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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.1.0
  • 120,680 Total Downloads
  • Updated 05/27/2015
  • Created 08/09/2009
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: BagSaver 0.6.7

About BagSaver

BagSaver will help you keep your bags as clean as possible.
I wrote this addon after having enough of my bags being full as I'm levelling/doing dailies/instancing. The goal of the addon will be to keep your bag slots clear of things you don't want, and assist you when your bag does somehow become full in finding the optimal (read: least valuable) item(s) to discard to make room for something better.

BagSaver has been updated for Mists of Pandaria!

All suggestions and feature requests are welcome!

Current features are:
Automated selling of gray items whenever a vendor window is opened
Automated selling of soulbound items that could not ever be equipped (i.e. quest reward staff taken by a Rogue to sell)
Automated selling of soulbound armor that is below your primary armor type (cloth, leather, mail, plate)
Finding the least valuable stack in your inventory for youwhen your bags are full and need a slot for new loot.

Slash commands (/bagsaver or /bs):
/bs config:    Open addon config menu (also found in Addon tab in Blizzard's Interface menu)
/bs reset:    Resets your config to defaults

Looking for a configurable, mobile bar that shows your current Energy/Mana/Rage/etc as well as your Combo Points/Soul Shards/Holy Power? Check out my other addon, Energy Watch!

Added Peon's Mining Pick to list of items to ignore for auto-sell, and made that functionality apply to unusable bound items
Updated TOC for 6.1.0

Added list of miscellaneous items to ignore for auto-sell, only current entry is Vile Fumigator's Mask
Updated TOC for 6.0

Bug fixed: BagSaver could try to auto-sell items that weren't armor because they were below your best armor type

Update TOC for 5.4

Update TOC for 5.3

Fixed BagSaver mis-identifying shields

Updated TOC for 5.2

Fixed issue with detecting if items are soulbound

Updated TOC for 5.1
Fishing Poles are no longer considered weapons - fixes auto-selling of soulbound fishing poles for Hunters with the auto-sell Soulbound Useless Items option enabled

Made BagSaver aware of the Monk class

Updated option to sell useless items to only consider soulbound items.

Updated addon for 5.0.4
Hunters now consider all non-ranged weapons to be unusable, and eligible for auto-sell if auto-sell unusable soulbound items option is enabled.
Rogues and Warriors now consider all ranged weapons to be unusable, and eligible for auto-sell if auto-sell unusable soulbound items option is enabled.
Relics are considered unusable by all classes (not really relevant since all Relics are now gray)
Added new option to sell useless items (i.e. weapons you can equip, but not use, like melee weapons for Hunters and ranged weapons for Warrior/Rogues).


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  • #80

    Peon's Mining Pick is giving a speed boost to mining even if not equipped and just in inventory. BagSaver offers to sell it if Auto Sell / Unusable Soulbound Items is enabled. Please put it in the exception list.

  • #81

    I just uploaded a new version which should take care of this. Let me know if not!

  • #79

    I am recently unable to split stacks.  If I have 20 in may bak and do a <shift>ckick or >shift>right click, I am unable to split my stacks.  This seems to be the case if I use bagnon, combuctor, baud-bag, or just the separate Bilzzard bags.  I have the samt toruble at the bank or the guild bank.  Anyone have any suggestions?  My wife, using the same set up, has trouble intermittently.


  • #78

    Hello! Recent convert from Sell-o-Matic + MakeRoom addons! I like that you do both in one. :)

    One request, would it be possible to have a delete button added on the pop-up window when inventory is full, ala MakeRoom? Rather than have to drag and drop the item out. Anyways, keep up the good work!

  • #76

    Why does it keep trying to sell my Imperial Silk?

  • #77

    Hmm, interesting bug. It looks like this would happen if you were a non-cloth wearing class that had Imperial Silk (Tailoring), and the "Auto-sell non-primary armor" option checked.

    I just uploaded version 0.6.5 which should fix this problem.

  • #75

    Thank you so much for this addon :-) It will help me big time, as I am a clutter bug and always running out of bag space, lol!

  • #74

    I also wish that user could add some items into "sell for vendor" -filter, very often I want to sell all low level mana drinks/foods which don't have buffing on them.

  • #73

    I wish this addon could seek for quest items to destroy, from those quests which a current character does not have in quest log. Thank you for reading this message.

    And I apologize if my sentences are bad, english isn't my major language.

  • #70

    Recently, the addon stopped selling armor that I can't equip (i.e. rogue with plate BoP armor).     I imagine that would fall under "Automated selling of soulbound items that could not ever be equipped" but it does nothing.

  • #71

    Do you have the latest (0.6.0) version? 0.6.0 fixed a problem with BagSaver detecting if an item is soulbound or not (which would break the autosell option you're talking about)

  • #72

    Perfect!  I had 5.9...downloaded the newer version and now my useless gear is selling again.  Much appreciated.

  • #67

    I like the changes incorporated into the new version that removes 2-handed weapons from my hunters' inventories. However, since the update, the addon also keeps selling my Ka'luak Fishing Poles even though I have Ignore Fishing items checked. Is there any way to prevent losing my fishing poles to the vendor. I've already lost one that I had to travel to Dragonblight and purchase again.

  • #68


    I thinkk I figured this out. Looks like it only affects Hunters and the "Useless Items" option. I just uploaded a new version which should fix this. Please test this and let me know if it resolves your issue; my Hunter doesn't have any soulbound fishing poles, nor an easy way to get one.

  • #69

    Ok, this fix worked for the one hunter that still had her Ka'luak fishing pole. I haven't had a chance to replace the second hunter's soulbound pole yet, and the other account is down atm. Still, if it worked for the Bloodelf hunter, it should be fine for all hunters. I'll update if there are more problems as I don't have a hunter high enough yet for the MOP fishing gear.

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