very helpful in tracking everything I need to keep up for proper DPS(prepping for full time DPS in 3.1). A feature I'd like to see though, is to hide BK in until we are in a party/raid group.
  • #178
    great mod, been doing some tests on the ptr. One thing i noticed is that it does not all the time extend the rip duration when i shred.
  • #179
    I haven't had a chance to do any PTR tests yet. Thanks for the help, I'll get to work on that as soon as I can.
  • #174
    This is a really nice mod, however I dont know if I am stupid and just missing something obvious, but the 4 frames (bars+warning for both forms) never disappear on my screen, even out of combat.


    For this SS, I had disabled all my addons that I think, that would have conflicted with UI settings.

  • #176
    You have the frames unlocked. Since things are made to disappear if they are applied, or out of combat, I force all of the windows to appear when they are unlocked so they can be moved.

    Lock 'em and they'll go away.
  • #173
    I like the mod, works pretty well. I just wanted to request a feature. If possible, can you make an option that if the counter is at 0 it will not show that particular bar. For example, if FFF is counting down to 0, when it hits 0 it will disappear till its reapplied. Also, if you can add an option for the alpha of the background for the bars. Thanx, keep up the good work.
  • #177
    Customization is next on the list, since that seems to be where most complaints are directed nowadays, both here and on the WoW forums.

    I hope to have some new options with 3.1, or shortly after. I can't really say which or what yet though.
  • #169
    So it's been about 2 weeks since I posted the last version. There's a lot of things I want to change/add to my mod. Specifically, I want more customization, and more efficiency. I am working on both.

    However, with WoW 3.1 on the horizon, I'm expecting to have to make changes because of that. So what I'm going to do is work on it until then. When 3.1 is released, I should have a new, fully functional version up shortly thereafter.

    I'm going to be away from WoW for a good 10 days between now and then, so this seems like the plan that makes the most sense. Expect new stuff around 3.1 time.
  • #172
    MeisBarry, I would like to thank you for putting together one of the better mods I've used in WoW. Its a great addon for druids. However I would also like to encourage you to not wait for 3.1 before fixing some of the outstanding bugs. Its quite likely 3.1 won't be released for several months, which is a while to wait.

    The "zstart" errors mentioned below as well as the memory leak (assuming it isn't related to the zstart error) are quite crippling and will eventually crash my system during raids.

    Again, great work on a great mod. If possible, please squash these few bugs though as they are quite nasty.
  • #175
    Changed some stuff to fix errors. I didn't rev the version but MeisBarry just grab it and diff against yours and you can update from there.

    Zstart issue was not checking for nil results on GetSpellCooldown (e.g. if the ability is not available due to level or current form).

    Other problem was in the way BadKitty_UpdateMe was being called - not passing self / elapsed properly.
  • #180
    One more thing: please note my main character is a rogue, so I was limited in my ability to test changes with a druid alt. Therefore I only fixed the zstart and memory bugs that people had reported.
  • #168
    Something you may want to look into: I'm running a CPU/memory profiler (Broker_CPU) and I'm seeing that BadKitty is generating a constant stream of excessive CPU activity and memory allocation, even when I'm just standing around in Dalaran. The memory goes to ~1.5 meg and then drops back down too about 250K, presumably when garbage collection occurs.
  • #170
    Yes, I'm aware of the unnecessary garbage and CPU usage, and I apologize to those of you that get annoyed by that. It's certainly understandable. :/

    I'll be digging through my code and using some tools I have to try and bring all of that junk to a lesser level.
  • #164
    Hey, I'm getting a constant stream of the same LUA error as soon as I log in generated by BadKitty; I believe this started happening when I respec'd to Resto without disabling the add-on. As someone who respecs on a regular basis, I would prefer to not have to disable the add-on every time I do so. Is there anyway you can look into this? (If I had to guess, I would say it's looking for the CD on Berserk even though I don't have it).

    I will post the exact error text when I am at my home computer.
  • #166
    Are you using the most recent version? If you are, it might be looking for Mangle.

    When you post the error text I'll have a better idea, and I should be able to get it fixed.
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